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Germanwings Airbus 320 crash hoax
Unmanned aircraft systems likely agenda behind psy-op

Text: Carl Grinde Date: May 19 2015
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated February 12 2016

Do you trust mainstream media? Do you think they tell the truth?
This is a media psy-op, its a deception, it's a media construcion.

Even International Business times recognizes the issue of Germanwings Crash Video being fake

Germanwings plane crash in French Alps is a hoax. It never happened.
Germanwings 4U9525 Plane Crash is Fake. See a Real Plane Crash.
This looks very fake to me. He's not real. He's a bad actor.

Unmanned aircraft systems likely agenda behind psy-op
Northrop Grumman's fleet of high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aircraft
unmanned Global Hawk aircraft
x-47b drone

Meet Andreas Lubitz's pirate neighbor "One-Eyed-Jim"
There is no reason to believe all things you read in the news. One single eye is Illuminati symbolism for the All seeing eye, eye of horus.
Ok so they have removed the page.. but look here at Google images search. The very first image on the page is that image. That is the image so it shows what they, put up on their page before. But now the link is broken, the page can't be shown anymore. They are hiding the tracks of their crime, their conspiracy.

The plane crash never happened.
It's a media psy-op and deception. All people in the world is targeted by these media deceptions. You are the target. And your neighbour. Somewhere a concentration camp awaits you.
The plane crash scene described as "surreal". How about unreal? How about totally fake?
This does not even look like the same guy. I'm sorry CBC but you have to fake your news a little bit better.

Germanwings Hoax - 4 different Lubitzes and Crisis Actors

Germanwings Crash a Hoax? False Flag? Strong evidence is Emerging

Germanwings Hoax - Crash Site is Staged

Smoke Bombs Detected in Germanwings Crash Hoax

Kathrin Goldbach, supposed Girlfriend of Andreas Lubitz said to be pregnant
Take a look at the guy on the photo. It's not Andreas Lubitz.

Photo of Kathrin Goldbach's boyfriend is not Andreas Lubitz

Photo of alleged perpertrator and "terrorist pilot" and "killer pilot" is not Andreas Lubitz

Pictures of peoples not showing their faces. All about the plane crash is a fantasy. It is not real.

Germanwings Crash: Andreas Lubitz Phantom Ex Mary W. and MSM BULLSH*T!
"He did what most people do when they're really depressed. He flew a plane of a 150 people into, smashed it into the Alps, he smashed it into the Alps"

Andreas Lubitz's One-Eyed Neighbor and his Eye Problems! ROFL!

Field McConnell: "Pilots Are Not Buying The Andreas Lubitz Story. It Doesn't Add Up!"

Germanwings Hoax: More Crisis Acting from CNN - "Fly Crash"

Crash not credible accident or suicide

Horrific Video Emerges of Last Moments of Germanwings Crash? I Call It All BS

Germanwings plane crash: 3D graphics simulation

GERMANWINGS 4U9525 PLANE CRASH HOAX Fake Evidence: Flight Voice Recorder Close Up Analysis

German Wings Hoax Crisis Actors - TOTAL Distraction


Revised: Fake German Wings D-AIPX Evidence Deeper Analysis - Germanwings Flight 4U9525 Crash Hoax

Germanwing A320 Crash- Hoax/False Flag Analysis

Germanwings Hoax Update - Video "Exists"

Germanwings Airbus HOAX, No one Died, No one Hurt Period, Part 2 of 2

Germanwings Crash Pilot – Hoax Code – No one died !!!

Germanwings Hoax No bodies found all fake

The Illuminati conspiracy for world domination

The fake plane crash is psychological warfare with subliminal mind programming: (Warning! Your neighbour, your friend, brother, sister is a mass murderer!) You are a potential terrorist that must be monitored.
There are many false news broadasted in media these days. Many perpertators seem to be happy, normal people, living in nice villas. But suddenly they are mass murderers. Does this seem logic to you? The Illuminati is preparing the world for a global police state. Prisons and concentration camps are being built. For us. The Germanwings flight crash with Airbus 320 in the french Alps is media hoax. It's a deception. It never happened. This page also shows that the US and Nazi Germany is the same power - which still today work undisturbed.

Here is perhaps one of the most exposed crisis actors "Adriana Victoria Muñoz." She featured at Sandy Hook as a friend of Adam lanzas mother. Also as a witness in the Boston bombing and two other events. There is no doubt that this is the same person. But this video is only reliable until the speaker says: "The only question now is who is she", until 02:32. The rest of the video seem to be deception. The truth is that we don't have a clue who this woman is. But we now know that mainstream media is deceptive an corrupt, not telling the truth. Since they did this to us in Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, they can do it to us over and over again. Spreading fear, making us suspicious of our neighbours, friends and loved ones. Xenophobia is also growing.

"Crisis actress" BUSTED: Adriana Victoria Muñoz fully EXPOSED!!!!!

CRISIS ACTORS - Bullshit Busted #1
This guy follows the mainstream and is paid by big media for doing so, (probably paid by Timewarner).
I have never linked to the stupid material he "debunks" and talks about. His points are worthless and he is paid to discredit truthers. He is paid to lie to you. No credible truth source has linked to the deceptive material he is talking about. False truther channels has been created to discredit the real truth. What he is doing is only "busting" some of these false truther pages (sigh).

Detention of the innocent- "crime prevention"

The informer, denunciator society is here.
The government want to scan your brain, read your thoughts to prevent you from committing a crime. Nothing will be private any more. Not even your own thoughts in your own brain. Big prisons and concentration camps are already built in USA and also on other places around the world.
The NDAA Act enables totalitarian global world police system. America has a dark history. They have build their government intelligence, spy agencies, CIA etc with recruited Gestapo Nazis who they helped to flee from persecution during the end of WWII.
Anglo American empire exposed. Saxe Goburg Gota. German industry - America Great Britain oil and finance. It's all tied together.

Denmark HOAX - Audio of "Shooting"

Here are other media psy-ops and deceptions.

Arapahoe high school shooting hoax
father of killer crying without tears. Message from CNN: todays average terrorist is a happy smiling kid.

Student Admits Arapahoe Shooting Was a Fake Drill

Arapahoe High School Shooting Hoax(Redsilverj)

Arapahoe High School Shooting Press Conference Centennial Colorado (December 13, 2013) [1/2]

(Sorry for all the cussing)

The gun man died of a self inflicted gun shot wound. Same as in Sandy hook "massacre" and in denmark shooting hoax. No murder alive. No questions asked.

Arapahoe High School Shooting Press Conference

"We were hearing shots and it sounded like a buck like dropping on the ground"
Why do the police cars have the lights blinking afterwards in the evening when the event is already over? The incident took place in the afternoon? The flashing police lights creates a dramatic atmosphere for the fake news coverage. It was a drill.

It's very surreal. Like you see it on the news.."
Alicia Kallis "neighbour"

"Now we have not seen any related to the family going into the house, we are not sure where these parents are. We have not seen them here on the property."

"smart teenager, nice young sweet -gun man" ...?

It's a fabricated lie. This person is probably someone just a guy, someone else. Not a mass murderer.

Alleged Arapahoe High School shooter Karl Pierson wrote in his diary "I will shoot up my school, Arapahoe high school, before the year is over."

Exclusive photo of Karl-Pierson in the back seat

Another media psy-op: The Giffords fake "Shooting"
"We are having fun." Man who needs a left brain side anyway?

Warning for it's a false "truther" homepage.
Dallas Goldbug is a deceptive person who mixes truth with deception.

Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax Mashup: Part 2

Sandy hook green hearts and ribbons
"never forget sandy hook". Ok I think we can all promise that. How could we ever forget about this media deception?
sandy hook green heart

The Nexus of Tyranny: The Strategy Behind Tucson, Aurora and Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook "dead kids" alive and singing singing at super bowl

Aurora theater shooting Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises never happened. It's fake.
Aurora theater shooting Batman the dark knight rises hoax fake crisis actors

Aurora Psyop - Actress Chloe Anderson - are you ready to believe?

Global police society
There is a reason for all the media psy-ops. Much of what we see and hear on TV and in the news is not real. It's fabricated contstructed.
Most people follow mainstream media. The big corporations can do whatever they want. And they do. I fully respect if you don't see it this way and you don't agree with mee. Just change the channel and do something more convenient if you don't like it. Watch some TV instead.

Soon the whole world will be under the fascist elite's total control. All people controlled with microchip implants. Like animals. It's a sick world.
The new society that is being formed right now will be based on fear. They want us to be afraid of eachother. This is why they faked a plane crash and portrated a normal person as a mass murderer, a terrorist.
The german wings flight crash in the french alps did not happen. No one died, No one got hurt. It did not happen. It's just a big media psy-op and a deception. No plane crashed.
All manstream media sell the same news to the whole world. Propaganda brainwashes the people to think in the same way. It is possible today to even control peoples brains and thoughts directly with nano microchip that corresponds with wifi - the internet.
This is also being done and that's a big explanation why this evil system can continue. People's minds are controlled directly today by nano implants.
The microchip implants do not require any surgery. The chips are so small, nano size. You can't see them with your eyes. You can get an implant when you drink a soft drink, taking a vaccination.

America and CIA's ties to nazi Germany exposed. Yes, you have been lied to. Black Ops, Black budget, classified programs, spy agencies, secret societies corrupt media and government. It's an evil world conspiracy. The beast described in the Bible is now rising. Stand up for truth! You are not a criminal just because you believe in a world conspiracy. It's the truth.
Will you take the microchip implant? Will you accept the Antichrist and his mark, the mark of the Beast 666? If you take the mark of the beast in your hand or on your forehead you will burn in hell forever. It's a promise from God. I believe that the mark of the beast is this RFID microchip implant.

"And the smoke of their torment goes up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receives the mark of his name."
Revelation 14:11

Call of Duty Black Ops video game - only a video game?
Call of Duty Black Pps video game
You don't think that the video game "Black Ops" has any parallel in reality? Of course it has. They are fostering a young audience, recruiting them into their spy agencies and covert operations.

Movie about the creation of CIA, The Good Shepherd - Trailer
If you don't believe in conspiracy theories watch this trailer and then watch the movie. The illuminati has been doing this since the 50's, 40's and 30's. When Hitler lost the war the nazis was given help from America to get new identities and escape to south America and directly into USA to work for the American government.
SS and Gestapo were closed during 1945-46 and CIA was created in 1946. Anglo American empire. Saxe Goburg Gota. British empire. German empire. It never ceased after WWII. The Rothschild family are richest in the world. They are the ruling elite. Their evil conspiracy rule the world on earth.

America's filthy nazi secret CIA and former Gestapo agents
operation paperclip documentary (in French),7340,L-4487338,00.html

Obama speech in Berlin

Argentina was Hitlers final home
It's official that the swedish queen silvia Sommerlath grew up in Argentina because her father was a high ranking nazi criminal. When the nazis lost their power in the 1940's her family escaped from Germany to Argentina. Many other nazis also fled to South America.
The awful nazi doctor Josef Mengele was granted employment in USA by the american government for example. Adolf Hitler's Escape to Argentina

Nazis fled to South America
The famous Evita from Argentina was married to Juan Peron, a friend of nazis. Evita traveled to Europe in 1947. She then helped german nazis to escape to Argentina.
The Real Odessa: Smuggling the Nazis to Perón's Argentina Revealed: Hitler in Argentina
PART TWO -Operation James Bond The Rescue of Martin Bormann
The Berghof Argentina Hitler's residence

Margaret Thatcher thanks Pinochet for "bringing democracy to Chile".
Do you realize how disgusting it is that she has said this? It's a fascist system. Pinochet was an evil dictator.
Margaret Thatcher Pinochet
Pinochet was an extreme evil Dictator in Chile. How could Thatcher thank him?

Obama thank you for bringing democracy to USA - not!
Obama is also an evil dictator. Read about about The NDAA Act. Open your eyes.
guantanamo bay waterboarding is it worth a Nobel prize?
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Vaccine against conspiracy theories Now it´s here!
Stockholm "truck attack" April 7 2017 is a black operation, false flag psyop and media event.
Pagan springtime fire festivals. Baal's temple gateway replica raised in London and New York.
London Westminster terror attack 2017 - a fake media event.
Orlando gay club shooting media hoax/psy-op
Brussels attack media hoax psyop false flag operation.
Paris attack false flag exposed. ISIS is fake.
Islamic State ISIS, IS, ISIL and Syria war exposed
Ebola psychological warfare exposed. Ebola vaccine ZMapp cultivated in tobacco plants.
Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps Hoax and other media psy-ops.
Colonial melt down. Rise of E-merica. Real time PSY-OP of the year to destroy the American Union USA.
Electrical grid blackout to be the next false flag
Sharp shooting drill linked to Washington DC Navy Yard case
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)
"concordia, integritas, industria" -Rothschild mottos
Boston marathon bombings -a media staged psyop and "non event". It's a lie. See the movie The Manchurian Candidate about mindcontrol.
Air taxation -breathing tax might be a result from carbon tax. Antarctic sea ice sets another record: most amount of ice ever recorded.
Xwave mind reader from Apple, human animal hybrids grown in UK labs, Supermax prisons, brain mapping project, beast image worship, Facebook Prism
New Age, new world religion, new time, new global currency, Illuminati and the beast in the Bible exposed
Newtown Sandy Hook shootings, Batman Aurora shootings, are media hoaxes, staged events, not real.
Newtown Sandy Hook massacre, an organized event and a media lie. Media changed the story several times in just a few days. All about the school massacre is a deception.
Bush's, Clinton's (Rodham), Whitehouse, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack and U.S. governmental drug dealing, child trafficking, pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse
The world knows about
September 11, 2001
IG Farben, Bayer and the Nazi Holocaust exposed. Bayer's pesticides killes bees who are important pollinators. If they die food shortage will follow.
The racist nazi Holocaust exposed. Concentration death camps was all over Europe in the 1930's and 40's.
Many Nazi war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment. Some was set totally free. Nuremberg trials ruled by corporate interests.
The Nazi doctors was acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?
Tracing the HIV/AIDS construct back to its Nazi industry origins
HIV/AIDS Pharma outed: -former owners of Auschwitz extermination camps
Breaking free from HIV -deconstructing HIV/AIDS. Reconstructing and restoring health
Antichrist identity revealed: It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He causes the financial crisis and a global war. Prophecies in the Bible fulfilled. The last days are here.
China is the dragon in the book of revelation. Organ harvesting exposed.
Microchip implants, 666, microchip under the skin,
mark of the beast,
Mass graves in the US, street violence, social crises, the New World Order
Mind control, microchips in the brain, digital brain, illegal cognitive research
Microchip implants in the brain,
synthetic telepathy, mind control
Mindcontrol, microchip in brain,
remote neural monitoring, torture
human right abuses through experimentation
H.A.A.R.P -weather manipulation
chemtrails and tectonic weapons
BAE systems and Raytheon exposed
H.A.A.R.P -weather control
H.A.A.R.P -weather warfare. Fukushima, Haiti, earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, Tsunamis in Indian Ocean, Missisippi flooding -engineered by man
Chemtrails, geoengineering - aircrafts spraying nanoparticles
Chemtrails, geo engineering -patents list
Indefinite detention - bill 1867
- National Defense Authorization Act passes
Gulf "oil" spill, COREXIT 9500, BP, mass evacuations, media blackout
Poland, Greece, Iceland, Haiti
-2010 summarized
BP Gulf oil spill is a lie to create
water tax, climate change tax
Finance, enterprise search, economy, stock exchanges, great depression, leading companies
Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns -Bankruptcy by design
Fema detention camps and crematory coffins found all over America
Food shortage, HAARP weather modification, "help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy
Swedish Nobel peace prize and the invasion of Afghanistan
Swedish Nobel prize in Economic Sciences supports Pinochet and corruption in Chile
Swedish Nobel prize to Winston Churchill. Swedish Nobel prize 2010 to Mario Vargas Llosa supporter of Sebastian Piñera, Chile´s new Pinochet
Nobel prize pretends to fight for human rights
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society, leading law firms
Peter Schiff -how to destroy USA
War profiters Rothschild, BRIC banking, military industry exposed
World war 3 to stimulate the world economy and destroy religion
Mark of the beast, Maitreya, 666, cashless, Anti-Christ-worldsystem
Norway -Oslo Utoya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY" in London and the Vatican rules the world together
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
America is still a British colony
The goal with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
- create a surveillance society
The history of Federal Reserve system
These people owns the Federal Reserve system
Aspartame, Nutrasweet and monosodium glutamate MSG makes you sick
Natural supplements and alternative medicin threatened by new laws
The HPV vaccine Gardasil against cervical cancer is toxic
Pharmaceutical companies soon to be protected from lawsuits
Medicine, the side effects:
Death, increased suicide risk, heart attack, pain
Secret societies, Skull and Bones, nazism, Freemasons, illuminati
Freemasons, satanism, illuminati in the music industry. Turn off your TV.
Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.
Media controlled propaganda for the new world order. Controlled opposition, Anonymous movement, Occupy mm.
Privatization of water, multinational companies committing human rights violations, cancellation of debt in exchange for land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454, carbon dioxide, melting icebergs, global taxes, the Nobel prize, Copenhagen summit
Media Monopoly exposed. War industry and the entertainment industry creates products jointly. Second Life offers a digital world to live in. Glasses with built-in video screen. Arms and weapons in space. Matrix is soon reality.
Internet shut down, internet taxation, regulated internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, Internet bugged, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens network found.
Osama bin Laden's faked death
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Nazism, deadly viruses, Eugenics, population reduction, Marie Stopes
Swineflu -GlaxoSmithKline provides whole Sweden with vaccine.
100 000 heart attacks linked to the company's medicines.
Reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish pandemic Virus at Center for dissease control.
Get ready for another wave of the Spanish pandemic.
Implantable virus detection systems in humans
Why people don´t react and why this can continue
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