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Culture, nature - beauty of creation

This page is now about culture with closeness to nature. There is a Creator behind our existence. Look at all beauty around us. God has created life on Earth. He has created you and me. Praise Him! Thank God! The culture should glorify God as much as possible. Praise Jesus Christ our Lord and savior! We should foster eachother to a humble, righteous and holy culture. God is mercyful and He awaits our respond to Him. Take care of your time here. Do wise choices. Seek God's face

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Uppdated January 30 2020

Culture - Life
Culture is about life and this page is about experiences and good things to do plus tips on art, photos, paintings etc., also some ideas on developing local tourism, the beauty is around the corner when you open your eyes and take the time to discover it. Here are links to videos of the most beautiful places in God's creation. But the beauty is often in our presence, too, just keep your eyes open. Keep in mind that watching TV can become idol worship. It may be good to turn off the computer, the TV sometimes and go out for a walk and meet God in nature instead.
Tips, when you watch the videos below, listen to the Bible at the same time.
When you have finished watching, turn off your computer, TV and get down on your knees and worship, praise God, your Lord and Creator!

Movies with beautiful nature scenery, harmony and relaxation Absolutely fantastic!
Soothing Relaxation ( Incredibly beautiful!
Earth's Most Beautiful Places HD 1080p Video with Nature Sounds
Morning by the river and the soft song of the spring birds
4K Drone Footage of Croatia, Europe - 3 Hour Ambient Drone Film
Plitvice lakes birds eye 4 k
Lounge V more nature videos here

Videos with hummingbirds and beautiful nature
hummingbirds bbc
super hummingbirds pbs nature
hummingbirds national geographic
super hummingbirds pbs nature
The Master Designer - The Song Trailer
Portraits of Colorado
Portraits of Colorado
Portraits of Colorado
magnificent glacier national park documentary

Hurtigruten - the cruise that explores the Norwegian coast and fjords
Hurtigruten with Norwegian coast and fjords

Feature film - Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn (All us kids in the Bullerby Village)
A very beautiful movie about life in the past, a lot of nature pictures. Like looking into an old beautiful painting. Not a single cussing word, very innocent and sweet.
Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn
Alla vi barn i Bullerbyn

Exclusive arctic resorts to watch Northern lights
Culture with closeness to nature can help you grow in faith and strengthen your belief in an almighty Creator.
It's so wonderful to watch a starry sky. You can of course do this in tropical countries also. All you need is to get away from the neon light, the busy street.
Tree house hotel Finland
Tree house hotel Finland glass-igloos Lapland Finland
Levin iglut finnish lapland
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland, Finland
Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort in Lapland, Finland
Arctic Gourmet Cabin Kiruna Sweden
Northern Lights Resort & Spa, Whitehorse, Canada
Northern Lights Resort & Spa, Whitehorse, Canada
Hotel Rangá, Hella, Iceland
Hotel Rangá, Hella, Iceland
The Eagles View Suite – Finland
The Eagles View Suite – Finland
7th room, The Treehotel in Lapland
7th room, The Treehotel in Lapland
Fordypningsrommet Retreat in Fleinvær, Norway
Fordypningsrommet Retreat in Fleinvær, Norway
Manshausen Island Resort in Norway
Manshausen Island Resort in Norway
Abisko Aurora station

Warm countries exclusive resorts, lodges
Africa wildlife hotel
Tsala Treetop Lodge – South Africa
Tree House at Tongabezi Lodge
Tree House at Tongabezi Lodge

Culture events in Östersund and in Jämtland/Härjedalen
Tips on things to do and see in Östersund, Jämtland, Härjedalen.ämtland

Kulture events in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark
Tips on things to do and see in Nordic countries.

Nightlife in Jämtland is hot, nature is "in"

Imagine camping and swimming, barbecuing at a lovely lake , go on hiking , or do a little cross-country skiing. Culture - nature, ecology - economy.

From Jämtland with love
I am absolutely convinced that it is possible to create more unique experiences around forest, lake and mountains, and I think it's just sooo fun to think about this. I live in Jämtland, Häggenås and love my home contry. These are just some ideas, take it or leave it. Mountain tourism can certainly create more jobs, we have so much up here, cross country skiing, hiking, fishing, going canoe and kayak, ride a sled, just go out in the woods and pick berries and mushrooms .. Imagine what fun if someone built a small, moderately luxurious Spa with a long, narrow pool. If we imagine a pool heated in the winter, it can't of course be too large and must be isolated well away. Maybe 12x2,5 meters would be something? One could have a cover over when not in use as you quite quickly unfold. They could offer bathrobes, coats, fur hats, sandals etc. so people do not freeze too much. Of course a sauna right next to the pool. A mountain hotel in Jämtland already has a similar outdoor facility, I know, but in a smaller format. Here are photos and video montages I have made. I love playing with the idea of making Jämtland cozier and I feel free to mix in concepts from Asia, Thailand, Bali "infinity pools". The view on these first photos is from Storsjöstrand just below Statoil and Storsjöbadet with "annersia" opposite. It's a bit bold ideas here but the ice hotel in Jukkasjarvi is a very unusual idea, it's a fantastic idea and it works! Nature is "in".

Conceived bathhouse , view from Häggenås . Obviously winterized and hot pool. One can swim under the window glass and out, just like in many other bathhouses. You must get below the water to come out.

Conceived outdoor 'infinity pool', view from Forsaleden.

Conceived outdoor 'infinity pool', view from Bydalen.

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Beautiful excursions in Jämtland. Experience the tranquility, nature, forest, countryside and landscape
Make your own hammock and patio
Build your own furniture
Beautiful architecture and interiors, house boats, tree houses etc.
Just for fun, humor, hanging beds, pictures of cakes, ice cream, pastry etc
Feel good, raw food, fruit juices, scented candles, skin care, welbeeing
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