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Solar energy
Solar energy is a very good energy alternative.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 Augusti 2011
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Updated January 2 2017

Best pv solar cells, integrated solar roof
Solar Integrated Technologies
fiX flat, Inventux innovative flat-roof mounting solution
fiX flat, Inventux innovative flat-roof mounting solution
integrated solar roof
integrated solar roof
integrated solar roof
sharp electronics corporation solar panels
Here it is. The best solar cells. They can just roll it out.
integrated solar roof system

solvoltaics nano tech - a Swedish company
Very promising leading nano-tech solar sells.

Global Sun Engineering makes more efficient solar cells
The company Global Sun Engineering from Lulea in Sweden has developed a new type of sun concentrator which collects the sun's rays to increase the power and reduce cost.

Solar cell tiles, solar power integrated on the roof regular solar panels
solar tiles integrated roof solé
solar centurys video about solar cells in roof tiles
lumas video about solar cells in roof tiles

Test and measurement equipment

products with intergrated fuelcells, lamps solar cooking etc
solar cooking reflectors

Best pv solar cells, super thin film, nano tech.
Look here the very best companies all shut down their homepages.
Do you still believe that the world is a free market with free capitalism which automatically gives us the best products that consumers want? There is no hidden hand that controls the development? The big banks, oil companies, they do not cooperate? It's not that they want to impose global taxes or so? Or? Nothing is allowed stop their Holy carbon tax.
These companies are all bought up and controlled by the ruling elite that stops their products from reaching you.
These companies make super thin nano solar cells and prints them on film. It would revolutionize the world if they really would like to sell their product to you.

This is a clear sign of corruption and conspiracy. They have no real info about where you can buy their solar cells and put it on your roof. G24i They are only selling their solar cells for small stuff like Iphone chargers etc, back packs and bags in China.

So if you wonder why all the leading companies in solar energy has shut down their homepages, here is the answer: carbon taxes.
They want us to use oil, coal and unclean energy so they can tax us.

Transparent solar cells, see through solar cells
Transparent solar cells - images
Transparent solar cells - images

Researchers at Michigan State University have created a fully transparent solar concentrator
fully transparent solar concentrator

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