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Strawberries, sunshine -taste of summer

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated 12 Augusti 2012

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Forest and nature:

Strawberries are delicious, maybe the best you can eat? Think of ice cream and whipped cream, waffles or some pancakes .. If you have your own strawberry patch, you can get them in the summer whenever you want.
Sites like pine needles on the strawberry patch (certainly not spruce needles). Pine makes the soil a little acidic, and the strawberry plants likes that. On top of that, you can add a layer of straws, hay, leaves, etc. and then you will have a covering cultivated garden where you do not need watering as much as the cover keeps the soil moist. You do not need to pick weeds as often as the cover of mulch prevents them to come up. Cutted grass from the lawn is very good to use. Plus a net which prevent the birds from feasting all the goodies.

Strawberry recipes!

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Store jam for a year without a freezer
Put the jar in boiling water and then pour in the boiling jam directly so the jar is almost full. Put the lid on quick. Use a tool to put the jar in the hot water. Put the jar upside down. When the berries get gold they shrink. This will create a vaccum inside the jar. When you turn the jar straight up again the lid is tight to the jar. No air will come in and no mold. Store the jar in a dark and not to warm place. It can be stored for one or several years if done right. This technique would save much energy and electricity if many people used it.
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