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The U.S. has 65,000 soldiers in Afghanistan -gets Nobel peace prize

Text: Carl Grinde Date: August 30 2011
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Uppdated August 30 2011

The U.S. government is awarded with the Nobel peace prize while having 65,000 soldiers in Aghanistan. Additional 30.000 soldiers sent in May 2010.

The war in Afghanistan, exacerbating America's already strained economy and helps to increase the country's national debt and further weakens confidence in the dollar. This will ultimately destroy the economy of the American citizen. Who is the creditor who so willingly lends money to a borrower, the U.S. government, whose economy reached the bottom long ago? Everyone knows that the U.S. does not have any additional reserves but only a huge public debt. How can the U.S. government afford to buy military vehicles and war materials, equip troops and send them far away? It is the U.S. government that makes all contracts, which buys everything. It is clear that private companies have managed to get their people in key positions within the U.S. government so that both foreign policy, budget planning, procurement and overall strategy benefits the group's own interests such as: oil, gas and war industry.

Barack obama receives the Nobel Prize 2009 for "international diplomacy and cooperation"

Oct 15, 2009 Washington already has 65,000 soldiers in Afghanistan
Other nations, mainly NATO allies, have some 39,000 soldiers in the country in swedish in swedish

According to Cynthia McKinney pipeline-politics sets the agenda of the war in Afghanistan.
U.S. bombs and missils are being dropped in Afghanistan exactly the route of the washington preferred pipeline.

Central Asia pipeline deal signed

Sunwing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ivanhoe Energy.
Contact Info: Calgary, Canada -Dagang, China

Ivanhoe Energy

Ivanhoe Energy Completes Merger with PanAsian Petroleum

Pan Asian Petroleum

Pan Asian Petroleum is a private company based in Alberta, Canada. The company's key asset is a production-sharing contract - held through subsidiary PanAsian Energy Ltd. - with the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, a state agency. The contract provides PanAsian Energy with the exclusive right to explore, develop and produce oil or gas within Block XVI in Mongolia's Nyalga Basin.

68,000 soldiers already approved for Afghanistan

The debt of the U.S.

U.S. troops increasing in Afghanistan -February 2009

Obama to receive the nobel prize in Oslo, Norway. Why not in Stockholm Sweden?
If he would come to receive the prize in Stockholm the hidden illuminati connections to the prize would be to obvious. This is why he does not receive the prize directly in Stockholm Sweden. I bet there will be complications for him so he canīt show up in person to accept the prize.

The swedish nobel prize is totally controled by the international elite.
The nobel prize is given to people that truly has done good things for the humanity,
-and to people that works for the shadow government.

"Whatever is on the agenda of the international corporations, the Swedish Nobel peace prize will suck up to it."

The Nazis wanted to create a global Nation. Obama is a door opener. Their hidden game has been on for a long time now. Global governance in energy matters, global regulations on the financial market etc combined with "local" governance will build their global nation. Oh yea but we have internet now so we own the word. We have the power. No, internet is like Maya it looks real but itīs all rigged. Servers, optic fibres, sattelites, anti-virus software itīs all theirs and will effectively block/lie about any person that speaks against their global Nation.

Sweden increases support to Afghanistan

Afghanistan Report 2009

International Security Assistance Force, ISAF

About 55,000 NATO troops are in Afghanistan

Stanford Study Finds Staggering Rates of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Among Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans

request for an additional 30000-40000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan

Why the Taliban Are Winning -for Now
Something is wrong with this headline, something is hidden from us. How can the talibans be stronger than the U.S.? The war is game by the banking elite who are financing both sides of the war. If the so called "Talibans" are winning the U.S. needs to send even MORE troops to defeat them.
War is about making money and getting more power. How can the U.S. government afford to make so many wars when they have nothing but debt in the U.S. treasury?
The war will help to crush the dollar.

The U.S. has 65,000 troops in the country, president Barack Obama is reviewing whether to continue with a strategy in Afghanistan that focuses on protecting and supporting the population." Does anyone believe that the troops in Afghanistan is about protecting the people?

What do these companies have to say about such things as war? War destroys both people and the environment. Does everybody think that war is reprehensible? J.P. Morgan JPMorgan Chase & Co Bank Sal. Oppenheim jr. & Cie. (Schweiz) AG

 Henry Kissinger awarded with the swedish
 Nobel peace prize
Kissinger is linked to military coup in Chile 1974, wars and bombings in Bangladesh and  Cambodia. He was also the head of the 911 commission. 16 days later he quit that job when being asked about who his customers to his firms where.

Henry Kissinger gets nobel prize
In 1973 the Secretary of State, State Department, Washington Henry Kissinger was awarded with the nobel peace prize.

Henry Kissinger and the military coup in Chile 1973

-Kissinger sanctioned the illegal bombing of Cambodia

Book The trial of Henry Kissinger. Bangladesh, one genocide, one coup, and one assasination

Kissinger -When really a new world order can be created, itīs a great oportunity crisis. Check the video after 2 minutes and 45 seconds.

Kissinger -the head of the 911 commission
Henry Kissinger was engaged to lead the White House official investigation of september 11:th 2001 attacks. He left this job after only a few days after being questioned about who his clients where to his consulting firm.,Henry.shtml

Thomas Schelling the Nobel Prize winner who see war as a game
The 2005 Nobel Economics Prize
In 1948 Thomas Schelling worked in Paris with the US ambassador Averel Harriman in the implementation of the Marshall Plan.

Brown Brothers Harriman -a Nazi Bank

William Averell Harriman member of Skull and Bones

Brown Brothers Harriman -a Nazi Bank here is the evidence,2933,100474,00.html

 More Nobel peace prize winners
Itīs all about creating a centralized, one world government with global taxation.
A good thing, green movements will be exploited to create this.

* Elihu Root. He helped found the American Society of International Law. Also helped create the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands.

* Woodrow Wilson. Former President of the United States and founder of the League of Nations.

* Nicholas Murray Butler. President of the Carnegie Endowment for Intenational Peace.

* Jimmy Carter. Former President of the United States.

* Al Gore. Former Vice President of the United States/legend in his own mind/global warming crackpot. Again, do not get me started.

Mr Martti Ahtisaari Un Employee
Ahtisaari has received numerous Doctorates Honoris Causa. He has been awarded the Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Award (2000), the Hessen Peace Prize (2000), the J. William Fulbright Award for International Understanding (2000), the Highest Acknowledgement of the Together for Peace Foundation (2000), the European Peacebuilder Award (2003) and the Euro-Atlantic Bridge Prize from the European Foundation for Culture (2003). In 2002 President Ahtisaari was appointed Honorary Officer in the Order of Australia. In 2004 he was awarded with the Order of the Companions of Oliver Tambo (Supreme Companion) by South Africa. Ahtisaari is a member of various Finnish cultural organizations.

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