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Cure headaches and migraines

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

Annette Pettersen cures your headache with head massage -The Vital method
Her head massage Vital metoden -Vital method works by removing the headache. VitalAkademin tel 0708-93 93 66
Adress: Kopparslagargränd 2 831 51, ÖSTERSUND

People with migraines often has magnesium deficiency. Excessive consumption of milk, coffee or coca cola (even light) creates magnesium deficiency
Make sure not to drink too much milk or coffee, which drives your magnesium out of the body.
Learn more about magnesium deficiency here.

Tea at marjoram for migraine
Pour boiling water over 1 teaspoon dried marjoram in a mug. Wait for about 10 mintes. Strain and drink. Marjoram learn even be useful against flatulence, anxiety, indigestion, colds, flu and insomnia. But they should not be used during pregnancy. ~ u93505959/huskur.htm

Salus migrants contains Maté, pilbark, valerian, juniper, fennel, chamomile, licorice and yarrow

Avoid aspartame and glutamate and you feel better and have less headaches
Avoid the sweetener aspartame that is found in sugar-free light products like chewing gum (Extra, Stimorol) canderel, sukketer, soft drinks (coca cola light, fanta free), lozenges (Vicks, lackerol) mm. Aspartame gives headache and in the long run, it causes cancer. Avoid including glutamate flavor enhancer known as monosodium glutamate, MSG or E621 in your food. There are found in Knorr bouillon cubes, Aromat, Estrellas dip, OLWS dill chips, sausage, ham, etc.. Glutamate is found naturally in the brain as a neurotransmitter. If one adds more glutamate then the levels in the brain becomes to high and the neurons are over stimulated and dies. You can get Alhzeimers disease, Parkinson's, cancer, ADHD, etc.. because of eating aspartame. They are now renaming aspartame and marketing it under new names because the patent for aspartame has expired, keep your eyes open for this! One name is Amino Sweet. Anyway the chemical code for aspartame is E951. Learn more about aspartame and glutamate

If you call a telephone number and never seems to get through, get an answer, but you are always connected to the voice mail one can start to wonder a bit what Telia is doing (the big telecom companies, Telia is biggest in Sweden).
I have experienced that several text messages and phone calls to my phone has not arrived, been cut off. Afterwards when I have called the person I have been told that he/she has been trying to reach me. A message on a voice mail is not stored on the recipient's mobile, but on an external server.
It is probably easy to delete messages before the recipient had time to listen to their voice mail. That way you can control and stop communication between people.
The new "social media" is not very social but globally controlled.

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