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Some Nazi doctors were hanged. Others acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?

After the war some nazi scientists and nazi doctors were hanged. But several Nazi SS Officers, war criminals, nazi doctors and cruel nazi scientists etc was released without punishment, got 2-5 years or got help to escape to South America. Hundreds of them was ecavuated to USA and got employment for the American government.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 3 November 2012
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 3 November 2012

Many evil Nazi scientists and Nazi doctors -war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment, only 2-7 years.

The Doctors' trial, process, lawsuit (9 December 1946 - 20 August 1947)

Nazis welcomed to work in America for the U.S. government after WWII
(from American intelligence officials created a “safe haven” in the United States for Nazis and their collaborators after World War II, and it details decades of clashes, often hidden, with other nations over war criminals here and abroad. The 600-page report, which the Justice Department has tried to keep secret for four years, provides new evidence about more than two dozen of the most notorious Nazi cases of the last three decades.

(from CIA evacuated Nazi war criminals allowing them to escape justice by relocating them incognito in South America.

von Braun and more than 700 scientists safely brought out of Germany and hired by the U.S.a
(from And von Braun's associates included:
Arthur Rudolph, chief operations director at Nordhausen, where 20,000 slave labourers died producing V-2 missiles. Led the team which built the Saturn V rocket. Described as "100 per cent Nazi, dangerous type".
Kurt Debus, rocket launch specialist, another SS officer. His report stated: "He should be interned as a menace to the security of the Allied Forces."
Hubertus Strughold, later called "the father of space medicine", designed Nasa's on-board life-support systems. Some of his subordinates conducted human "experiments" at Dachau and Auschwitz, where inmates were frozen and put into low-pressure chambers, often dying in the process.
All of these men were cleared to work for the US, their alleged crimes covered up and their backgrounds bleached by a military which saw winning the Cold War, and not upholding justice, as its first priority.

Wernher von Braun: Nasa icon and former SS officer. (Hitlers wife was also a Braun)

Interview with Slave who worked for NASA/Nazi scientists

Operation Paperclip the code name for bringing hundreds of nazis into America
The intergration of Nazis in corporate America was made through hiding, twisting and erasing the Nazi identity of the scientists past.

Hermann becker freyseng made deadly low-pressure-chamber experiments on humans - brought to America and worked for the U.S.
Along with Kurt Blome, Siegfried Ruff and Konrad Schäfer he was taken to the USA and put to work on projects related to the space race under a scheme known as Operation Paperclip.[11] Given responsibility for collecting and publishing the research undertaken by he and his colleagues, the resulting book, German Aviation Medicine: World War II

Huntsville Alabama welcomed nazi rocket scientists

NASA started in 1958 as a continuance of the Nazi science
If you go to their homepage you can see that they have a blue small swastika logo (inverted, reversed) in the webb browser at the very top.

Nazi doctor Kurt Blome hired in 1951 by the U.S. Army Chemical Corp
(from Kurt Blome, who admitted to killing Jews with "gruesome experiments," was hired in 1951 by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare From 1950 to 1980, Bayer, BASF, and Hoechst filled their highest position, Chairman of the Board, with convicted mass murderers.

Kurt Blome bacteriological warfare scientist, experimented with Sarin gas on Auschwitz prisoners -acquitted in 1954 by the Nuremberg trial
(from As Plenipotentiary for Cancer Research in the Third Reich, Blome had a longstanding interest in the "military use of carcinogenic substances" and cancer-causing viruses.
In November 1947, two months after his Nuremberg acquittal, Blome was interviewed by four representatives from Camp Detrick, Maryland, including Dr. H.W. Batchelor, in which he explained German biological warfare experiments in detail and identified other experts in the field.
Blome worked on methods of storage and dispersal of biological agents like plague, cholera, anthrax, and typhoid, and also infected prisoners with plague in order to test the efficacy of vaccines. Eduard May, director of the SS Institute for Practical Research in Military Science, collaborated with him in experiments on "the artificial mass transmission of the Malaria parasite to humans", with infected mosquitoes dropped from planes. Blome also worked on aerosol despersants and methods of spraying nerve agents like Tabun and Sarin from aircraft, and tested the effects of these gases on prisoners at Auschwitz
In 1951, he was hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps under Project 63, one of the successors to Operation Paperclip, to work on chemical warfare.

Kurt Blome flew to the United States, worked at Washington, D.C,
(from Blome was soon signed to a new Paperclip contract for $6,000 a year and flew to the United States, where he took up his duties at Camp King, an army base outside Washington, D.C. In 1951 von Haagen was picked up by the French authorities. Despite the tireless efforts of his protectors in US intelligence, the doctor was convicted of war crimes and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Eventually, Blome was arrested by French authorities, convicted of war crimes, and sentenced to 20 years in prison.
Yes, it has to be fair. Why shouldn't the French get a little bit of the cake?
(I can see this happen in front of me: a sunny day at Camp Kings army base, Blome is in the lab and stir in pots with some toxic stuff in, other lab personnel is watching, listening and taking notes.
Suddenly the door go up and 10 French soldiers with rifles Bayonet rushes in and yells: Ok that's it! You've had him long enough! Now it's our turn! They seize on Blome, rake for themselves little drawings and notes in the boxes and rushes out.)
Then it's off to France to produce new chemical weapons.

Nuremberg trials, Probably the first reality show

Thousands of Nazi scientists hired in America after the war.
(from In September 1946 President Harry Truman approved the Dulles-inspired Paperclip project, whose mission was to bring no less than 1,000 Nazi scientists to the United States. In September 1946 President Harry Truman approved the Dulles-inspired Paperclip project, whose mission was to bring no less than 1,000 Nazi scientists to the United States. Among them were many of the vilest criminals of the war: there were doctors from Dachau concentration camp who had killed prisoners by putting them through high altitude tests, who had frozen their victims and given them massive doses of salt water to research the process of drowning. There were the chemical weapons engineers such as Kurt Blome, who had tested Sarin nerve gas on prisoners at Auschwitz. There were doctors who instigated battlefield traumas by taking women prisoners at Ravensbruck and filling their wounds with gangrene cultures, sawdust, mustard gas, and glass, then sewing them up and treating some with doses of sulfa drugs while timing others to see how long it took for them to develop lethal cases of gangrene. Among the targets of the Paperclip recruitment program were HerMann Becker-Freyseng and Konrad Schaeffer, authors of the study "Thirst and Thirst Quenching in Emergency Situations at Sea." The study was designed to devise ways to prolong the survival of pilots downed over water. To this end the two scientists asked Heinrich Himmler for "forty healthy test subjects" from the SS chief’s network of concentration camps, the only debate among the scientists being whether the research victims should be Jews, gypsies or Communists. The experiments took place at Dachau. These prisoners, most of them Jews, had salt water forced down their throats through tubes. Others had salt water injected directly into their veins. Half of the subjects were given a drug called berkatit, which was supposed to make salt water more palatable, though both scientists suspected that the berkatit itself would prove fatally toxic within two weeks. They were correct. During the tests the doctors used long needles to extract liver tissue. No anesthetic was given. All the research subjects died. Both Becker-Freyseng and Schaeffer received long-term contracts under Paperclip; Schaeffer ended up in Texas, where he continued his research into "thirst and desalinization of salt water." Rascher’s victims were locked inside his low-pressure chamber, which simulated altitudes of up to 68,000 feet. Eighty of the human guinea pigs died after being kept inside for half an hour without oxygen. Dozens of others were dragged semi-conscious from the chamber and immediately drowned in vats of ice water. Rascher quickly sliced open heir heads to examine how many blood vessels in the brain had burst due to air embolisms. Rascher filmed these experiments and the autopsies, sending the footage along with his meticulous notes back to Himmler, "Some experiments gave men such pressure in their heads that they would go mad and pull out their hair in an effort to relieve such pressure," Rascher wrote. "They would tear at their heads and faces with their hands and scream in an effort to relieve pressure on their eardrums." Rascher’s records were scooped up by US intelligence agents and delivered to the Air Force.

Rascher a nazi doctor that made cold water experiments
Did he escape or was he shot in his cell? The world will never know.


Nazi scientists Kurt Blome, Hermann Becker-Feyseng and Konrad Schaeffer employed by the USA.
(from these included Kurt Blome, “who had tested Sarin nerve gas on prisoners at Auschwitz;” Hermann Becker-Feyseng and Konrad Schaeffer, who conducted hideous experiments on prisoners at Dachau, injecting salt water into the veins, or forcing salt water down the throats of dozens of prisons, all of whom died.

Nazi scientists recruited by America
(from Following the end of World War II the U.S. conducted "Operation Paperclip", which scoured Germany for Nazi scientists who could be useful. It found some who had conducted experiments on prisoners in Dachau and other Nazi concentration camps, including one Kurt Blome. He was among the defendants in the Nuremberg war trials, lawsuits, process, and would have been convicted and hanged but for American intervention.

Nazi scientists hired in America after WWII

Siegfried Ruff Not Guilty not guilty!!? Why not?
(from The various experiments undertaken either by Becker-Freyseng or under his supervision during the course of his work resulted in a number of fatalities.[6] In particular the high altitude experiments performed on inmates of Dachau concentration camp by Becker-Freyseng, Ruff and Hans-Wolfgang Romberg claimed a number of lives. Ruff is mentioned here. He was participating in murdering experiments in high altitude experiments.

Testing the Limits
Aviation Medicine and the Origins of Manned Space Flight

Maura Phillips MacKowski (Author)
(From In "Testing the Limits", Maura Phillips Mackowski describes the crucial foundational contributions of military flight surgeons who routinely risked their lives in test aircraft, research balloons, pressure chambers, rocket-propelled sleds, or parachute harnesses. Drawing on rare primary sources and interviews, Mackowski also reveals the little-known but vital contributions of German emigre scientists whose expertise in areas unknown to Americans created a hybrid specialty: space medicine. Mackowski reveals new details on human acromedical experimentation at Dachau,

"the little-known but vital contributions of German emigre scientists" WHAT?
ISBN: 9781585444397 THIS BOOK IS SICK!!

Testing the Limits
Aviation Medicine and the Origins of Manned Space Flight

(from In Testing the Limits, Maura Phillips Mackowski describes the crucial foundational contributions of military flight surgeons who routinely risked their lives in test aircraft, research balloons, pressure chambers, rocket-propelled sleds, or parachute harnesses. Drawing on rare primary sources and interviews, she also reveals the little-known but vital contributions of German emigré scientists whose expertise in areas unknown to Americans created a hybrid specialty: space medicine. She reveals new details on human aeromedical experimentation at Dachau,,4945.aspx
This is propaganda to hide the Nazi crimes!

Evil Nazi scientists was set free
Some of the evil Nazi scientists was set free, this is so sick, after all cruel experiments they did on innocent people in the concentration camp. Read more below. Adolf Pokorny Not Guilty Acquitted

Kurt Blome Not Guilty Acquitted

Konrad Schäfer Not Guilty Acquitted

Dr. Adolf Pokorny sterilization scientist -acquitted

Helmut Poppendick -Nazi doctor 10 years -released 1951
Poppendick was implicated in a series of medical experiments done on concentration camp prisoners, including the medical experiments done in Ravensbrück. At the American Military Tribunal No. I on August 20, 1947, he was acquitted from being criminally implicated in medical experiments, but was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for membership in a criminal organization, the SS. He was released on January 31, 1951. Later on, Poppendick managed to get his medical services paid by insurance, in Oldenburg.
Because of his high position. Poppendick was implicated in a series of involuntary medical experiments done on concentration camp prisoners. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment by the American Military Tribunal No. I in August 1947, however was released already in February 1951.

Paul Rostock Nazi medical director not guilty -Acquitted

Paul Rostocks was director of the entire Nazi medical research program.

(from In the final stages of the Nazi dictatorship he directed, together with Paul Rostock, the entire medical research program and in the last year of the war he even worked as Special Commissioner for Chemical Warfare.
(from Rostock was Chief Surgeon of the Surgical Clinic in Berlin as well as Chief of the Office for Medical Science and Research under Karl Brandt.

Cruel Nazi scientist were hired and promoted by America
(from Big Pharma's evil seeds, which the FDA calls medicine, were first planted in the United States 65 years ago. Many of the "mad scientists" who tortured innocent human beings in the Holocaust were hired and promoted by U.S. Presidents to catapult what we call "Western Medicine," and its ultimate goal of creating sickness and then treating its symptoms for profit

Dr. Josef Mengele was not convicted in the Nuremberg trials, lawsuits, legal process
(from After the war, he lived for five years in Germany, then in Argentina and Paraguay. In June 1985, a skeleton was found which forensic experts concluded was Mengele.

WHAT!! "After the war, he lived for five years in Germany, then in Argentina and Paraguay" Why did not the Americans convict and kill him? Why was he not part of the Nuremberg trials? The Nuremberg trials is a scam!

The Nazi doctor Josef Mengele tortured Jewish children, Gypsy children and many others
So called camp doctors, especially the notorious Josef Mengele, would torture Jewish children, Gypsy children and many others. "Patients" were put into pressure chambers, tested with drugs, castrated, frozen to death, and exposed to various other traumas.

BooK: Children of the Flames: Dr. Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of Auschwitz
During World War II, Nazi doctor Josef Mengele subjected some 3,000 twins to medical experiments of unspeakable horror; only 160 survived. In this remarkable narrative, the life of Auschwitz's Angel of Death is told in counterpoint to the lives of the survivors, who until now have kept silent about their heinous death-camp ordeals.

Nazi angel of death Josef Mengele 'created twin town in Brazil'
Some rejects this as not true. Well read the article and judge for your self.

Nazi victims remains at anatomical institutes in Germany
(from In 1988, it was revealed that the Tübingen anatomical institute still had in its collections the remains of victims of Nazi terror. Despite the assertions of the then director of the anatomical institute that only two microscopic slides may have been derived from "possible" victims of the Nazis,18 inquiries revealed that the Institute of Anatomy had received the cadavers of over 400 victims. The names of all the foreign workers executed by the Nazis whose bodies were sent to the anatomy institute are listed in the records of the institute.

(from lIST OF NAZI Experiments and other "medical" crimes

The Doctors Trial - Defendants

Medical experiments with sulphonamide drugs in 1942

Over two hundred doctors involved in the cruel medical Nazi experiments
Several of the seventy or more medical-research projects conducted by the Nazis between the fall of 1939 and spring of 1945 were conducted at Auschwitz ("Auschwitz Medical Experimentation"). Well over two hundred doctors were involved in the operation of concentration camps, conduction' Selektionen' medical services, and research ("Auschwitz Medical Experimentation"). These experiments were done on humans held against their own will, because the victims were thought to be lower than rats in the minds of the Germans.
The type of experiments were diverse. They included Freezing/Hypothermia, Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Interrogation and Torture, Killing/Genocide, High Altitude, Pharmalogical, Sterilization, Surgery and Traumatic Injuries.

Nazi malaria experments
The Nazi malaria experments were nonconsensual research, conducted between February 1942 at April 1945 at Dachau Concentration Camp; purpose was to test immunization for and treatment of malaria on over 1200 prisoners, primarily Polish priests.
The experiments were intended to gain information for protecting the health of the German military. This trial proceeded a U.S. Army trial of the working-level participants at the camp, led by Claus Schilling, who was convicted and hanged. [1]
Nine defendants were charged in the Medical Case (NMT): Kurt Blomer, Karl Brandt, Rudolf Brandt, Karl Gebhardt, Siegfried Handloser, Joachim Mrugowsky, Helmut Poppendick, Paul Rostock, and Wolfram Sievers. Only Sievers was convicted.

Auschwitz: A Doctor's Eyewitness Account

The Nazi Doctors: Medical Killing And The Psychology Of Genocide

Martin Bormann Hitler's personal secretary 1943-45 death sentence by absentia suicide 2.5.45?
Martin Bormann most likely managed to escape to south America.

Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile
On May 1st 1945, Martin Bormann managed to escape while Germany was surrending to the Allies.

BUENOS AIRES -- President Carlos Menem began paying what he called ``a debt to humanity`` on Monday by ordering the release of police files on Nazi war criminals who fled to Argentina after World War II.

Hundreds of Nazi war criminals, SS officers got help to escape to South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Brazil

Movie: The boys from Brazil

Book: The Real Odessa: Smuggling the Nazis to Peron's Argentina

Book: Nazis on the Run: How Hitler's Henchmen Fled Justice
Gerald Steinacher (Author)

Book: Hunting Evil: The Nazi War Criminals Who Escaped and the Quest to Bring Them to Justice
Guy Walters (Author)

Book: The Real Odessa: How Peron Brought the Nazi War Criminals to Argentina [Paperback]
Uki Goni (Author)

Book: Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, The Nazis, and The Swiss Banks
Mark Aarons (Author), John Loftus (Author)

Book: America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History
John Loftus (Author)

Cruel, racist, horrific experiments made by Hitlers Nazi scientists.

Undue Risk: Secret State Experiments on Humans
Jonathan D. Moreno (Author)

The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans

"Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press"

The Nuremberg Medical Trial (Studies in Modern European History, V. 53.)

The Nuremberg Medical Trial: The Holocaust and the Origin of the Nuremberg Medical Code

(from Nazi Medical Trial, Nuremberg Trials
Among the defendants were the following:
Karl Brandt: Hitler’s personal physician, and commandant of health for the Third Reich. He was a major general in the SS and reported directly to Hitler.
Siegfried Handloser: Chief of medical services for the Wehrmacht, the German armed forces. He had begun his career as a professional soldier in the medical department of the army.
Paul Rostock: Professor of surgery and dean of the medical faculty at the University of Berlin. He served as the chief of the office of medical science for Karl Brandt and held the rank of brigadier general in a medical branch of the military.
Lieutenant German Oscar Schroeder: Chief of medical service of the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force.
Karl Genzken: Chief of the medical office of the Waffen SS and a senior colonel.
Kurt Blume: A civilian physician, who reorganized the German medical educational system in 1935 and engaged in research for protection against biological warfare.
Rudolf Brandt: Not a physician. He was an SS colonel under Heinrich Himmler, the head of the SS.
Joachim Mrugowsky: Founder of the Hygiene Biological Testing Station of the SS in Berlin.
Helmut Poppendick: Senior colonel in the Waffen SS and chief physician in the Main Race and Settlement Office in Berlin.
Wolfram Sievers: Member of Himmler’s personal staff. Also in charge of scientific research on the heritage of the Nordic Race.
Gerhard Rose: Expert on tropical diseases; in 1936 he became head of the Department for Tropical Medicine at the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin. He was a brigadier general in the Luftwaffe and the consultant on both hygiene and tropical medicine for the Luftwaffe.
Siegfried Ruff: Specialist in aviation medicine and headed the German Experimental Institute for Aviation.
Hans Wolfgang Romberg: Member of the staff of the German Experiment Institute for Aviation and was assistant to Ruff.
Georg August Weltz: Specialist in X-ray work and was the director of the Institute for Aviation Medicine in Munich.
Victor Brack: Nazi party worker in charge of the Chancellory of the Führer in Berlin. He participated in the sterilization and euthanasia program.
Hermann Becker-Freyseng: Consultant for aviation medicine.
Konrad Schaefer: Scientist with a specialty in chemical therapy. He was particularly interested in the problem of making seawater drinkable.
Waldemar Hoven: Chief Doctor of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. He was a member of the SS and assisted the medical officer in the SS hospital at Buchenwald. He later became camp physician for Buchenwald.
Karl Gebhardt: Major general in the Waffen SS. He was a chief officer at the Hohenlychen hospital and president of the German Red Cross.
Fritz Fischer: Waffen SS and assigned as a physician at the Hohenlychen Hospital.
Adolf Pokorny: Advisor to Himmler on possible methods of sterilization.
Herta Oberheuser: Camp physician in the women’s department at the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp.

Nazi medicine and Nazi doctors

Air Force Teaching Guide Minimizes History of Recruiting Nazis

The Druggist of Auschwitz: A Documentary Novel

Victor Capesius -the SS pharmacist-in-charge

The rationale for such activities, the techniques and indeed the human subjects chosen show an extraordinary and chilling similarity to Nazi experiments. This similarity becomes less surprising when we trace the determined and often successful efforts of US intelligence officers to acquire the records of Nazi experiments, and in many cases to recruit the Nazi researchers themselves and put them to work, transferring the laboratories from Dachau, the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, Auschwitz and Buchenwald to Edgewood Arsenal, Fort Detrick, Huntsville Air Force Base, Ohio State, and the University of Washington.


Medical Experiments of the Holocaust and Nazi Medicine
Sun Lamp
The victims were placed under sun lamps which were so hot they would burn the skin. One young homosexual victim was repeatedly cooled to unconsciousness then revived with lamps until he was pouring sweat. He died one evening after several test sessions.

HELMUT POPPENDICK — Oberfuehrer (Senior Colonel) in the SS; and Chief of the Personal Staff of the Reich Physician SS and Police (Chef des Persoenlichen Stabes des Reichsarztes SS und Polizei).

The cruel Nazi-style holocaust is continuing in the USA.
America is guilty of state sponsored crimes.
Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison

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London Westminster terror attack 2017 - a fake media event.
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Electrical grid blackout to be the next false flag
Sharp shooting drill linked to Washington DC Navy Yard case
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)
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Air taxation -breathing tax might be a result from carbon tax. Antarctic sea ice sets another record: most amount of ice ever recorded.
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Newtown Sandy Hook massacre, an organized event and a media lie. Media changed the story several times in just a few days. All about the school massacre is a deception.
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The world knows about
September 11, 2001
IG Farben, Bayer and the Nazi Holocaust exposed. Bayer's pesticides killes bees who are important pollinators. If they die food shortage will follow.
The racist nazi Holocaust exposed. Concentration death camps was all over Europe in the 1930's and 40's.
Many Nazi war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment. Some was set totally free. Nuremberg trials ruled by corporate interests.
The Nazi doctors was acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?
Tracing the HIV/AIDS construct back to its Nazi industry origins
HIV/AIDS Pharma outed: -former owners of Auschwitz extermination camps
Breaking free from HIV -deconstructing HIV/AIDS. Reconstructing and restoring health
Antichrist identity revealed: It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He causes the financial crisis and a global war. Prophecies in the Bible fulfilled. The last days are here.
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Finance, enterprise search, economy, stock exchanges, great depression, leading companies
Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns -Bankruptcy by design
Fema detention camps and crematory coffins found all over America
Food shortage, HAARP weather modification, "help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy
Swedish Nobel peace prize and the invasion of Afghanistan
Swedish Nobel prize in Economic Sciences supports Pinochet and corruption in Chile
Swedish Nobel prize to Winston Churchill. Swedish Nobel prize 2010 to Mario Vargas Llosa supporter of Sebastian Piñera, Chile´s new Pinochet
Nobel prize pretends to fight for human rights
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society, leading law firms
Peter Schiff -how to destroy USA
War profiters Rothschild, BRIC banking, military industry exposed
World war 3 to stimulate the world economy and destroy religion
Mark of the beast, Maitreya, 666, cashless, Anti-Christ-worldsystem
Norway -Oslo Utoya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY" in London and the Vatican rules the world together
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
America is still a British colony
The goal with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
- create a surveillance society
The history of Federal Reserve system
These people owns the Federal Reserve system
Aspartame, Nutrasweet and monosodium glutamate MSG makes you sick
Natural supplements and alternative medicin threatened by new laws
The HPV vaccine Gardasil against cervical cancer is toxic
Pharmaceutical companies soon to be protected from lawsuits
Medicine, the side effects:
Death, increased suicide risk, heart attack, pain
Secret societies, Skull and Bones, nazism, Freemasons, illuminati
Freemasons, satanism, illuminati in the music industry. Turn off your TV.
Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.
Media controlled propaganda for the new world order. Controlled opposition, Anonymous movement, Occupy mm.
Privatization of water, multinational companies committing human rights violations, cancellation of debt in exchange for land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454, carbon dioxide, melting icebergs, global taxes, the Nobel prize, Copenhagen summit
Media Monopoly exposed. War industry and the entertainment industry creates products jointly. Second Life offers a digital world to live in. Glasses with built-in video screen. Arms and weapons in space. Matrix is soon reality.
Internet shut down, internet taxation, regulated internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, Internet bugged, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens network found.
Osama bin Laden's faked death
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Nazism, deadly viruses, Eugenics, population reduction, Marie Stopes
Swineflu -GlaxoSmithKline provides whole Sweden with vaccine.
100 000 heart attacks linked to the company's medicines.
Reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish pandemic Virus at Center for dissease control.
Get ready for another wave of the Spanish pandemic.
Implantable virus detection systems in humans
Why people don´t react and why this can continue
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