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Truvada is a combined HIV drug comprising Emtriva and Viread

Truvada is a combination of Emtriva (emtricitabine) and Viread (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate) and is the best selling HIV medical in the world.
If you take Truvada, you then also get Emtriva (plus Viread, tenofovir disoproxil fumarate). Truvada is made by Gilead.
Truvada is from now, 2012 also approved for hiv negative people to take as a prevention for hiv! This is horrible, the medicine kills!

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 12 march 2012
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 22 Juli 2012

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Now, for the first time, adults who do not have HIV but are at risk of becoming infected can take a medication to reduce the risk of sexual transmission of the virus.

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Truvada is made by Gilead.
Side effects: "new or worsening kidney problems, thinning of the bones (osteopenia), which could lead to fractures, inflammation, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, headache, fatigue, abnormal dreams, sleeping problems, rash, depression, changes in the distribution of body fat, stomach area (abdomen) pain, headache, a buildup of acid in the blood (lactic acidosis), decreased weight, Serious liver problems (hepatotoxicity), with liver enlargement (hepatomegaly), and fat in the liver (steatosis). Symptoms of liver problems include your skin or the whites of your eyes turning yellow (jaundice), dark colored urine, light colored stools, lack of appetite, nausea, and/or pain in your lower stomach area. In some cases, these serious conditions have lead to death."
Quotes from

First a little about Emtriva contained in Truvada

The HIV drug Emtriva is manufactured by Gilead
Bipacksedel PDF (engelska)

Emtriva contain shellac as coating agents (E904)
at or other construction/paint shops you can buy more shellac or spray paint as it is also called.

List of Emtrivas side effects
Very common side effects include headache, diarrhea, nausea, elevated creatine kinase

Common side effects: allergic reactions, dizziness, insomnia, unusual dreams, vomiting, abdominal pain, hypertriglyceridemia, hyperglycemia, dyspepsia, vesiculobullous rash, pustular rash, maculopapular rash, skin rash, pruritus, urticaria, skin discolouration (increased pigmentation) 1.2, increased serumaspartataminotransferas (AST) and / or elevated serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT), hyperbilirubinemia, increased amylase including elevated pancreatic amylase, elevated serum lipase.

Uncommon side effects: angioödem (breathig broblems?)

General problems at the moment then the drug is taken:
pain, asthenia

Emtriva -medical terms explained
Elevated creatine kinase occurs during myocardial infarction
Elevated Amylase can be caused by pneumonia or medicals
It is also alleged that HIV can cause increased amylase, -true?
More and more reveal the myth of HIV and AIDS.
It is the HIV drugs that make people sick and kills, no virus.

Very common side effect: elevated creatine kinase
creatine kinase isoenzyme MB
At heart attack, however, elevated levels are expected to already 4-6 hours after onset.

Common side effect: increased amylase
Table 1. Conditions that may cause increased amylase/lipase in serum .. Esophagitis, myocardial infarction, pulmonary embolus, pneumonia, pulmonary metastases, breast cancer .. Pharmaceutical Opiates, ASA, estrogens, ranitidine, thiazider, sulfonamides Other Parotitis, renal transplantation, alcoholism, HIV (in Swedish)

Common side effect: elevated pancreatic
Pancreatic amylase may also be elevated in perforated ulcer, ileus, or renal insufficiency

Common side effects: dyspepsia
Gastritis, dyspepsia, is a generic term for various disorders of the upper abdomen. Gastritis can be triggered by, for example, inappropriate food, stress and alcohol.

Common side effect: elevated serum aminotransferase (AST)
Lab tests: AST
AST = aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in blood serum (S)
P-ASAT = aspartataminotransferas (ASAT) i blodplasma (P) P AST = aspartate aminotransferase (AST) in blood plasma (P)
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is an enzyme that occurs mainly in liver, heart and skeletal muscle. During cell damage in these organs rises the levels of AST in the blood, because the enzyme is released from the tissues into the blood during injury. In the measurement of the amount of AST one uses either blood serum (S) or plasma (P). Below, we talk about AST. The same things apply for the P-AST AST that also rises in myocardial infarction.

Common side effect: elevated serum alanine aminotransferase (ALT)
Lab tests: ALAT
ALT = alanine aminotransferase (ALT) blood serum (S)
P-ALAT = alaninaminotransferas (ALAT) blodplasma (P) P ALT = alanine aminotransferase (ALT) blood plasma (P)
Alanine aminotransferase is an enzyme primarily found in liver cells. A certain amount are also in heart, skeletal muscle, lung, and kidney. During cell damage the enzyme increases its activity in the blood because the enzyme is released from the tissues into the blood during injury. Some laboratories investigate alanine aminotransferase (ALT) in blood serum (S), second in the blood plasma (P). Below, we talk about ALT. However, the same things apply also for P-ALT.
Why is the test done?
ALT is measured mainly in cases of suspected liver disease. Especially when viral hepatitis and liver damage caused by drugs, ALT rises fast and high.

Common side effect: hyperbilirubinaemia
Read physician response: Bilirubin is a slag product which is formed when the end use of red blood cells are broken down. Despite its name (from the Latin motorist = bile and ruber = red, red) bilirubin is yellow. Bilirubin gives color to both urine and feces. When everything works as it should, then bilirubin is transported from the blood plasma to the liver where it binds to glucuronic and goes out with the bile to the intestine. A portion of the bilirubin is absorbed by the intestines and is returned via the so-called enterohepatic circulation back to the liver. The rest escapes with the feces. A small amount of bilirubin is excreted in the urine. In adults and children over one month, the bilirubin in the blood should be between about 5 and 20 imol/L. If the body can not get rid of the bilirubin that is formed, then the levels increases in the blood. This is known as hyperbilirubinemia (hyper = over,-emi comes from the Greek haima = blood). The cause of hyperbilirubinemia could be that the formation of more bilirubin is bigger than normal or that the body's ability to dispose of the waste product is impaired.
Symptom Symptoms
Hyperbilirubinemia causes jaundice (icterus), with yellow skin and yellow whites of the eyes. In connection with jaundice also itching occurs. The urine is colored dark. Jaundice is always a symptom that should be taken seriously. If hyperbilirubinemin is caused because the dye does not escape via the bile duct to the intestine, the the feces loses its dark color and gets brighter than normal. Causes Hyperbilirubinemia may occur if the red blood cells are destroyed faster than they should. Hyperbilirubinemia and Jaundice also occurs if the liver from any cause, such as hepatitis or liver tumor, is unable to dispose of the body's bilirubin.

Common side effect: pruritus
Definition: Unpleasant sensation whose reflex response is tearing of the skin. Causes: Multiple, ranging from non severe problems to severe underlying diseases.

Common side effect: urticaria
Pruritus and dermographism without tears. Migrerande nässelutslag. Migrant hives. Individual urtikor may persist for a few days in the same place.

Uncommon: respiratory edema
Respiratory edema involves a swelling deep in the skin, sometimes combined with urticaria. Often you have swelling of the lips or around the eyes.

Emtriva also contains PVPP (crospovidone) What is it?
Xian Medicare Health Company Ltd. manufactures PVPP (crospovidone) that is also a part of Emtriva.

What is Crospovidone? A cosmetic ingredient?
List of excipients
Kapselinnehåll: Capsule contents:
Krospovidon Crospovidone
Magnesiumstearat (E572) Magnesium stearate (E572)
Mikrokristallin cellulosa (E460) Microcrystalline cellulose (E460)
Povidon (E1201) Povidone (E1201)
Kapselskal: Capsule shell:
Gelatin Gelatin
Indigotin (E132) Indigotin (E132)
Titandioxid (E171) Titanium dioxide (E171)
Märkbläckets innehåll: Printing ink containing:
Svart järnoxid (E172) Black iron oxide (E172)
Shellak (E904) Shellac (E904)

AIDS drugs costs taxpayers billions
Anti-AIDS Pharma Industry has already generated more than $200 billion in Pharma income from US government/US taxpayer funding,

Truvada, second component -Viread
Read this page for info about Truvada side effects

viread info
viread_package_insert.pdf (local PDF)
viread Fass bipacksedel på svenska
viread Diagnosia bipacksedel på svenska
viread_svenska.pdf (lokal PDF på svenska)

Truvada info Truvada (tru-VAH-dah)

Truvada is the worlds most selling HIV medication

Truvada -information and leaflets, package inserts
Truvada bipacksedel (lokal PDF på svenska)
Truvada bipacksedel Fass ( PDF på svenska) tillverkaren Gilead, Truvada PDF

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