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Healty vegetables and foods

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

Healty vegetables and foods that strengthen the body and prevent disease

Apple a paddy apple contains lots of vitamin c
Mandel contains vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and monounsaturated fats - all good for the heart
Honey Antibiotics, anti-virus and anti-oxidant in one.
Kale lots of antioxidants, beta carotene and lutein, which protects the eyes and hjärta.cancerbekämpande sulfur compounds, large amounts of vitamin C and fiber.
Frisée salad contains vitamin A, beta carotene,
Avocado contains the kolesetrolsänkande substance betasiosterol more beneficial monounsaturated fat, fiber, folic acid, vitamin E and lutein potassium than most other fruits. Lutein, an antioxidant, protects against cataracts and other eye diseases and possibly also against heart disease and prostate cancer.
Broccoli prevents cancer and ulcers, contains potassium and beta carotene. Good for your heart.
Olive contains monounsaturated fats and antioxidants (polyphenols).
Pumpkin The main source of alfakaroten, an anti-cancer substance
Beetroot protects against heart disease and cancer.
Cranberry contains phenols, plant chemicals that inhibit circulation of bad cholesterol.
Walnut to prevent stroke. nut is rich in polyphenols that protect the heart.
Watermelon reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, readily available lycopene, a powerful anticancer substance.
Eggs contains B vitamins. Egg yolks have a high concentration of antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which are thought to prevent the symptoms of aging, including cataracts.
The above tips on vegetables and good food comes from www.1, 6miljonerklubben.

Cabbage and cauliflower are rich in calcium which is an important mineral to build bone. Many older women have a fragile skeleton and can usefully eat cabbage and other brassicas that are high in calcium. Cabbages of various kinds also contain vitamin C, folate and potassium. It is mainly the green brassicas which are especially rich in calcium and therefore an important source of calcium for all who do not eat dairy products. Cabbage contains several useful topics and glucosinolates are sulfur compounds that break down into two products (known as isothiocyanates and indoles), both of which have been shown to contribute to the effectiveness of liver detoxification systems. Since we are constantly exposed to less healthy substances in food, drink and breathe the air, it is important that the liver can work effectively with purified to remove these harmful substances so that we do not get sick. Regular intake (at least once a week) of cabbage also appears to be linked to reduced risk of certain cancers, especially colon, bladder, stomach, rectum and lungs.
Jerusalem artichoke contains much fiber FFA one called inulin. The dietary fiber is not broken down by the body but works FFA by filling out the intestines and lower GI. Jerusalem artichoke contains, like other root crops that are much potassium can help to normalize high blood pressure.

Eat more garlic and onions for a better immune system, and drink enough water. Begin your day with a glass of water with lemon or apple cider.
Natural coconut oil contains lauric acid, which kills viruses. A teaspoon in a smoothie provides a great amount. Coconut Fat is also excellent for cooking. Lauric acid can also be concentrated and used as virus-killing injection.

Add beans and nuts in water overnight and eat fermented soy instead of not fermented (miso, nato). A feature of lectins is that they cause wind, mainly from the above-mentioned foods. It disappears almost entirely if they can soak before cooking.

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