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Microchip implants in the brain,
synthetic telepathy, "hearing voices,"
targeted individuals, mind control

Text: Carl Grinde Date: November 8 2011
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Uppdated November 8 2011

Brain science and neuro science uses humans as lab rats
Advanced hig-tech neuro science and chip implants happens in silence hidden from the public. Research and experiments, chip implants is carried out on unsuspecting people.
As you can see the photos below are old. This has been going on since the 50's.
Today they implant who ever they want and the nano-chips are very small.
Experiments on patient Julia

Figure I Patient Julia in a pleasant mood. This shows her immediately before stimulation. It is after surgery that placed implants in her head. (Eyes covered in picture to protect identity.)

Figure 2 Telemetered EEG tracings taken in Julia. Remotely recorded brain waves from three channels for activity deep in her brain and simultaneous with her behavior in Figure I.

Figure 3 X-ray of an unidentified patient with brain implants similar to Julia’s. Lateral view from lower jaw to top of skull. Large parts of the devices and surrounding wires are located at back of skull with electrodes extended forward to areas deep in the brain.

Figure 4 Telemetered EEG tracings taken in Julia. Remotely recorded brain waves from three points inside her brain and simultaneous with remote-controlled electric current from the implants stimulating her brain.

Figure 5 Julia attacking wall after stimulation. Attack against the wall was both sudden and unexpected. Remote-controlled electrical current from the implants affected her brain and behavior.

Figure 6 Telemetered EEG tracings taken in Julia. Remotely recorded brain waves from three areas down in her brain and simultaneous with her actions in Figure 5. Source experiments on Julia

You think it's just a regular operation
They can do it through you nose, behind you ear, in the forehead when you think it's just a regular operation for something else and you are being sedated.
People that are exposed to this start to change their mood and hear voices. They are treated as mentally ill patients and they get medicine to eat. Few tends to understand what is going on about this and who could expect it to exist at all? Victims get no help at all it seems. This must change! Open your eyes and see the world for what it is. And it's ok to be angry about this, to be outraged. Many so called activist pages seems to be run by the evil elite that is behind the implants. Very few videos with good quality are availible for example. why so many videos from conferences with so bad pixel quality and small image?
It is obvious that the media establishment does not want to touch on this subject in any way. And many of the activist pages are sadly run by agents from the ruling elite, just to make sure that the media process to get this out is very slow.
A warning about vaccines. They might contain invisible nano chips. Don't vaccinate yourself! Eat healty nutritions instead and build a good immune system.

Targeted Individuals Europe - extended version

Links to mindcontrol victims, activist pages big and comprehensive big and comprehensive big and comprehensive big and comprehensive comprehensive big and comprehensive

Are you ready to transform?

The future internet and social media: WORLD WIDE MIND
They want you and me connected by our brains to the internet. We are being programmed by movies like Avatar to like the idéa.
This phenomenon, humanity being digitalised and implanted with chips will be trendy.
Check this out.

Their products are ready now. Just wait one or two years more. For example, headsets to the cellphone are getting smaller and smaller. They will soon be replaced with a implant.
Besides, all the terror attacks that they do are creating an unsecure society. We will soon not be allowed to keep our thoughts to ourselves. The government will have 24 hour access to all human thoughts, scanning us day and night. Just like they do now with our mail and phonecalls. But this will be -reading our minds. Predicting our next move. All in the holy name of WAR ON TE**OR everybodys safety.

Method och system to generate sensoric data into the human neural cortex
Patent 6729337 issued May 4, 2004 Asignee Sony Corporation
and-abuse-personal-injury-wrongful-death-of-family-members!! in swedish

World Wide Mind all humans connected by the brain to the internet.

 The technique and research behind the  torture
  Invasive brain-implants
  Brain computer interface
  Brain-Machine-Brain Interface (BMBI)

How can they have so "smart" and precise knowledge about brain interaction with computers? Of course this technique has been tested on humans first. Probably on prisoners in jails. IBM are big in China and the country has lots of prisons, like the U.S has.

Targeted victims, mindcontrol, electronic torture, microwave torture

A brain computer interface (BCI) is an external devices that communicate directly to the brain of humans or animals through neuron silicon interfaces.

Brain computer interface

Brain computer interface

Brain computer interface

How Brain-computer Interfaces Work

Brain-Machine Interface


Brain-Machine Interface

Minimally invasive Biobolt brain-implant converts thoughts into movement
-biobolt-brain-implant-converts-thoughts-into-movement/2297 -rebuilt

Brain-Machine-Brain Interface (BMBI) Enables Tactile Feedback, Explores New Sensory Channel

Brain-Computer Interaction

NeuroFocus Reveals Mynd™ the First Wireless Full-Brain EEG Headset

Telescopic eye implant approved by the FDA

They make telescopic eye implants

Audio spotlight

Acoustic Trauma :Bioeffects of Sound. By Alex Davies

MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS, Silent Subliminal Presentation System

US Patent Issued on Silent Subliminal Presentation System

Sony currently owns a patent for "ultrasound array" that suppossedly stimulates your brain waves to simulate sensory experiences causing its users to experience smells, tastes and even touch without external stimuli.

Sony patents a brain manipulation technology
Sony patent takes first step towards real-life Matrix

Through-the-earth radio Application Number:11/364396 Publication Date:07/06/ 2006
19. A method of conducting through-the-earth communication comprising the steps of: inputting an analog signal; digitizing said analog signal; compressing said digitized signal; encoding said compressed digitized signal to encode a predetermined data stream into said compressed digitized signal; and outputting said encoded compressed digitized signal through an antenna at a predetermined frequency that is sufficiently low to effectively penetrate useful distances through-the-earth as a transmitted signal; receiving said transmitted signal with an antenna after said transmitted signal has propagated through-the-earth; converting said transmitted signal from an analog signal to a digital signal; decoding said digital signal; decompressing said digital signal; and outputting said decoded decompressed digital signal.

Tesla's Through-The-Earth Communication World System Ready,
These Frequencies will cause more EQ's, Super Storms, Volcanic Activity, ect.

Frankensteins cousin doing brain science at KTH in Sweden

Mmkultra cia mind control

Mind control

How electromagnetic and microwave radiation affects the brain

Mindcontrol haarp



FBI, CIA, USA, media control, illuminati, psycho torture
-and-psycho-electronic-weapon-tortures-by-100000-fbi chemtrails

 Artificial intelligens, Nano tech
 transhuman, humanity plus

  Nano-tech, bio medicine corporations and organisations
  This science is about enslaving you and me

Nano technology, brain computer-interaction science.

artificial intelligence

AI, biotech, molecular nanotechnology

 CIA is real. The ruling elite uses Hollywood  to program you
  Movies like Matrix might soon be real reality.
  We have Ipads, video glasses, the webb is our first home, almost.
  They will offer us an artificial world to spend time and live in.

Try to see through the illusions that media creates and understand why there is so much corrupted and cold blooded people, torpedos, agents and such.
The Hollywood movie industry and FBI, CIA are fronts/covers for drug money laundry, my guess.

CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5 the evil ruling power Indoctrinating the young

The Good Shepherd The ruling elite -about CIA. Den innersta kretsen

Eyes Wide Shut About the evil ruling elite and the Freemasons

Rendition Utlämnad (2007)

Surrogates - Trailer

Inception (2010)

Avatar (2009)

Matrix (1999)

The Island Trailer

All Good Things

The Company (TV mini-series 2007 about CIA)

The Agency (TV Series 2001–2003 about CIA)

CIA Code Name: Alexa (1992)

The Osterman Weekend (1983)

Duplicity - Starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owens - Trailer

Swordfish - Trailer

"Gamer" - Official Trailer

microchip in insects to spy -it's a sick world!
live remote-controlled beetles
mind control implanted insects fly bug microchip
mind control implanted insects

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September 11 was an inside job by the U.S. and the ruling elite. Oil and natural resources was the reason for the wars.
Say no to illegal brain science with tiny nano-chips in the human body, the nervous system and brain.
Verichip also wants to invade your body. Chip implants in humans is not a good system.
Watch out for the evil Freemasons, they have secret occult rituals.

Go to and read more.

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