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Hydrogen technique, water as fuel

Text: Carl Grinde Date: den 30 August 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated November 27 2014

Use hydrogen from water as fuel for your car!
Hydrogen systems can be used in a car together with the gasoline to boost the engine and give extra power. Hydrogen gas is made of water and electricity, it's explosive and can be used as fuel to a car engine. It's being used as rocket fuel. You can buy your own hydrogen kit, HHO kit today. This is something that will save you much money an also save the environment.
There are powerful companies who are trying to shut the whole thing down. George Bush, big oil companies rules the world as we all know.
They are talking so much bullshit about carbon emissions, they want to create global taxation and a global world bank funded by us tax payers. they don't want this info out. Spread this info!

Use water and save between 20% to 40% gasoline or even more
Hydrogen kit online retailers, and instruction videos
water powered car hho generators Youtube
HHO kit for car Germany
water powered car hho generators Google images results
Dry HHO kit for car

Make your own hydrogen system, free videos and guides>

HHO books and instruction DVDs, downloads (that costs) about HHo kits

About HHO, hydrogen cars in swedish

Denny Kleins water powered car

Stan Meyers water powered car, the inventor was killed
but his patents expired 2007 so his inventions pops up everywhere.

Genepax in Osaka have made a car that runs on water
Are they bought up by the oil companies? When will it be released to the market?

John Kanzius radiowave machine makes saltwater burn, which might be an important new energy resource
Salt Water = Fuel, saltwater engine Different links to the same video clip

Norway gets the first saltwater power station in the world
Where a river flows into the sea and fresh water meets salt water large amounts of energy is being released. This energy can be used for the production of electricity by a process called osmos.

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