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War profiters and Rothschild private bankings and investment firms exposed

Text: Carl Grinde Date: August 30 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated August 30 2011

Rothschild is a world leader in banking, independent trust and financial services. Rothschilds are richest in the world and they control all media and news agencies like Reuters, Associated press etc. This is why media is so silent about the Rothschilds, nobody bites the hand that feeds you. Media, telecom, internet and the worlds greatest companies is their property and it´s all working in the best interest for them. Their investment firms and banks are preparing the world for big wars and economic disasters that will make the rothschilds even richer.
Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helú or the or Rockefellers are not richest in the world. Sir evelyn de rothschild is the worlds most powerful, richest, greediest and dangerous person on earth. He controls the world economy through his holding companies and investment banks. If the stockmarket falls it´s because he made it fall. He can create a global crasch and cause big panic. Yet very few knows who he really is and how much he ownes. Media is talking to him like a friend, a helper a good advisor. Well all the economic crisis and depressions, currency instability, panic on the stock market and inflation, dollar collapse etc is work of the rothschild banking familly.

Financial chaos is the work of this evil man, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild that lends money to countries that will buy military equipment and go to war. War is the most profitable business and war is the highest interest of the rothschild banking company because war makes them richer.

Rothschild will fool us to accept an economic regulator
Financial magazines writes about all the corrupt politicians and all the greed among the super rich corporations.
But they NEVER write about which person that is the greediest and richest. They never write about who it is that bribes our politicians and corrupts the system
Sir Evelyn De Rothschild is the richest in the world and he has corrupted the whole worlds economic system, and the media so it´s working in favor for him.

Rothschild will become economic world dictator "economic regulation" -the Rothschild solution
Media says that there is to much greed, -in general. They say that the big problem is you and me. We see a big warning sign with "ANONYMOUS greed" written on it. Like it´s the employees in the banks that is the biggest problem.
Not a word on the news about how much the rothschilds owns. He makes us all believe that the world economy is controlled by many different companies and banks at the same time and that there is equal competition betweeen them and for all. When in fact the N.M. Rothschild group, his own company has reached world domination through banking and lending money to get interrest. Now when the world economy is unstable media asks him: what should we do to fix this problem and get more stability? Media tells us that the only real problem is this "anonymous greed" and something needs to be done. The world economy needs to be regulated and supervised they say, and this is excatly the rothschild´s plan behind making the world economy unstable. Their people and companies will be the ones that will get the job to supervise the world economy. The bad guys that destroys the worlds stability and safety will after doing this be in total control of the entire world. They will get the job to regulate and control the world economy. This will be a fascist regime.

How Rothschild control the Bank of England and the world
how the rothschild gained control bank of england
how the rothschild gained control bank of england

The war profiters, military comapnies and the banking industry is today totally controlled and owned by the german, french, english Rothschild banking house/familly. They have so much power so media is not even talking about them. They can destroy the whole world with wars and economic depressions and still have a good reputation. This have to end. (one error on this page. The real fact is actually that Evelyn Rothschild is the worlds richest person today and not the second richest)

International bank accounts (a globalised one world currency is the Rothschild´s goal, the whole world as one country with the governments of today gone, the world governed like a big incorporated company.)

FSA in the UK (the rothschilds controls bank of england and the political system, British royal house)

Clintons globala initiativ
Patrick Clawson suggests false flag attack to start war with Iran (He is the author of the Clinton Doctrine.)
Lynn Forester de Rothschild Hillary Clinton

Sir Evelyn Rothschild speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative conference
Sir Evelyn Rothschild is married to Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, Hillary Clinton's close friend.
Sir Evelyn Rothschild is the richest, most powerful and most dangerous person in the world. I think he's the Antichrist.
He says he has invested in "government bonds". He is probably creditor to all nations' debt.

War industry, BAE systems, Airbus,

Hidden behind all these military companies and weapon manufacturers rules the investment banks and holding companies of the Rothschild group.

War industry web shop/news full directory

War industry

BAE systems maybe the biggest arm manufacturer


Agusta westland



Eads North America

Airbus military

Russia's Navy will take delivery of the first MiG-29K (Fulcrum-D) fighters later this year, a Navy official said on Friday.

Lockheed Martin Delivers First Two Upgraded P-3C Aircraft for Pakistan

India Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO)

Pakistan Defence The site is in english. why not in pakistan language?

Afghanistan Government Web Site I wonder why the main language is english?

Who Wants to Bomb Iran?

BRIC banking
BRIC -Brazil, Russia, India And China are now working together to get stronger. But the rothschild banking house is ruling them all behind the scenes. For example the rothschilds have been in control of the british bank of england for a long time and Britain has been in control of India through the colonialisation.
Brazil is another of rothschilds great investment countries. The Rothschilds founded their national bank.
BRIC is one of Rothschilds ways to destroy the dollar and the USA. They also control the american Federal reserve system.

BRIC banking (Amero currency link),-Russia,-India,-China%29-A-Acc-FMR-SESV.pdf

General Dynamics (same as General Electric, GE money bank etc), abbott-tech, Rolls-Royce makes war machines

General Dynamics Awarded $39 Million for F-16 Ammunition Handling System Production

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products has been awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin for production of F-16 Ammunition Handling Systems (AHS). The total potential value of the five-year contract is $39 million, with an initial order of $8.9 million for systems for Turkish and Moroccan F-16 fighter jets. General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products is a business unit of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD).

War industry General dynamics
Hidden behind all these military companies and weapon manufacturers rules the investment banks and holding companies of the Rothschild group. jet aviation -a general dynamics company (site removed)
martek power abbott inc

War indystry Lockheed Martin Corp

War industry Rolls-Royce

War industry saab ge volvo

Aviations of world war 2

Go army, advertisements for workers in the military, world wide army news
Plus the financing companies behind the war industry with well done good looking facades made by MCCANN and other advertising agencys. USA army web site

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Many Nazi war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment. Some was set totally free. Nuremberg trials ruled by corporate interests.
The Nazi doctors was acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?
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Mass graves in the US, street violence, social crises, the New World Order
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Microchip implants in the brain,
synthetic telepathy, mind control
Mindcontrol, microchip in brain,
remote neural monitoring, torture
human right abuses through experimentation
H.A.A.R.P -weather manipulation
chemtrails and tectonic weapons
BAE systems and Raytheon exposed
H.A.A.R.P -weather control
H.A.A.R.P -weather warfare. Fukushima, Haiti, earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, Tsunamis in Indian Ocean, Missisippi flooding -engineered by man
Chemtrails, geoengineering - aircrafts spraying nanoparticles
Chemtrails, geo engineering -patents list
Indefinite detention - bill 1867
- National Defense Authorization Act passes
Gulf "oil" spill, COREXIT 9500, BP, mass evacuations, media blackout
Poland, Greece, Iceland, Haiti
-2010 summarized
BP Gulf oil spill is a lie to create
water tax, climate change tax
Finance, enterprise search, economy, stock exchanges, great depression, leading companies
Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns -Bankruptcy by design
Fema detention camps and crematory coffins found all over America
Food shortage, HAARP weather modification, "help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy
Swedish Nobel peace prize and the invasion of Afghanistan
Swedish Nobel prize in Economic Sciences supports Pinochet and corruption in Chile
Swedish Nobel prize to Winston Churchill. Swedish Nobel prize 2010 to Mario Vargas Llosa supporter of Sebastian Piñera, Chile´s new Pinochet
Nobel prize pretends to fight for human rights
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society, leading law firms
Peter Schiff -how to destroy USA
War profiters Rothschild, BRIC banking, military industry exposed
World war 3 to stimulate the world economy and destroy religion
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Norway -Oslo Utoya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY" in London and the Vatican rules the world together
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
America is still a British colony
The goal with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
- create a surveillance society
The history of Federal Reserve system
These people owns the Federal Reserve system
Aspartame, Nutrasweet and monosodium glutamate MSG makes you sick
Natural supplements and alternative medicin threatened by new laws
The HPV vaccine Gardasil against cervical cancer is toxic
Pharmaceutical companies soon to be protected from lawsuits
Medicine, the side effects:
Death, increased suicide risk, heart attack, pain
Secret societies, Skull and Bones, nazism, Freemasons, illuminati
Freemasons, satanism, illuminati in the music industry. Turn off your TV.
Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.
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Privatization of water, multinational companies committing human rights violations, cancellation of debt in exchange for land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454, carbon dioxide, melting icebergs, global taxes, the Nobel prize, Copenhagen summit
Media Monopoly exposed. War industry and the entertainment industry creates products jointly. Second Life offers a digital world to live in. Glasses with built-in video screen. Arms and weapons in space. Matrix is soon reality.
Internet shut down, internet taxation, regulated internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, Internet bugged, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens network found.
Osama bin Laden's faked death
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Nazism, deadly viruses, Eugenics, population reduction, Marie Stopes
Swineflu -GlaxoSmithKline provides whole Sweden with vaccine.
100 000 heart attacks linked to the company's medicines.
Reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish pandemic Virus at Center for dissease control.
Get ready for another wave of the Spanish pandemic.
Implantable virus detection systems in humans
Why people don´t react and why this can continue
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