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Cure urinary tract infections, cystitis

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with leaves from bilberry, blueberry
( I came to look at your site, and became curious. Ang. it formerly was called for cystitis, now urinary tract infection. so there was advice. When I was little lad, and my now-old mother had great pain, then my father went out picking blueberry leaves. In winter, he shoveled up the snow and and picked a small bouquet. The eaves was washed, boiled, and the fluid was set to cooling. The fluid was to drink in a small glass at a time, the fluid, approximately 1 liter lasted for about 2 days. What I remember of course of treatment was that it seemed to have direct effect, the pain subsided almost immediately.

Bilberry leaves have also been used for healing purposes. They contain among other things, Arbutin, which is useful in urinary tract infections. Tea on blueberry leaves was considered to be effective against diabetes, and include a vegetable insulin. The rice can be used as a tanning substance for leather processing.

Cure urinary tract infections, cystitis with cranberry juice
It might be smart to take it before going to bed, because it is the night that the urine stays longest in the bladder and can cause irritation.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with lingonberry juice
It might be smart to take it before going to bed, because it is the night that the urine stays longest in the bladder and can cause irritation.

Study with lingonberry performed at the Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital of Oulu, Finland, published in the British Medical Journal / BMJ 2001, 322:1571, June 30 The study, "Randomized clinical trial of cranberry-lingonberry juice and Lactobacillus GG to prevent urinary tract infections in women ", is available in its entirety on the Internet. The address is: Finnish researchers studied 150 women, previously treated for recurrent urinary tract infections. In this 12-month study, one group treated with cranberry juice and the other dealt with lactobacillusdryck. The cranberry juice group had 8 patients relapsed (16%) and in the control group, the figure was more than twice as high (39%). Lingonberry known in English as lingonberry or mountain carnberry AIRELLES rouge in French in German in Latin preiselbeere Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with the decoction of the cherry barque
Decoction of the cherry barque can help with cystitis. Tea are diuretics and be drunk several times a day.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with Cantharis
The homeopathic remedy Cantharis is made of beetle Spanish fly helps too. Abies Canadensis also helps. It also helps against diarrhea, cough, venereal disease, scurvy, lesions and urinary tract infections.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with bockhorns seeds
Take 1 teaspoon minced bockhorns seeds dissolved in a little water and drink several times a day. This can be useful in various types of inflammation in the body.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with a vitamin C pill
Take a vitamin C pill morning and evening, because excess vitamin C in the body is washed out in the urine and makes it becomes acidic. This discourages bakteritillväxten. Most important is to take it before going to bed, because it is the night that the urine stays longest in the bladder and can cause irritation.

Cure difficult problems with urinary tract infection, cystitis with crushed onion.
Also try with crushed plantain, green cabbage leaves.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with root from dandelion
Decoction of the root from dandelion has been widely used for the body's internal purification. Dandelion can also be used to congestion in the liver, fever, skin diseases, eye problems, diarrhea, fluid detentions and heartburn. Dandelion is considered to be safe for use even in large quantities.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with cider vinegar
Mix 2-3 tbsp cider vinegar in a large glass of water and drink morning and evening. Take that one course of 10 days prior to construction and then trouble with a glass a day.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with nettle-tea
Stinging nettle tea is good to give in urinary tract infections and in urinary gravel. Especially good for disease and to purify the body after medication with antibiotics items. 1 teaspoon dried nettle put in cup or porcelain bowl and pour over with 2 ml boiling water that cooled somewhat. Let it sit for 10 minutes and strain off. Given morning and evening in max 7 days. Make fresh each day.
Nettle also prevents calcifications - atherosclerosis in veins.

Cure urinary tract infection, cystitis with camomile
Camomile is anticonvulsant o anti-inflammatory and helps the bladder: its over a pot of hot chamomile tea or taking a warm HIP BATH. Try to put a wrung-out cloth soaked in chamomile tea over the bladder area and cover with wool blanket or heating pad. Chamomile is killing both bacteria and fungi and accelerates the healing of wounds.
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