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Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, get stronger heart, prevent atherosclerosis

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
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Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

Kiwifruit lowers blood pressure and thins the blood
Kiwi is rich in vitamin C and potassium. The fruit also contains A and vitamin E. The skin is rich in flavonoids, which have an antioxidant effect.

Cayenne pepper Capsicum frutescens Pepper, quay
Features: Increasing temperatures & oxygen circulation, Tacx Cardiac Muscle Strengthening, peripheral vasodilators flatulent prevention, increase bowel movements, anticonvulsant Reduces Phase-1 liver detoxification strengthens the adrenal gland Applicant blood pressure due katekolaminsekretion Antiseptic, haemostatic Pain absorbing & anti-inflammatory (external & internal) Medicinal use: Prevent and treat adverse reactions from aspirin in the stomach Decreased appetite Weak heart, heart disease, renal circulation Inflammation (red and hot) Topical: Rheumatism, arthritis, nerve inflammation, wound healing Main active ingredients Capsaicin, essential oils, carotenoids, steroidal saponins

celery Apium graveolens Celery
According to a study at the University of Chicago four celery stalks a day could lower blood pressure by 10-14 percent. Cholesterol levels also fell.

(Herbal medicine - healing power of nature Mic McMullen)
Properties plant part: Seeds
anti-hypertensive Anti-inflammatory Diuretic Calming & antispasmodic Blood pressure-lowering prevents flatulences Stimulates uterine
Medicinal use:
Inflammatory joint & muscle incl. gout Urinary Problems Weak digestion High blood pressure Main active ingredients Essential Oils, phthalide, coumarins, flavonoids Contra-indications & side effects (not G A f) Interaction with drugs: Possibly with blood thinners Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 5-20 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 0,3-1 grams, two to three times daily

Turmeric Curcuma longa, Turmeric, Curcumin
Features: Koloretikum, lower high cholesterol; Lowers high blood pressure, galldrivande, hepatoprotective Bacterial inhibition, spec. against Salmonella Inhibits platelet collection, increases fibrinolytic activity Increases the weight of sexual organs & flexibility, mobility of sperms Curcumin: anti-inflammatory
Reduces Phase-1, increases the Phase-2 liver detoxification Cancer-inhibiting, antioxidant
Medicinal use: Weak digestion, food, & salmonella poisoning Hepatitis, liver & bile problems High blood pressure Viscous blood due to platelet aggregate and /or fibrin Undeveloped testes or testicular atrophy, inactive sperm Curcumin: Inflammatory joint & muscle Cancer
Dosage Turmeric: 2-15 grams, two to three times daily Curcumin: 100-400 mg two to three times daily
Not for acute gallstone symptoms

Crataegus laevigata, Crataegus Crataegus laevigata oxyancantha Hawthorne, White Thorne Properties plant part: Flower, berry & leaf Hjärttonikum vasodilators, inc. the heart Increases elasticity of blood vessels Lowers high blood pressure Prevents atherosclerosis Diuretic Medicinal use All heart disease, such as angina, palpitations, angina, high blood pressure Atherosclerosis difficulty breathing, heart problems after exercise Weak peripheral blood circulation in cold hands & feet edema due to weak heart dizziness on standing due to circulatory problems The main active ingredients flavonoids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids, triterpene Contra-indications & side effects: no known interactions with other heart medicines Dosing liquid preparation diluted 1:1 5-20 drops, two to three times daily dosage Dry Weight: 0,3-1 grams, two to three times daily NOTE: The effects come after prolonged use (at least six weeks)

Motherwort Leonurus cardiaca Motherwort
Properties plant part: Herb Sedative, anticonvulsant Thyroid-regulating Stimulates menstrual Gives rest to the heart Medicinal use when: Worry, anxiety, insomnia due to overactive thyroid Irregular heartbeat, heart problems with stress PMS with excitement over the abdomen or lower back PMS with fatigue & sötbegär Painful, slow or no menstrual Overactive thyroid Basedow's disease (goiter with overactive thyroid) Stressmodulator the relationship & Separation (fa. women who wake up in the middle of the night) Main active ingredients Alkaloids, flavonoids, bitterglykosider, tannins, essential oils
Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 15-60 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 1-4 grams, two to three times daily

Ginger Zingiber officinalis Ginger
Properties plant part: Root
Prevents flatulences, prevents nausea Stimulates peripheral blood circulation, Tacx Stimulates blood circulation to the digestive organs Prevents vomiting (after surgery & cancer treatment) Anti-inflammatory antispasmodic Inhibits platelet collection Lowers high cholesterol
Medicinal use when:
Nausea, seasickness, vertigo, dizziness Weak digestion with gas, hiccups Viscous blood due to platelet aggregate Impaired blood circulation, cold, cold hands & feet High cholesterol Reduces pain & stiffness in rheumatic diseases Colds, flu, cough, fever General fatigue, no joie de vivre, atrophy of sex organs Main active ingredients Essential Oils, crisp threads Contra-indications & side effects (G f A f) Caution! Do not eat ginger if you have gallstones, sensitive individuals may have heartburn Interaction with drugs: Possibly with blood thinners Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 5-20 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 0,25-1 grams, two to three times daily Fresh root: ½ -1 tsp GRATED RAW root

Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis Hyssop ales
Properties plant part: Herb
Slime Growing expektorant Tacx Calming Prevents flatulences Antiviral (Herpes Simplex) Raises low blood pressure Stimulates menstruation Medicinal use when: Colds, flu, fever (for children & adults) Dry bronchitis, sore throat Anxiety, agitation, hysteria Chronic sinusitis Low blood pressure Herpes Main active ingredients Terpenoids (including bitter substance; marrubiin), essential oils, flavonoids, tannins Contra-indications & side effects (not G A f) Interaction with drugs: Not known Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 20-60 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 1-4 grams, two to three times daily

Cynara scolymus, Cynara cardunculus Artichoke Artichoke (Herbal medicine - healing power of nature Mic McMullen)
Properties plant part: Leaf & Flower
Liver protective, regenerating liver Increases the Phase-1 liver detoxification Koloretikum bitter funds Lowers high cholesterol Lowers high triglycerides Diuretic
Medicinal use
Liver Diseases, hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc. High cholesterol (high dose) High triglycerides (high dose) Prevents atherosclerosis Kidney problems Weak digestion, spec. bile problems Alternatives to Mary Thistle Concentrate on bile problems Main active ingredients Seskiterpena bitter substances, phenols, flavonoids, essential oils Contra-indications & side effects Care when gallstones and obstructed bile ducts Interaction with drugs: Not known Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 15-60 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 1-4 grams, two to three times daily

Lind Tilia spp Skoglind Lime Flower, Flower Lind
(Herbal medicine - healing power of nature Mic McMullen)
Properties plant part: Flowers
Nervtonikum Calming Anticonvulsant Lowers high blood pressure Tacx Diuretic
Medicinal use when:
Anxiety, worry, tension, restlessness, hysteria High blood pressure due to tension Atherosclerosis Colds, fevers Mucus Cough Sleep Disorders, spec. with fever Main active ingredients Essential oils, flavonoids, tannins, phenols, slime plant Contra-indications & side effects Interaction with drugs: Possibly with antihypertensives Dosing liquid preparation (diluted 1:1) 20-60 drops, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: 1-4 grams, two to three times daily

Stevia rebaudiana Sweet Herb, Honey Leaf
(Herbal medicine - healing power of nature Mic McMullen)
Properties plant part: Leaves
Intense sweet taste (stevia sider is 1,000 times sweeter than regular sugar) Reduces craving for sugar Bacterial & fungal inhibition Vasodilating & cardio-regulatory NOTE! Stevia is not hypoglycemisk
Medicinal use when:
Sugar replacement for diabetics and other blood sugar problems Tarmdysbios, food poisoning Pancreatic function Palpitations & hypertension Craving for alcohol, tobacco & other stimulantämnen The weight loss program Main active ingredients Glycosides (stevia pages 6-18% of dry plant), sterols Contra-indications & side effects: Interaction with drugs: Not known Dosage (Large product variety) Dose to taste

Garlic Allium sativum Garlic
(Herbal medicine - healing power of nature Mic McMullen)
Properties plant part: Onion
Vasodilators due to increase of nitric oxide (spec. in motion) Cholesterol-regulating; Reduces triglycerides, inhibit platelet collection Reduces atherosclerosis, spec. Aortic Anti-inflammatory Liver Protective & anti-tumor Increases fibrinolytic activity Bacterial, fungal & anti-parasitic Medicinal use High cholesterol High triglycerides Viscous blood due to platelet aggregate and/or fibrin Weak heart, arteriosclerosis Inflammatory joint & muscle Colds, bronchitis Bacterial, fungal & parasitic infection Main active ingredients Sulfur Substances (inactivated easily by cooking & acid) Contra-indications & side effects: Indigestion. Essential Oil tolerated best Interaction with drugs: Possibly with blood thinners Dosage Juice: 2-15 ml, two to three times daily Dry Weight Dosage: Powder: 0.8-1 grams daily (0.6% Allicin or 1,0-1,4% alliin) Fresh garlic: 3-4 grams daily, chew well Essential Oils: 8 mg / day in oil capsule

 Cure heart disease, lowering blood pressure  with hawthorn berry Crataegus oxyacantha

Hawthorn Hawthorn berries - Crataegus oxyacantha Effect: vasodilators, cardiovascular strengthening, anti-hypertensive, antisklerotisk (softens cell walls). Hawthorn has a beneficial effect on blood pressure and circulatory system in general.

Hawthorn may have some effect in heart failure (the berries are very hard). Reduces the amount of oxygen that the heart consumes, increases tolerance to exercise., Combat shortness of breath and fatigue. An interesting randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind study from 1994, including show that working tested on bicycle ergometer increased significantly (p <0.001) in all in all with crataegus treated 40 subjects of a total of 78 trial participants, while there was no improvement in the 38 trial participants who received placebo. Although most clinical symptoms of heart failure who andfåtthet, fatigue, cyanosis (blue lips) and leg edema improved in the patients treated with hawthorn, but not for placebo. The dose was 600 mg extract per day (twice the usually prescribed dose) and treatment time 8 weeks. Hawthorn can be used for long-term treatment. It has no side effects, but practically can strengthen digitaliseffekten why any digitalismedicinering (Lanacrist, Digitrin, Lanoxin and Digoxin) must be adjusted. Unfortunately, in Sweden there is as yet no standard Dari alloy hawthorn herbal preparations that have registered, only a registered herbal - Crataegimin. Also included hawthorn in insufficient quantities of natural resource Long Vital, Cardio-eze and Ilja Rogoff with routine. It is a pity that such a versatile and useful, while perfectly harmless herbal remedies for the heart is more or less known by Swedish physician and used in a very slight extent in Sweden. There are certainly many cardiovascular disease as well need it!

Hawthorn - Crataegus - our most important natural remedies are threatened by withdrawal

Dried nettle-prevents acidic and has a lot of blood purification properties.
The nettle is blood purifying. A neutral pH offloads all organs for metabolic acid residues rewarding. This means general strengthening of health properties. The nettle creates spare capacity and also increases the body's preparedness against the "pressures" which becomes the so-called "healing effect" (eg detox treatment therapies, detoxing and others), not least of the nettles richness of antioxidants. The effect of an increase in pH produces a positive impact to bones and whiter eyes (whites) and teeth.
Nässeltillskottets many vitamins, minerals and trace elements strengthens the vein system. An injection of nettle widen capillaries and increases blood perfusion of blood vessels and the finest extreme ways, not least through its content of organic sulfur (which we took on the MSM product, read more about the effect the MSM product). Better circulation and vasodilatory stimuli such as anti-impaired manhood and baldness. The effect of the nettle L-arginine, magnesium, folate, zinc and others. gives according to surveys increased potency and a spin on his and her public passions (and with additional force if the nettle mixed with 100% grape juice which naturally contains much salisylsyra). Salisylsyra simplifies such blood circulation.
None of the natural herbs can stand comparison with nettles questioned whether vitamin richness, minerals, trace elements and plant sterols, which kraftsamlar immune system. Some plant hormones regulate blood sugar has properties. For diabetics, potential diabetics and other health the nettle should be the daily snack. Only to lower blood sugar and insulin alone would provide health benefits, far greater than the so-called medicines ever.

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