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The New Age, the New World System interpreted

A new global currency, "gold silver based", but digital used, microchip implants.
A new global time line, mostly based on digital media, Facebook timeline.
A new global tax system, anti- government based, global, local region admin.
A new global faith and belief system anti Christ based.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 16 september 2010
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated February 28 2015

The prophecy about the beast in the Bible interpreted
I consider that the beast in the Bible is a globlaised oppressive world economic system, a world federation, a global super state.
You can also say that the beast is a person, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. His helper is the anti-Chist who will make way for him. I have written that he is the anti-Christ and I'm now changing my mind to say that he is even worse, he is the beast, who also is the world federation.
He, the beast and the anti-Christ (one of them) -Hillary Rodham Clinton has a close relationship.

The Rothschild bank dynasty are the ones who has destroyed the economic finance of both America and Europe. They are British, French and German. They are now helping China -the dragon to rise on its feet. The lion is also a symbol for Great Britain, an important fundament for globalisation, the mouth of the beast -a language spoken world wide.
Financial crisis and economic regulation of the system. With the mouth you speak. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild who is richest in the world, wants to tell us what to do and to obey him. He wants to be a financial regulator for the whole world.

"We have been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for more than 200 years."

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild -the beast described in the Bible.

Rothschild funds both sides in wars

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild head of the Rothschild dynasty and mouth of the beast
He says he does not want to talk to the reporter about the past but rather talk about the present and the future.
He also says he wants more supervision to avoid economic mistakes. He is the richest man in the world economy. Loans and high interest rates is his thing. He has destroyed the economy for the rest of us. And he wants to be the supervisor.
To choose Sir Evelyn de Rothschild as a world economic advisor, supervisor is like putting a shark in charge of a swimming pool. He will probably get the Nobel prize in economy in 2013 or 2014 for being such a "smart and helpful advisor, regulator". Now he will remove the interest rates and instead bind us with a microchip implant. Our freedom, our bodies will belong to him.
Sir Evelyn de Rothschild -Google images results

..and his feet were as the feet of a bear,
Here is the bear and the feet of the beast. There is a strong link between Germany, England and USA. Windsor had the earlier name Sachsen Goburg Gota. Many German corporations are now globalised, Bayer from IG Farben (nazis that owned Auswitch death camps, now making hiv medications) is one example.
Berlin coat of arms history -Google image results
sachsen gota anglo american windsor germany frankfurt gold -Google images results
America is also a very important foot of the beast, here is the republic of California -also a bear symbol.
Republic of California flag -Google results
military bases in california usa correctional officer detention

The beast, the dragon and antichrist interpreted

Mindcontrol, brain implants -your life downloaded to a server. Society digitalised
Techniques exist to download and upload data and information to the human brain, the neural cortex. With this technique they can download all images, all things you have ever seen to a computer and store it on a server. This includes also the things you have heard.
It would be a digital copy of all things you have experienced, a video film of your entire life. This is what the elite might be planning to do for all of us. To offer us a digital movie of our lives.
The big telecom operators are already offering digital storage space for your personal photos and videos. It's like your digital account. Your life will be stored on their servers. Facebook's timeline will be the fundament of defining time, corresponding to these movies of all peoples lives.
Your timeline will be -your life. You will have a lot of work to do to administer, protect and manage your timeline as all your life, even the most private details will be all there exposed to every one.
If you accept the new world order and their microchip implant system you will be able to log on and administer your timeline, to hide and show the parts of the scenes that you desire to your friends on Facebook.
This will be blackmail to force people to accept the new world order. If you don't get an account you will not be able to edit and manage your life movie. The account will be connected to the microchip.
My guess is that Facebook, before this happens will crash, break down. All user data has already been stored so it might be used to resart Facebook but not under that name. It will just be "people to people" connected digitally via microchips, connected to the internet and all lists of friends from Facebook will be used as the quick and easy way to add your friends to your account, your "digital you,", your life account.
I must admit that this technique would be amazing because it would bring memories back to life in a fantastic manner. All old memories, your dead loved ones, all happy moments, old buildings, even old cities will be brought "back to life." so to speak.
Imagine what old scenery we could download from the brain of a 95 year old person? It would almost be like traveling 100 years back in time.
We would also me mindcontrolled by the elite and enslaved by these microchip implants so I would not like to have one.

EPOC neuroheadset

NeuroSky MindWave headset
neurosky+mindwave+mobile+myndplay+bundle Google images results

Emotiv EPOC EEG Headset Hacked

You are already using the new global currency
Do you have an internet bank account? Go to your computer or take your smartphone. Log on to your bank account. Check your balance. How much money do you have? Let's say you have a sum of 6500. Wait now..6500 of what? Does it say if you have U.S. Dollars, Euro, GBP, DM, Yen? Does your account say anything of what sort of money you have there or does the money belong to an "anonymous currency"?
Probaby it is not specified what sort or kind of your money is. It's just a number, a digit figure. Physical cash is about to be phased out. We learn a lot these days about how bad it is that the Federal Reserve is printing and creating money, as if that was the problem. Cash and paper money is not the problem with the U.S. economy. The problem is the debt and we never really get information who the really big creditors are.
So "independent media" learns us that paper money and banks is someting bad and that we should quit using these things.
This is exactly what the Rothschild's wants. They want to introduce a new global digital currency and to abolish normal cash.

Say good bye to physical cash

You can use this picture on your blog, homepage or Facebook etc even for commercial use.

All banks are probably doing the same thing already, using non specified "anonymous" currency on peoples home internet digital bank accounts.
When we talk with the bank about our money we refer to it as Dollar's, Euro's, DM's etc depending on what country we live in.
But is it really REAL money if physical cash is not used anymore? I would say it's a total new kind of money that only exists on a bank account and can NEVER be withdrawn.
One Chinese Yen is almost worth as much as one Swedish Krona, SEK or KR. There I think you have the new global currency.
Rumours are heard about a fall of the American dollar. It might not be totally worthless but fall with 40-50%. During a possible disaster, martial law, physical cash will not be allowed because of the big risks of robbery.
Food crisis, hunger, starvation and riots might come and "emergency centers" also called FEMA camps are already constructed all over America. They will then welcome starving people, giving them food and shelter. But they will probably also demand that you get implanted with a microchip in your arm or hand.
If you don't take the chip they might kill you. The RFID Verichip will be loaded with quite much money so many will accept to take it.
This is the awful mark of the beast that the Bible's prophecies has written about 2000 years ago. The text says clearly that you will not be able to buy or sell if you don't have the mark of the beast in your right arm, hand or forehead.
God does not want us to take the chip. Further on you will be ordered to bow down and salute, to worship the image of the beast.
So even if the verichip seems to be a small thing, it's not. It's a start of a total new era, the New Age, also called the New World Order.

Slaves say hello to Verichip RFID chip implant

You can use this picture on your blog, homepage or Facebook etc even for commercial use.

The new global digital currency is a merger of all worlds currencies, it's a new unit, its a point system.

Do you get the point?
When we shop we get points. After a while when we have collected many points we can use them as money and buy things with them. These points is part of the new global currency.
We will soon get points wheresoever we shop regardless of what plastic card or bank we have. All points well be stored on our card, account. Soon these points will be worth much more and get the same status as real money.
Also the pensions are (anyway in Sweden) already created with points, units so this will also be transformed into "money".
University studies here in Sweden also gives you points. These might also be multiplied and transformed into money.
Do you have unpaid student loans? Don't worry, in the new economy debts might be transformed into money.

How shall we solve the credit crisis?
I don't know what the ruling greedy elite, the Rothschild's will do but I have a guess. Since they want to implant us with microchips and enslave us they must make us like the system.
Even if it's not official who the big super creditor is for the world's debt crisis I think it's the Rothschild's.
They got all money they want and they don't need more money. If it's true that they are the creditors that has caused the world's problems with debt and interest rates, it is also true that they can forgive the debt, all debt.
This is probably also what they will do.

There is a big difference on used and non-used credits

German version Spanish version French version Portugese version Hindi version Chinese version Russian version Arabic version

You can use this picture on your blog, homepage or Facebook etc even for commercial use.

How Sir Evelyn de Rothschild will solve the credit crisis
Do you use internet services that has their own credit system? Different online services require that you buy their credits. Perhaps it's online stock photo image banks, or MP3 music services, download content etc. You buy their specified credit with your credit card and then you have credit to pay with.
There is another part of the new global digital currency, -CREDITS. How shall we solve the credit crisis? What shall we do with the enormous huge mountain of unpaid credits? No one can solve it, the debt is to big.
I know! -says Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. -Let's have a global meeting to discuss and solve this problem (No government officials allowed on this meeting).
Then he says: all this unpaid debt, this negative credit wouldn't it be better if we could make some use of it? Perhaps use it like some kind of asset, some kind of common global currency?
I mean afterall we are all in this together, all nations have credit crisis. We should just conform and unite, transform the unpaid debt into a new curency. It's on me, don't mind to pay it back. Tadaaa!! WOW! What a great meeting this was! Now, all of a sudden we don't have a credit cisis anymore. Only lots CREDITS! Yyyyyiiihooo! :) :)
And we can use all this credit in the world economy. The major part of it goes to the developing countries that really needs it, Africa, Bangladesh etc.

Imagine all the suffering and violence the credit cisis has caused. They can turn the credit crisis into a credit asset with snap their finger.
And already own the gold so they can back the new currency with it. They just need to push the price for gold up first.

Transatlantic/world government internationalisation
Here are a list of all the NGO's that will be invited to Evelyns Rothschild's meeting.

Controlled opposition and staged media events
The ruling families has created many false "truthers" and false "independent movements" to fool us and distract us away from their true names and position as leaders in the world economy. They have controlled opposition, staged media events.
They use global internet media to achieve this. Internet was created by the U.S. military so it's controlled by them.
This global "truth movement" almost never speak about the great plan of the ruling families: to put microchips inside all humans and enslave us.

Who the illuminati and the ruling elite are
I think it's ok to be rich as loung as you are kind and don't want to hurt others. I know that I also do wrong sometimes and through my shoping I support slavery in third world countries. All people with a certian family name does not have to be rich or greedy, evil.
When almost the whole western world has a joint economic recession, huge national debts, global war aproaching, is it ok to expose the super rich, corrupt greedy elite for what they are?
They even have controlled, false opposiotion, just to protect their own names. There are many false anti-Illuminati anti-NWO, anti-war anti bla bla bullshit homepages that does not tell you who the ruling elite are. Well here they are.
Rothschild, they rule and destroy the world. The leader of the Rothschild banking family is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He is richest and most greedy, evil and dangerous in the world.

Kuhn, Cohen (Federal Reserve System ownership)
Kuhn, Cohen (Federal Reserve System ownership) -google results

Reutter, Reuter, Reuters, Reuther
owner of Thomson Reuters news agency and said to be close friends to the Rothschild's.
Reuters or Thomson Reuters is the worlds biggest news agency. What they say or write all magazines, tv and radio, internet channels etc repeat. They have bought journalism and has almost monopoly of telling news to the whole world
Reutter is of Dutch and German origin, an occupational name meaning 'one who cleared the land for tilling' or 'one who fought on horseback'.
There are many spellings of the name which include REUTHER, REITHER, REITHMAN, REITEN and GREITHER. A noteworthy person of the name was Michael Adriabszoon de RUYTER (1607-76) the Dutch naval commander.
Another notable member of the name was Baron Paul Julius von REUTER (1816-99) the founder of the news agency which still bears his name. He was born Jisroel-Ber Josafat. He changed his name on being baptised as a Christian in 1844, but it is not known why he adopted the name REUTER.

Krupp, they are one of the world's largest steel industry corporation and former nazi war criminals.
However, on the two other charges of plundering assets in occupied foreign countries and slave labor (crimes against humanity through the employment of foreign forced laborers and prisoners of war) Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach is sentenced to twelve years' imprisonment and all his property is confiscated. Sentences of up to twelve years are handed down to ten of those who stand trial with him. As part of a general amnesty the then high commissioner of the American zone of Germany, John J. McCloy grants the prisoners an early release in January 1951.

Dupont, very influential and big chemical giant. Dupont Kevlar helps protect military and law enforcement personnel uPONT/KRIEGHOFF Gun Company

DuPont has licensed worldwide marketing and manufacturing rights for Cozaar and Hyzaar to Merck & Co., Inc. (Merck). Merck is responsible for manufacturing, marketing and selling Cozaar and Hyzaar

DuPont full description: Agriculture & Nutrition, Electronics & Communications, Performance Chemicals, Performance Materials, Safety & Protection, Pharmaceuticals, BioSciences, biotechnology, chemistry, materials science and engineering

the duponts are involved in the prison industry

Hm.. perhaps I will make this a new page. It's to much info. There are of course many more names inclued in the ruling elite: Clinton, Bush Rockefeller, Heinz, Kellog, Solomon etc. Anyway they all are the top of finance, their economy is never bad, they want us to pay more taxes and to have microchip implants in our bodies, they contrbute to the beast's antichrist world system.

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