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Skincare - eczema, sunburnt skin, acne,
wound care etc

Top products for skin: Shea butter, Lanolin, Black Currant seed oil, Olive oil and more.
Topics mentioned: eczema, acne, jock itch, sunburnt skin, wound care, fungus, Shingles (Herpes zoster), psoriasis, scabies, ringworm etc. There is a strong connection between gut health and healthy skin/skin disorders. Rosacea and Acne linked to Candida yeast infection. There is a strong link between the gut and the skin.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: February 3 2020
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated February 10 2020

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Skincare - easy family medicine
Easily affordable and health-giving products for skin care:
Organic coconut oil
Olive oil
Shea butter
Black Currant seed oil
Quick Repair Cream
Sea buckthorn oil
Wheat Germ oil

Sunburnt skin - yogurt/water mixture
Got too much sunburn? Burnt skin? Here is a good thing for burnt skin
Yoghurt mixed with water. Take 60% cold water and 40% yogurt. Lubricate the skin with the mixture. Don't wash away, just let it dry.
Another good thing to use is Aloe vera

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) for skin
Make a mix of Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) and water and put it on your skin. Or take a bath and pour Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) in the water. Don't wash off the Sodium Bicarbonate, baking soda from your body afterwards. When get up from the water, don't use a towel, instead let the body air dry.
bicarbonate facial body scrub

Emuaid & EmuaidMAX Ointment - Antifungal, Eczema Cream

Manuka skin products

Neem, Tea tree, Manuka, Coconut, Coloidal silver skin products
Neem oil shampoo lotion soap skin
Tea tree oil shampoo lotion soap skin
Manuka cream lotion soap skin
coconut skin cream colloidal silver

Natural skin products, creams
Ora's Amazing Herbal All Purpose Salve (
Solimo Daily Moisturizing Oatmeal Lotion
lanolin cream Lanonlin is made from sheep whool, it's very good for the skin.
100% pure lanolin
pure lanolin lotion
pure lanolin

Organic ointments
skin ointment resin beeswax olive oil (Swedish)
Soap and salve whipped shea butter
Sea Buckthorn Cream organic skin care
calendula cream organic marigold herb skin
Calendula cream
organic beeswax and honey skin cream

Skin problems - gut health
There is a strong link between the gut and the skin. Having skin problems? Try LCHF diet! Or a Candida cleanse diet.
Skin health gut health
skin health leaky gut
skin health acne leaky gut intestines
skin health acne cured lchf diet Keto diet

Antifungal treatments
Always dilute strong essential oils like Clove essential oil or Tea tree essential oil with a carrier oil.
antifungal treatments tea tree oil
antifungal organic foot soak
antifungal organic foot soak epsom salt essential oils
Neem oil
Clove Oil
Tea tree oil

Onion treatment for foot fungus/nail fungus, jock itch etc
Onions are antiseptic, anti-bacterial. Divide it in half and rub on the affected skin. This is perfect for foot fungus. The itching ends almost immediately.
Or press onion juice on the affected skin.

Shingles (Herpes zoster) treatments
shingles capsaicin cream
shingles manuka honey
Mountain Laurel
Laurel Essential Oil
Mountain Laurel extract
Mountain Laurel essential oil
Lavender oil
Eucalyptus oil
Neem oil
Neem cream
Neem oil
Neem Indian Lilac
Neem powder
Neem leaf capsules
Goldenseal extract
Rosehip oil
Rosehip seed oil (
mugwort wormwood
try this: Equinox Botanicals The Golden Salve

( "A blend of equal parts St. John’s Wort, Echinacea, Lemonbalm and Burdock tinctures is my proven formula for recurrent herpes and shingles outbreaks."
Try Plantain Goldenseal Herbal Salve
Also consider Consider Magnesium, Selenium treatment.

Eczema and Psoriasis
Inexpensive Remedies for Psoriasis and Eczema Mercola
psoriasis hydrogen peroxide images

Shingles (Herpes zoster) cure
olive leaf extract

olive leaf extract can cure shingles. It also cures herpes.
Buy olive leaf extract here

Wound care
Wash your hands with soap and water before you start cleaning your wound so you don't get harmful bacteria in the wound. Make sure your hands are clean.
Colloidal silver kills viruses and bacteria effectively. It's really good to treat infected wounds. It's so pure you can even drink it if you have a if you have sore throat. You can spray it in your eyes.
Wash your wound with cold water and perhaps some mild soap. Pour or spray Colloidal silver on the wound.
colloidal silver
colloidal silver
colloidal silver
colloidal silver

Onion treatment for wounds
Onions are anti bacterial and a very effective way to cure wounds and infections on the skin. Wash your hands so they are clean. Cut a fresh onion in slices. Wash the wound with cold water. Put the onion slices on the wound, inflammation. You can also rub a little. Then put a bandage on. Remove after perhaps 1,5 or 3 hours and put on new and fresh onion if needed.
wound care onion

Garlic treatment for wounds
Wash your wound with cold water and some mild soap. Cut the fresh Garlic clove with a knife, rub the garlic clove on the wound, press it on the wound.
Garlic wound care

Tree resin ointment treatment for wounds
Ointment made of tree resin, beeswax, olive oil skin is one of my best recommendations for wound care and skin care. It is very effective but also mild. It can also be used on genitals.
tree resin ointment
tree resin ointment beeswax
tree resin ointment beeswax olive oil skin Ointment made of tree resin, beeswax, olive oil. Swedish product, extremely effective wound healing.

Maria Treben Swedish bitters effective wound care and skin - absolutely fantastic!
It heals wounds very effective. You can use it internally, drink it. It is a super medicine that heals. Or use it on your skin. It is absolutely MEGA super good. I strongly recommend you to use this.
Maria Treben’s Authentic Swedish Bitters (
Maria Treben Swedish bitters

Maria Treben Swedish bitters is perhaps the very best medical treatment for wounds and damaged skin. According to the herb specialst Maria Treben it can cure everything. The recipe for this wonderful tincture (smaller batch) was found in the diary of man named Dr Samst. He died by a riding accident - 104 years old... So he was out riding horse at that age. You have to be quite healthy to do that, at that age.
When you buy Maria Treben Swedish bitters make sure it is this version, made of: Vermouth, Angelica root, Manna, Theriak, Venezian, sitverrot, Senna leaves, Rhubarb root, Soothsayer Safflower, Myrrh, Naturkamfer, Saffron. It's the origial and best recipe, most effective. I recommend it for any skin problem and any medical problems, you should also drink it.

Silver band aids

Colloidal Silver gel

Turmeric treatment for wounds
Wash your wound with cold water and some mild soap. Put a little Turmeric in it.
turmeric bandage
Turmeric wound care. Use cotton buds.

Acne and Rosacea Candida infection treatment
There is a strong link between skin problems and Candida yeast infection. So if you have skin problems such as Acne or Rosacea for example then your real problem might be inside your stomach, in your digestive system, in your intestines.
candida skin problems
Here is a big list of skin diseases. Much of these problems might be caused by Candida yeast infection.
It is possible to recover from Candida yeast infection.

Learn more about Candida yeast infection here.
Here are pages about Candida yeast infection and how to recover from it.
One way to check if you have Candida yeast infection is to look on your tongue. If your tounge is white, then you have a Candida yeast infection.

Acne and Rosacea caused by Candida yeast infection
Does Candida Cause Acne Rosacea
Images of Acne Rosacea (warning graphic content)

Rosacea Olive leaf treatment
Olive leaf extract could be worth trying if you have Rosacea or Acne.
Buy Olive leaf extract here.

Soaps, shampoos, shower creams
lanolin soap
lanolin sulfur soap
lanolin manuka honey soap
black tar soap psoriasis
black tar soap psoriasis eczema
organic pine tar soap psoriasis eczema acne
organic birch tar soap
antifungal soap
organic soap psoriasis, Eczema, acne neem tea tree olive oil

Scabies treatment products
Scabies remedies: Tea tree oil, Neem oil, Clove Oil, Turmeric. Always dilute strong oils like Clove essential oil with a carrier oil.
Neem oil
Clove Oil
Tea tree oil
Manuka Natural Scabies Combo
Manuka Natural Scabies Combo

Ringworm information and natural treatments
Ringworm is caused by a fungus called Tinea, it's highly contagious and any one can get it. There are eight different types of ringworm infection in humans depending on what part of the body that is affected.
Natural treatments are: Garlic, Colloidal silver, Apple cider vinegar, Oregano oil, Tea tree essential oil, Myrrh essential oil.
Forces of Nature, Ringworm Control
ringworm soap

Tinea versicolor/Pityriasis versicolor natural treatment
This skin disease has several names: Dermatomycosis furfuracea, tinea flava, lota.
Natural treatments are: oatmeal baths, Coconut oil, Aloevera,
Tinea versicolor natural treatment
tinea versicolor natural treatment coconut oil neem clove
tinea versicolor treatment diet

Raw materials for organic skin care

Make your own ointment - whipped shea body butter and Coconut oil
Make your own ointment whipped shea butter bicarbonate
diy ointment coconut oil essential oil skin
whipped shea body butter recipe marigold herb skin
Soap and salve whipped shea butter

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Weight loss
Cold/ cough/ throat pain
Allergies, hay fever, pollen allergy, gluten intolerance etc
Tiredness, sugar addiction and Candida yeast infection
Gastrointestinal tract, Ibs
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Depression, anxiety, emotional stress etc
Loneliness, boredom and meaningslessness
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Genitals, anal, urology, gynecology, sexual health, intimate skin care
Rectal health, Hemorrhoids etc
HIV, AIDS - several pages about the disease. HIV/ AIDS is a fraud.
It's a medical construction.
Acorus Calamus - medical herb
Coconut oil
Sugarfree, low sugar sweeteners
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