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Cultivate and grow your own vegetables and fruits

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated 12 Augusti 2012

Home grown vegetables means fewer shipments, transports and less emissions from trucks and traffic in the form of greenhouse gases
In addition, you take in less toxins and chemicals from spraying if you grow vegetables organically at home, it also tastes much nicer. It is good for the household budget to grow your own vegetables. If more households cultivated their own cereals, fruits and vegetables people would save more money -and in the end, get more money. This would not mean that society would stagnate. The money people saved on food, they would spend on other consumption.

Make your own herb garden
Basil, parsley, chives, etc. in pots is something I wish I started to grow right from the start because it is very "rewarding" and easy, what you see is what you get and the plants will quickly grow up and start. Going out in the greenhouse and bring in some fresh herbs to your food in the summer is just amazing.

Here are three pots of cucumbers, which I did this spring about in April.
A bag of five seeds cost 40 SEK (6 U.S. dollar) of which three came up and became the plants are now in separate plastic buckets with air holes in the bottom. After some weeks when I got the first cucumbers I put on a thick layer of wood ash in each pot. The plants require plenty of sun and water, they stand on the floor in front of the window in my living room that I made into a growth chamber.

Garlic sticks-garlic tops are easy to grow
Add a few garlic cloves in a pot with the small green shoots upward. After a few days they begin to grow and in a few weeks you can harvest the foliage that resembles coarse chives with taste of garlic. Do you want to cultivate real garlic cloves you turn around the Earth in October, the soil should not be too hot. Next year you harvest in the fall and then the gap has become a whole garlic. You must put them quite deep down in the earth. Some are planting in spring.

Make use of grains and seeds from peppers, chilli, rose hips, tomatoes. Put those in the soil so you can cultivate your own plants.

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