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Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.

Project Blue beam -big manifestations in the sky do decieve the people.
There are many pages on the web to read about Project Blue Beam. It's a theory about shadow governmet of our world that will be staging a fake return of Christ. They might also fake UFO attack against Earth -creating need for a global military governemnt.

Text: Carl Grinde Datum: 2 December, 2012
Updated: November 21, 2014
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A false return of Jesus Christ, a false revelation from God to unite the world
The new global payment system, the digital microchip implant. They want to make the world ready to accept it, the mark of the beast.
They will create a feeling of unity over the whole planet. Perhaps with religious symbols in the sky over the whole world that melts into one. Perhaps they also create earth quakes at the same time.
This event, the project blue beam can occur any time from now until summer of 2015. They have a plan for a "one world open market" by year 2015, the whole world as global free trade zone with "free migration" world wide. The bad thing about it all is that you will need an RFID microchip inside your body to get access to this "freedom". A microchip in the hand, arm or forehead or a tattoo that they can scan to verify your identity.
During this false rapture there will be messages of "Oneness". "The church shall be one". The world shall be "one" to accept the mark of the beast.

Universal Studios is owned by General Electric that manufactures gigantic sport arenas, tanks and military aircrafts.
They are probably the ones that will do project blue beam. They own so much media and TV channels.

Project blue beam
This is a spectacular theory of a gigantic space show with holograms to have us believe either in a UFO attack (need for world government to jointly meet the external enemy) or a return of Christ with all the world's religious symbols will merged together into one to introduce a new global world religion. Maybe they will do both?
Add some artificial earthquakes (HAARP can do that) and sound effects from the LRAD or MEDUSA (hi-tech sound).
This is heavily censored. All the videos below are erased by Youtube (Google owns youtube)

Project bluebeam, BBC promotes UFOs and aliens

Global borderless market by 2015
We might probably see a lot of these faked messages from God and outer space and faked UFOs further on.
It seems they have the plan ready for a total borderless market by 2015. The whole world will then be one big super state, and further on freedom and rights only for people that has microhips in their hands or heads.
You will be demanded to "verify" your identity in an electronic way, connected to the internet what ever you do in society, drivings licence, personal ID, passports, electronic wallet, mastercard, VISA card.

Chemtrails connection to project bluebeam
The mist that is sprayed into the atmosphere may well serve as a giant cinema screen for 3D holograms.
If you want to fake the return of Christ you have to put som effort.. This also applies if you want to fake UFOs or a message from the Universe.
The whole earth is sprayed from airplanes with nanoparticles and other small particles -chemtrails.
chemtrails filmed -Youtube search results
what in the world are they spraying Chemtrails on Youtube

How they can manipulate your mind. Information about nano brain implants
They can fake "the voice of God from within" with nano implants.

3D holograms, Hi-tech sound effects lrad Long Range Acoustic Device lrad Long Range Acoustic Device

HAARP secret high tech weapons can be used for mindcontrol
They can create earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, rain, drought, thunder, lightning, snow, heat and cold, cloudy or clear weather, they can manipulate the weather and the ecosystem, how they want.
They can also send out "sound waves," ELF waves that can affect our mind, our consciousness, straight into the brain. It is not sound waves, but the same waves that the brain uses.
Then they can fake the "voice of God" within us. There's nano chip implant also that they may have already put in each and one of us. They require no surgery, they can be ingested by through food and drink.

More about Project Blue beam
An investigating journalist Serge Monast that was investigating these things, also called "Project Blue beam" died in a sudden "heart attack"
The man made earth quake will reveal a fake old stone or scripture that will say that the worldīs religions has misled us.
The findings/script will tell that the world should unite as one nation. This will be the elite families to start their secret plan of a new world system.
The New age movement is also their tool for doing this. This might happen around 2015 or some year later when many people are expected to have built in monitors, speakers in their heads, ears instead for using a hands free head set for their cellphone, smartphone. During the fake rapture people will experience that "God" speaks directly to each and one of us. That is why it must wait unitil after 2015 when all people have a RFID chip implanted in their bodies, also referring to what language you speak.
"Godīs voice" might also be transmitted by HAARP technique, ELF waves, MEDUSA etc.
Maybe the false kingdom of Jesus Christ or the false Jesus Christ Millennium will be established some time between 2015 and 2022.
But the false Jesus Christ Millennium will be established as a global new religion, a New Age with chip implanted in all humans. The statue of Maitreya, "co-existence".
This fascist world state will first include christianity and Jesus. But when all foundations are ready, the beast, the one world government will show itīs true occult personality.
Of course Jerusalem will be used to unite the world in this New Age religion.

My guess is that the real kingdom of Jesus Christ, his 1000 year millenium reigh will not happen before 2022. All christians that before 2022 believe that they are living in the millenium of Jesus Christ are fooled.
Obedient and trustful to the authorities as many christians are, they donīt realize the facade that the freemasons and the Rothschilds, Reuters, Carnegies, Cohens, Osbornes etc put up.
Also, anyone with a good employment will not cause to much trouble with the risk of being fired.
Advice for you that manages to escape the new world order with your family and hide in the woods: Do not catch or keep any wild animals. They might have implanted GPS chips in them so they can be tracked, even in fishes.
If they see to many chips on one spot, they might come and search for you there.

Project bluebeam alien invasion hoax

They might to try to make us belive in either an alien invasion (need for world government) or a rapture of christ were all the worlds religious symbols will welt into one. Maybe they will do both? Add some artificial earthquakes (HAARP creates it) and sound effects from LRAD or MEDUSA (hi-tech audio devices).

Chemtrails connection to project bluebeam? Shall the fog sprayed into the atmosphere serve as a big cinema screen to fake UFOs or fake rapture holograms?
3d hologram display using baron

department of defence contractor spraying chemtrails, caught in the act.
same video
hi-tech sound effects lrad Long Range Acoustic Device lrad Long Range Acoustic Device

3D holograms, optical illusions

Project bluebeam, BBC promoting UFOs and aliens

Chemtrails linked to Project Bluebeam
Chemtrails -particles sprayed in the atmosphere functions like a giant cinema screen for 3D holograms.
Beware of Project Blue Beam. Two themes seem to be present, either with UFOs (external threat creates need for central world government) or faked return of Christ, a fake message from God. If so, probably messages about "unity, world peace, companionship, One World, etc.". This might occur precisely when the new temple in Jerusalem is completed. RFID microchip implants will then be introduced to the community on a broad front. Christians will then receive the mark of the beast because "God said it with his own voice from the heavens that it's OK." ..."God said it's time for unity and love now, not fear."

Serge Monast made research about blue beam. He died.

project blue beam -fake threat from outer space

An innovative technique for generating a three dimensional holographic display using strontium barium niobate (SBN) is discussed. The resultant image is a hologram that can be viewed in real time over a wide perspective or field of view (FOV). The hologra... Author: C. A. Heid B. P. Ketchel G. L. Wood R. J. Anderson G. J. Salamo Year: 1998

What made these burning craters?

Here is a video exposing Youtube censor and the illuminati

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