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Cure AIDS and HIV
Aids and HIV can be cured by avoiding toxic drugs. There is no AIDS or HIV virus.
They have lied and marked you, labeled you.
What is the opposite of prejudices? Knowledge.
You are ok as you are. You are clean. You have rights. You are free.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated 6 April 2013

A Swedish woman's story
Compilation of text's and phone calls from a female former heroin addict and hivpatient who have stopped taking hiv medications. "I've obviously been brainwashed for 28 years. For 28 years ago, two doctors told me that I had two years to live. Now (2013) for the first time I have read the package inserts for the hiv medications and understand all the shit I had came from the hiv medications, the hiv drugs. I have taken HIV drugs in two installments, totaling maybe it will be 8-10 years. The periods when I did not take hiv medications, I was healthy. Then when I took hiv medications, I was sick, I had daily so sore stomach so that sometimes I could not stand, I could not walk normally, I could not gain weight even though I trained at the gym, I had very frequent headaches, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, I was tired, no joy, no quality of life, finally I did not even recognize himself. Normally I'm a happy person. It is not difficult to control a 20-year-old who abuses drugs. Now it's been a month since I stopped taking the hiv drugs. At first I almost felt no difference but the last few days, I feel that life begins coming back. I feel alert, happy and full of energy and I'm getting back to my real person again. "

(Me) "HIV is according to me, first of all a big lie, It is the body's own defense mechanisms and should not be renamed to something else." She: "Well, It sure is, the whole thing.
I have started to build up my body with herbs, vitamins and minerals."

Footnote: The phone call was interrupted more than once, I had at times difficult to hear what she said, there was strange noise, buzz and the sound just disappeared. This often happens when I talk to new people regarding subjects related to my blog, I get weird echoes of my own voice, distorted sounds, background noise increases etc. I have Halebop as telephone operator, they are owned by Telia. Is the word really free in the new digital "democracy"?

Here is the page to become healthy and detox from HIV medications.
Pages have been redesigned since the blog started, click on the link above, the page contains the most information about detox.

HIV/AIDS is a lie
Artists who also consider that HIV/AIDS is a lie are Nina Hagen and Foo fighters singer Dave Grohl. Unviersal Studios who is owned by the war industry General Electric is working with Nina, but they don´t help her to get her message out. Universal is also working with Bono in U2 and helps him to effectively reach out to THE WHOLE WORLD with HIV/AIDS propaganda. Sign in to General Electric's home page and you will see that they manufactures warplanes, military equipment and they also owns Universal Studios and other media.
Here is Nina Hagen's article with Peter Duesberg that Stern magazine refused to publish.

HIV denial or HIV deniers is a popular way to label and word-stigmatize those who go against the massmedia and question HIV/AIDS and the medical industries.
Tip: please contact Nina's and Foofighter's fans and people who work with them and show them this page. Do something you to.

See through the HIV/AIDS lie
One must first realize that everything you have heard about HIV/AIDS is a lie. There are many dark forces behind these lies, Freemasonry can be mentioned as one example.
If you are HIV positive and have poor health, you should throw out your HIV positive diagnosis, and instead try to find the real reason why you feel ill.
Narcotics and night life, parties, night clubs, very many different sex partners can create disease. If you eat a lot of medicines, antibiotics, and not bothering to eat healthy food can get sick.
You should change lifestyle and stop taking narcotics or abusing sex.
Colloidal silver is often cited as a good cure for HIV. Now I do not think that any HIV virus exist but we can get sick anyway.
Check my links to the right. I write about many things that are generally good for health.
Eating a tablespoon of turmeric a few days a week is recommended. It strengthens the body and keeps it healthy, prevents many diseases. Eat dried nettles (or cooked fresh). They are very good for the blood and general tonic for the body.
Learn about Candida overgrowth or candida. Learn about acidic body, what diet causes an acidic reaction in the body and the diet that causes an alkaline reaction.
Often we are slightly acidic and because of this we become ill and may have problems with candida overgrowth, parasites in the stomach and intestines, etc..

Bicarbonate is good for you who have been poisoned by HIV medications
A very common side effect of HIV medications is that the blood becomes acidic. If you take baking soda becomes ph balance in the blood better and you become less acidic. Take baking soda in a little water every day is good for the blood and body.
Stop taking medicines from big pharmaceutical companies they make you sick and kill you slowly.

There is no HIV virus
Colloidal silver is good for the body in general and silver is healthy. Information on this page about colloidal silver should not be seen as the HIV virus exists and that colloidal silver kills the virus. But as I said Colloidal silver is good for the body in general.

Rinse your body from toxic AIDS and HIV medications and use Colloidal silver - alternative antibiotics that is the pharmaceutical industry´s best kept secret
( "treatment of HIV patients
The weight loss (slim disease) that many AIDS patients, encounters, depends on that the vitamins and minerals, fat etc are not absorbed by the body. The so-called miracle drink has been shown to rapidly change the situation. This is prepared by a whole lemon sliced and put in a blender. A tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil (extra virgin) of added along with two glasses of water or orange juice. This is mixed for about two minutes. Strain the contents through a straine and press with a spoon on the things so that the liquid flows through. Before each meal, drink 1/3 of the juice, which should be stored in a refrigerator. This drink makes the swollen lymph nodes rapidly going down and that the vitamins, minerals, fat etc are absorbed by the body. People with fungal shall not use orange juice to drink, but water instead. These people often have very acidic saliva, which dye pH indicator paper yellow miracle drink that makes the acid in saliva rapidly decreasing, making the mouth less attractive to fungus. As long as it has done nothing about the environment in the mouth are not of the fungus, which would otherwise be removed with colloidal silver. Diet is important in this context. Fungi in the intestine can be driven out by the intake of lactic acid bacteria and garlic kill candida.
A combination of black walnut, wormwood and cloves was used by Sven. These, together with appropriate diet and the so-called miracle drink meant that the amount of HIV in Sven's blood was reduced to a level so low that it could not be detected."

Many argue today that the HIV and AIDS is fundamentally due to a fraud from pharmaceutical companies. The theories vary, some believe that there is no HIV virus. Others argue that the HIV virus is present but it is harmless and that AIDS is a result of toxic drugs that slowly weakens the body and this would then mean that AIDS is a deliberate mass murder from the pharmaceutical industry. There are scientists, doctors and people around the globe who all supports this approach and further down the page are many links to such associations and action groups.
If you yourself think that this may be true you should stop taking the medications that drug companies offer. Then you can avoid to gradually poison and impair you health. You should use colloidal silver, which is considered to be one of the best ways to cleanse your body from AIDS drugs and to strengthen your immune system.

colloidal silver cures many diseases

Buy health products with colloidal silver

Make your own colloidal silver

Be careful and follow the instructions! Don't get Argyria -a grey blue tone in your skin.

Nobel Laureate: one can be naturally cured from HIV with nutritions and a strong immune system
Luc Montagnier, who according to the Nobel prize was one of the persons who discovered HIV and AIDS says here that one can be naturally cured from HIV with nutritions and a strong immune system.
What he says goes completely against what you have previously heard, namely that one can never be completely healed of HIV and that you die because of it after a while..
This shows that all we have heard about HIV and AIDS is based on lies. AIDS and HIV is a deliberate mass murder created by the pharmaceutical industry. It is the HIV drug that have made people sick. There is no hiv virus. The whole aids thing is a big fraud.

If somebody offers you a cure for HIV
If somebody offers you a cure for HIV and you feel sick, then you should accept the remedy if you trust the person.
But there is no HIV virus. people who test positive are seem to have general problems with their health, it's not a HIV/AIDS virus.

 AIDS and HIV hoax, fraud and the
 mass murder of innocent people

Nobel Laureate: one can be naturally cured from HIV with nutritions and a strong immune system
Luc Montagnier, who according to the Nobel prize was one of the persons who discovered HIV and AIDS says here that one can be naturally cured from HIV with healthy diet and nutritions.
What he says goes completely against what you have previously heard, namely that one can never be completely healed of HIV and that you die because of it after a while.
This shows that all we have heard about HIV and AIDS is based on lies. AIDS and HIV is a deliberate mass murder created by the pharmaceutical industry. It is the HIV drug that have made people sick. There is no hiv virus. The whole aids thing is a big fraud.

vaccine program against hepatitis B
HIV/AIDS originated in America, starting in 1978, when government scientists began to experiment on young, primarily white, healthy gay and bisexual men in Manhattan, as part of the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trials.
The gay and bisexual men in manhattan who volontered in a vaccine program against hepathitis B received injections intentionally filled with poison. The man who made this poison is virus enthusiast Robert de Gallo he who invented/made up AIDS.
The AIDS epidemic became "official" in June 1981.
Googla robert de gallo father of aids, invented maryland retro lie fraud viruses properly isolated never chimp

Dr peter duesberg was exclused form medical organisations because he does not belive hiv causes aids, but drugs does.

Crystal meth destroys lives in the gay community and on night clubs
These are symptoms that the medical industry say was caused by a virus (HIV) that they made up.

What is HIV and AIDS? Scientists and doctors who publicly said that there is no connection between HIV and Adis has been excluded from major organizations. They argue also that the very essence of how one defines and identifications of viruses have been circumvented in the case of HIV. They argue that the HIV virus has never been isolated as a single stable partickel and that what is accepted as the insulation is not properly implemented. Googled HIV virus photo and got this result, an illustration of a hivvirus. Not a list of approximately 4000 different photo on hivvirus which you should easily find.ökning&meta= illustrations also, not real photos of the virus. searched HIV virus on youtube and got: computer graphics
viruses image search on (now shut down) shows a variety illustraions and a few images that resemble like photographs. The photos are more variable and did not even resemble the illustrations
on this library´s website therea are illustrations and lots of links that all point to one single photo. Two if you count the same photo that is submitted with color red and purple. This pdf here, too, with the above photo copyrighted by The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
search on HIV virus and you get a lot of strange search results. Many completely irrelevant photos. Plus many photos that is the same photo in different colors.
Many photos of the virus here is recycled images in different colors. Sometimes it is even AIDS virus. AIDS Virus? I thought it was HIV that was the virus.
google this: purified or isolated hiv virus evidence particles viral origin

Aids father Dr Robert Gallo
Aids origin, Willowbrook State School in New York, where testing of the hepatitis vaccine was made. Dr. Leonard Horowitz who revealed the lie educates on AIDS vaccines Two of Dr. Gallo’s external colleagues, who had worked with him on cell experiments, published in 1987 that the "HIV" sought in AIDS patients’ immune cells based on molecular markers (regenerative protein, export of stress protein from the cells in the form of so-called virus-like cell particles) had been demonstrated especially well after adding hydrocortisone to the cell culture. These data referred to experiments in Dr. Gallo’s laboratory during 1984 when setting up the "HIV" test. Yet Dr. Gallo, who had deliberately kept a secret of this hydrocortisone effect in his publications, had to admit the fact after a reproach at the 1998 press conference of the international World AIDS Congress in Geneva. Dr. Gallo he has been unable to explain to this day why the splitting of host cells is blocked after adding hydrocortisone (as any physician from clinical application knows about hydrocortisone) but the "HIV" reproduced especially well with hydrocortisone present. NO research provides this explanation: unspecific molecular markers, allegedly proof of "HIV" existence, are nothing else than regenerative protein and cellular waste exported from oxidative cells under stress from cells in so-called virus-like cell particles as the byproduct of cell-biology counter-regulation. Thus these markers have nothing to do with "HIV". Where's the HIV? In accepting Gallo's AIDS virus hypothesis, researchers and physicians took for granted that Gallo had isolated a unique retrovirus, HIV, and that the proteins he used to construct the HIV antibody tests came from pure isolates of the virus. Since the announcement of Gallo's discovery of HIV however, a number of scientists have raised serious questions about what have been accepted as HIV isolates. According to their claims, HIV, unlike other viruses, has never been isolated as an independent stable particle

Blaming Chimps for aids
Scientists from the University of Nottingham found that two strains of an HIV-like disease, SIV, has been discovered dormant in chimpanzees. Humans later caught the disease after hunting and eating the infected chimps. In humans, the disease morphed into HIV-AIDS

Blaming Chimps, Blacks, and Gays for AIDS
HIV ORIGIN IS LINKED TO CHIMPS: Finding may be step toward development of vaccine
a chimp in the freezer

AIDS incorporated -Chiron, Novartis, Roche etc
Not only the medicines gives money. Big profit is made by the patent owners
regarding HIV test equipment as requested by labs worldwide

There are many labs around the world that makes blood tests for HIV and these labs needs lots of equipment. To sell equiment needed for HIV tests is a very beneficial, much money can be made for the patent owner for such instruments, lab kits etc.
If a lab shall be able to test blood for HIV they need a special formula. They need a "model", "template" or some kind of chemical substance to match their tests with. If your blood creates antibodies against this chemical substance they say that you got HIV. I wonder what the exact name is for this chemical substance and who has the patent for making it?
The more ammount of this special chemical substance that is manufactured the more money or royalty goes to the patent owner. All labs must have the "real thing."
Here is a little help, Chiron (owned by Novartis) and Roche makes such equipment. You can test for lots of things with their stuff including HIV and Chiron also make vaccines and chemicals.

" this Section 1.12 and shall therefore not be considered as "Directed to HIV" hereunder.

1.13 "Earned Royalty" and "Earned Royalty Amount" shall have the meanings specified in Paragraph 1 of Exhibit A.

1.14 "Effective Date" means [ ].

1.15 "End User" means a person or entity who is a final purchaser of a Product, and whose use of a Product results in the Product's consumption, operation, destruction or loss of activity."

Methods for detecting human immunodeficiency virus nucleic acid
1. A method for detecting the presence of a polynucleotide comprising a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Patent 7211659 Issued on May 1, 2007. Assignee: Chiron Corporation
Polynucleotides encoding antigenic HIV type C polypeptides, polypeptides and uses thereof
BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is recognized as one of the greatest health threats facing modern medicine. There is, as yet, no cure for this disease. A great deal of information has been gathered about the HIV virus, however, to date an effective vaccine has not been identified.

Chiron " detect the presence of antibodies to a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)"

Novartis Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) nucleotide sequences, recombinant polypeptides, and applications thereof

license of vaccine maker Chiron has been suspended for three months

11 people died after injections from Chiron corporation

Chiron corporation owns patent about sars virus
An outbreak of a virulent respiratory virus, now known as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), was identified in Hong Kong, China and a growing number of countries around the world in 2003.

Chiron corporation mass vaccinated 1.1 million New Zealand kids with a not fully tested vaccine

180,000 norwegian school teenagers used as test subjects with Chirons vaccine.
512 side effects were reported during the vaccine trial.
14 were considered serious.
5 school kids developed serious neurological diseases.

Chiron Corporation vaccine Fluvirin
Chrion tries to secretly sell contaminated vaccine,chiron,pt2,4,27,05.htm

Novartis sends 40 million doses of Fluvirin influenza virus vaccine to U.S.
The company plans is to supply the U.S. market with approximately 40 million doses of Fluvirin influenza virus vaccine
“We are pleased to provide influenza vaccines in the U.S. ahead of schedule this season, meeting an essential public health need."

Roughly 48 million doses of flu vaccine could not be shipped.
(from Chiron Corp discovered gram-negative Serratia microbes in one lot of Fluvirin vaccine manufactured at its U.K. plant. In September, inspectors from Britain’s FDA equivalent, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), inspected the plant. They found that levels of microbial contamination there had been increasing since March, and that the levels reached in 2004 were “several orders of magnitude” higher than they had been in 2002 and 2003. Gram-negative bacteria were found in the general plant environment, in a sterilizing filtration room, in bulk and finished product.
Chiron, perhaps confident that the source of contamination lay in its upstream manufacturing operations, informed the FDA and CDC that it would be able to meet its supply schedule, only to find days later that MHRA suspended the plant’s manufacturing license. Weeks later, FDA inspectors agreed that the safety of Fluvirin made at the plant could not be guaranteed. Roughly 48 million doses of flu vaccine, nearly half the U.S. supply, could not be shipped. On December 10, FDA issued Chiron a warning letter.

Inventor: Luc Montagnier No. of patents: 34

Inventor: Inventor: Robert C. Gallo No. of patents: 50

chiron has 6177 patents

AIDS incorporated Aids is a chemical weapon by toxic drugs. The illuminati wants to reduce the world population.
First two links to the georgia guide stones with text carved into stone talking about reducing the world population with 90% chimp, discovered by accident in a freezer at Fort Detrick. They knew how to make experiments for sure. mercks aidsvaccine failed

The dream solution, a vaccin, seems out to dwell. Last year was the pharmaceutical company Merck was moving forward with promising preparations, but when they come so far that the medicines in larger scale was tested on people, they apeared to be worse than useless. mercks aidsvaccin mercks aidsvaccin swedish mercks aidsvaccin swedish Burroughs Wellcome
tbwf azt azt label azt,8599,1824545,00.html

computer animated "evidence" of HIV this is bullshit

Vaccines are often intentionally toxic Google squalene and adjuvans, gulf syndrome vaccine

George W Bush starts AIDS fund

One more important thing is to understand the hidden force that manipulates all internet social media and telepone communication, electronic text messages etc.
I mean if the things I write about HIV/AIDS is true, how come nobody else really talks about it?
People do. Journalists do. But Facebook, youtube, twitter etc is probalby silently censored, mail and friend requests on facebook are deleted before you read it. Accounts on Youtube "suspended" etc. Illuminati control. They control the whole world now through these tools. It's a tool for their global control.

I will pay for speaking out about this
I know I will pay a big price for speaking out about this, and September 11th, deadly vaccines, the rothschild's world domination, Freemason's hidden occult identity etc.
Since I took the HIV test the probably kept my blood. They might use my DNA as evidence against me, accuse me for a crime.

It's not only about HIV/AIDS The global elite does more evil things.
Other big lies are September 11th, more about September 11th,. The corporate deception about HIV/AIDS is not alone.

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