The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat,
the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
and a little child will lead them.
Isaiah 11-6

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About me

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 augusti 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated March 19 2019 now on facebook
Since Mars 6 2019 I'm now on facebook.

You can find me here.

I have created the facebook account to get to know new friends, spread the website and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
My fb account is blocked. Watch here.

Small brief update on me December 30 2015
God has indicated in a dream that I had in May 2015 that he does a lot through my website and that many are saved by it, and it feels very good.
I have seen two very beautiful and special shooting stars, comets when I have been out praying at night, so beautiful. One pink red star fall and an orange that divided itself into three parts, before disappearing and that went on for approximately six seconds or something. I saw it just when I had begun to pray the Father's Prayer.

My name is Carl Grinde and I made this homepage.
I'm a guy who grew up in Jämtland in northern Sweden, born 1974, I like photography, design, and I also do other things.
I am a Christian, praying and seeking God and Jesus Christ is a big part of my life now. Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. Someone once has called me a short-haired hippie and I think this corresponds quite well. Previously, there have been a lot of partying in discos, nightclubs, etc. but not now.
I am a member of a Christian congregation since October 2016 EFS in Östersund.
Our priest is Jonatan Wolfbrandt.
EFS stands for Evangeliska Fosterlandsstiftelsen - Evangelical Organisation of the Homeland, ..sort of. Here are our main page
EFS is an independent organization within the Swedish Church with emphasis on evangelisation, activism within the church and living Christianity.
I am also a member of the church party Frimodig kyrka.
and I'm a board member in the prayer network Vägen. (it means The Way)
I love electronic music, like techno/house. but I'm very against party-drugs and such stuff because I think things like that can ruin a person's life and I've never tried it. After 20 years as an open gay, I have now left the homosexual lifestyle because of my Christian faith. Here are two sides about that plus about my spiritual life.

(Update 2017-12-04) I have experienced that I have received the gift of celibacy for the last 4 years and felt pleased with it, but it feels like God says he wants me to get married with a woman and have children. I have sexual feelings for women now and I want to live the life that God has thought for us, husband and wife together, with children - form a family. Even though homosexuality is a sin, I want to emphasize that God can distinguish between sin and man. God loves gays, lesbians and people with unclear gender. Listen, God loves you! But he hates sin. Repent your sin today and leave the homosexual lifestyle. leave the sinful homosexual culture. When we die, we will all face the throne of God and be judged. Then it's too late for regrets. God's judgment over our lives will be forever. Our bodies are temporary but our souls are eternal. Where do you want to spend eternity?)

I have lived in Stockholm for 13 years and worked in restaurants and as a receptionist. My hobby has long been making elektronic music and I have produced tracks in the EMS studio in Munchenbryggeriet. It became a bit of everything: techno, house, triphop, drum'n'bass and a little hip-hop.

My dad died of cancer on July 20 2015. He had had cancer for a little over a year. He received home care and died at home. Despite the pain and longing, I try to see the positive in it all. It feels good that he was with us and his loved ones at the end and I'm very happy that I have lived with him (just the nex door) for the last 7 years. My dad Ivar Grinde was a very positive and happy person. I think he's up there with God now and that I will see him again. My dear mother Karin Grinde also died of cancer about 12 years ago. Dad had another woman the past 25 years sice my mother divorced him.

Here is music that I have made. It's now also on itunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.
It´s a warm blend of techno, house, electro and fat beats New tracks 2017-06-17!

First and foremost I love Jesus Christ, He is number 1 in my life. I also love creativity and creation and I love the nature aswell, the forest, small country roads, water, mountains... The planet we live on is a perfect master piece of art created by God.

I'm nurse assistant right now
Now I'm working as a nurse assistant. My job is assisted living for elderly people and it feels great,. Since middle of February I have not been able to work because an injury in my right arm and shoulder. I slipped on the ice and hurt me. I don't know what it will be but hopefully I will recover soon. Before I have worked a little supporting disabled people. I'm selling a few photos now and then, well it was a while ago...
I had an exibition summer 2009 that went quite well. Besides this site I've also made: searh engine for music

Here is my art, photos.
Here is my music

I'm exposing the ruling elite and the evil global conspiracy on my homepage. It's easy to become self righteous when you look at the big greedy and corrupt corporations and expose what they do.
I'm not perfect either. I have done mistakes and bad things in life. When I have done something bad to someone and hurt someone, I have always spoken to them afterwards and said I'm sorry and asked for forgiveness and I have been forgiven by them and become friends again afterwards. But I have a few things, sins in my life that I really wish I had never done.

I don't eat swine or food with blood
Personally, I don't eat swine or blood anymore as the Bible prohibits these things and also because God has hinted to me in a dream that he does not want me to eat swine meat. It's my personal choice, it was sometime in the spring, I think (2016) that I made that choice. I don't eat swine or blood.

The images I use on my homepage are partly from this page
There are pictures, illustrations and photos are public domain. Anyone can use them as they want for their own projects, but be careful with famous faces and brands.
I also purchase images from plus I use my own photos. was shut down for two days even though the invoice to Crystone was paid. Read more here. (in Swedish)

About this page and Facebook, social media
Facebook and social media is controlled my the ruling elite, CIA, NSA, Timewarner etc to gain global control.
There are many facebook accounts that are not real persons but fake identities. So using social media they can now even simulate, manipulate public opinion, what people consider to be real or not.
They have so many spy programs, secret spy agencies, automated software triggered by sensitive words so it's easy for them to keep track on every single user on Facebook, social media and the whole internet. Their trigger words, tags always notify them of unwanted, inconvenient persons, journalists etc anywhere in the world.
Once their spy program has identified a target they keep that persons facebook account under special care on daily basis.
Because of this I did not have a Facebook account for a very long time. But since March 6 2019 I'm now on facebook.

Illuminati agencies, assets
nsa cia nga spy programs on Facebook anonymous illuminati documentary

Contact me at
Cellphone: 0046 (0)722 360293 I have Halebop (Telias service)

All correspondence with me is blocked
My e-mail and my phone is locked, blocked and controlled by the ruling elites, the illuminati. Before my father's funeral a relative tried to send me an e-mail but he said the mail had just bounced back. There are also people who have tried to contact me with cellphone but say they do not reach through. Yesterday when I sent an e-mail to a person she that it simply had not arrived, etc .. So everything is controlled. Soon, they control the entire world from a single computer screen because everything is built together in their web. They're smart, too. They probably have a list of people's cell phone numbers when it comes to my work colleagues and friends. These lists are probably updated daily. When any person on these lists are trying to contact me, the block is removed. That is the way everything works. I will then be rather discredited by those who know me, colleagues etc which is also the purpose. Of course they did reach me via cell phone .. It would be great if people became more aware of the hidden censorship and the hidden abuse of power, oppression that is built into the "new digital freedom." Call the evil power the CIA, NSA, illuminati or what you want. They have many organs and agents working for them.
A few emails reaches my inbox sometimes but that is very seldom and they are all insignificant emails, a few notices about errors on my homepage, single link suggestions to solar power converters etc...
Emails from members in my church also reaches through.

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