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The last days are here.

Deceptions, heresies, lies and a new global religion. The last days are here. A new era will begin. Soon it is year zero again, and Jesus Christ will no longer be recognized as God. This is the New Age, the New World Order or the New World System, the evil world of the Anti christ, the Beast. Microchip implants will be mandatory if you want to be a part of the society.
Project Blue beam will be a hologram show in the sky to misslead us and accept the New Age.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 6 December 2012
Uppdated October 26 2014

All talk about the Mayan Calendar, Co-exist, Paradigm shift, Collective evolition is aiming at the same thing: a One World Solution. What they don't mention is the coming microchip implant.

Paradigm shift project, collective-evolution, New Age, New World Order

Committee of 666

New Age -Foundation for conscious evolution
"Nonprofit organization" with a global reach. Lol :)
(from Our mission is to encourage the expansion of global dialogue and free trade in order to improve cooperation and understanding among nations, with the goal of reducing international conflicts and improving worldwide living standards.

Coexist -a new world religion
I think that cooperation and being social is something good and positive. But this Coexistence bullshit is just a cover up for the system with the new world with microchip implants and I think that is a fascist system.
I know really good and kind and loving people that likes New Age. But I don't like New Age because it's not only about eating smart and being healthy. It's a facade made by the ruling elite for the microchip world system and the New World Order.
You will be asked to take a microchip or an electronic tattoo in your arm, hand or forehead. Further on you will also be ordered to bow down and pray to te image of the Beast.
It's already written about this new payment system in the Bible. It says that you will no longer be able to buy or sell if you don't have the mark of the beast in your hand or forehead.
It's an evil fascist, nazi system and I don't want to be part of it. I want to be free and not a slave.
coexist religion new age faith oneness -google images results

Swahili version Spanish version French version Portugese version German version Polish version
Chinese version Hindi version Russian version
You can use this image on your blog, homepage, Facebook -all languages, also for commercial use.

A global economic regulation -who will be the regulator?
Do you think we will have an honest, fair global economic regulation that really protects us from the greedy big corporations? Probably not. The economic regulaton will create a fusion, a merger between private corporations and the government. Coca Cola already calls themselves a public company.
The super rich will be the regulators and the new government. Very sick.

Swedish television protects the Rothschild's
Swedish TV program: "System faliure threatens the world".
The big problem with this documentary is that it adresses the problem as something "anonymous". "A big monster without any shape that affects our whole society," something like that they said. They always protect the names of the ruling elite (exept perhaps for Morgan and Rockefeller, I think they were mentioned once, perhaps, very quick.)
They want to discard our traditional money banking and political system and replace it all with smart phones and microchip implants, only digital money. Your hand signature on a paper will not be sufficient in this society.
They also want a world government and a global tax system, One big Federal Republic on the whole globe.
According to this documentary 97% of the money today is debt. Then who is the creditor? They keep silent about it.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschid is richest in the world
The richest and most evil person in the world: Sir Evelyn de Rothschild -he will be the regulator. He has caused the global financial crisis. His corporation is the richest.

Hillary Clinton (Rodham) is a tool for Sir Evelyn Rothschild to rule the world
Hillary is a close friend to Lynn Forester de Rothschild who is married to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He is the richest, greediest and most powerful man on earth. He and his Rothschild banking and finance corporation has caused the global financial crisis and the big coming war.
Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a central leader in the new world, the Antichrist system. Sir Evelyn de Rothschild will control, steer and manipulate Hillary through his wife Lynn Forester de Rothschild.
Lynn has also been a major fundraiser for Hillarys presidential campaigns. Lynn Forester: "We have come together in a common cause"

The head of the new world religion, the New Age
My guess is that Sir Evelyn Rothschild will be the high priest and the spiritual leader of the new world religion.
He will put his throne in the holy temple in Jerusalem and he will demand the whole world to worship him as God.
15 "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:)
16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains:" (Matthew 24:15-16 the Bible)
After all, his family has funded the state Israel.
Then he will appear as the Maitreya, and also further or as the Antichrist.
When his face is shown on TV, you are commanded to bow down. All TVs will be smart and have cameras.
He will tour around the world from India to Israel.

Desinformation, Facebook profiles, webbots, CIA and Freemasons
The ruling families, Freemasons, CIA etc wants to destabilize the society. They want street violence and hate against politicians and banks.
If you ask me, Occupy, Anonymous, "We are change" etc is all created by the ruling elite.
The global taxation system is one very important reason for this. It has to come from the people. The anger.
They want to destabilize the society and make internet unsecure. Why?
To create a demand for internet security and security in the streets. Then a surveillance system is needed. They want to implant us with microchips.

Anonymous is created by the ruling elite, the CIA and the Freemasons
Anonymous -a revolution of ignorance. They never reveal the true ruling elite. They never speak against them, they ARE THEM. They just promote street violence and world government, global taxes. They are the perfect tool for the greedy ruling elite to get what they want, an ignorant public and a world government.!

We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
Online banks and internet pages are getting hacked by the CIA and illuminati, they are the ones behind it.

We act as one. A common cause (the cause not explained)

Anonymous Live On CNN!

We are anonymous
The videos are made by the CIA and NSA.

If they manage to make us feel happy when we can point the finger at polititians via Facebook so perhaps we can better enjoy the RFID chip implants. They first create a sense of victory. As of this moment they will introduce the RFID chip implants on a broad scale, which enslaves us.

False resistance

Peter Schiff protects the big corporations blames all on government

False knowledge, NWO New Age -Thrive
This video is made of the family of proctor and gamble, the company that gave the world Pringles. Can they also give us spiritual wisdom? Hardly..
Thrive video created and hosted by Foster Gamble
Thrive move released on 11/11

Promotes taxes on natural resources and a one world government

Promotes digital humanism transhumanism -promoting dehumanisation

Anonymous fake
Anonymous claims attacking Greek official websites | THN Security and Hacking News

Fuck the system -very intelligent

Anonymous false resistance, CIA

"Alien messages" deception search results

Half truth, false, illuminati controlled

Luminant media -with ads from Bloomberg

Price for encouragement to We Are Change
Lord Jacob Rothschild (Confronted by we are change)

We Know The Secrets of The Federal Reserve

Half truth, false resistance

False resistane Obama Rothschilds Choice

Half truth, false, anonymous

Half truth
might also help the globalists to create global taxation. has some good pictures. Who makes them? They promote the global network twitter etc. One picture insults kanye west, a rapper without gangster ideals. Why chose just him to insult? The site also promotes drug liberalisation.

False resistance

False account

Half truth!

Faalse knowledge, New Age
In the video above they say that "no fear based people can enter the fifth dimension." love vibrations are so important Videon är gjord av Searle. Searle hette också företaget som introducerade aspartam

Fake knowledge, New Age
The Collective Evolution II: The Human Experience | OFFICIAL RELEASE 2011 "From birth we are all thaught what our parents have been thaught whis is often simply what their parents have thought them"

Half truth, probably support chip implants

Barbara Marx Hubbard, New Age bullshit
barbara marx hubbard we are the riders of the pale horse death

New Age bullshit
2012, new era, 5th dimension, transition explained, shift

2045 humans to live as digital robots
Avatar is about to become real. Fascist nazi science.

2045: A New Era for Humanity

Internet religion new age

False resistance that protects the ruling elite

Anonymous - false resistance, created by the CIA

Anonymous bullshit. This is from the CIA

Occupy -a movement created by the CIA

Gerald Celente -a puppet for global taxation and NWO

Promoting the new global currency

Peter Schiff -promotes the new global digital gold standard currency

The economic crisis is created by Rothschild but they are not named here.

Obama Berlin speech 2008 and the new world order
Why would an newly elected president in the USA fly over seas to Germany and hold a speech to the Nation -in Germany? He was not elected in Germany. The secret agenda is to create a global totalitarian super state. The Illuminati make the whole world love Obama. Then, they will probably kill him. This would give them unlimited power for a totalitarian police state. It would give the ruling families unrestricted power to imprison and kill any one. This is what they want. They do false flag operations all the time.
The message to the rest of the world will be clear: any person who is opposed to Obama's politics, gay marriage or RFID microchip implants is a dangerous person and a potential terrorist and the society must take care of such dangerous persons before they commit a crime. To protect society we must put certain people in prison, even if they not yet has committed any crime. This is whay they have created the NDAA Act, the Patriot acts etc and the fema camps are ready and waiting for prisoners.
Obama Berlin speech 2008

What will be the cataclysmic event for the New World Order?
Along with many other false flag events, the fundament for the totalitarian police state is already put in place. But the ruling rasistic elite families need one more big event, a cataclysmic event with large proportions to create the totalitarian police state they have planned for.
What we can expect from them in a near future is bloody terror attacs on the gay community, terror attacs in the society and most likely, they will kill President Barack Obama. They will kill him. They would simultaneously evoke a global sense of war, street riots, crash the stock markets etc.

The Anonymous movement -a phony revolution created by the Illuminati, the CIA, NSA etc
It's not from the people. It's a way for the ruling elite to create conflicts, street riots and violence in society. Divide and conquer. Don't participate in the Anonymous movement. It's fake. Close your Facebook account.
Take a look at this picture. Don't you see that it has been created by an advertisement agency? Probably McCANN or such. Do you buy it?
anonymous anonymous we are legion "Expect us"

Time Warner wants you to be an violent protestant with nothing to say
Time Warner, Warner Brothers owns the copyright of the anonymous masks. They get licensing royalties with the sale of each mask.

We Are Time Warner, We Are Making A Ton Of Money From Those ‘V For Vendetta Masks’ (Thanks)

( “You can get a mask and join the fight, too! But I heard the costume store is sold out until Friday.” – ‘Anonymous’ member (New York Times)"

V for vendetta movie
V for vendetta movie V for vendetta movie v for vendetta wallpaper hd V for vendetta movie

The Purge movie
The Purge movie The Purge movie "All crime is legal" The Purge movie

Oh I almost forgot: JAY Z OFFICIAL "Run This Town" Video from Roc-a-fella records
All media is controlled by the ruling elite families such as Rockefeller, George Bush family, Clinton, Rothschild, Warburg, Lazard, Sachs, Lehman, Solomon, Oppenheimer etc. They want war. They want class riots. This music video with Jay-Z is a way to brainwash the young audience. All you see on TV is part of the evil conspiracy of the Illuminati -the ruling elite families.

It's all a puppet show
Stay away from secular media, or anyway think about what kind of movies, TV programs you are watching. You are being programmed by the satanic ruling elite. It's full of sin, violence, sexual immorality etc. Now they even want you to go out in the streets and participate in riots. Do you want to resist the RFID microchip implant system and the new world order? Then, what about sin in your life? What have you earned if you want to resist the new world order but keep on living in sin? You have earned nothing.
You don't like what George Bush's family are doing? What the Rothschild's and Osborne's are doing? If you yourself keep on living in sin and immorality you will also come under God's condemnation just like they will.
Jesus Christ said: those who love me does the will of my father. You can't continue to live in sin if you want to enter the kingdom of God. You must choose who you serve. I follow and obey Jesus Christ, he is the best human activist there is and ever was.

Elysium -Asylum
In the movie all the people of Earth is given legal citizenchip, from illegal emmigrants to legal status in a single press of a button. Elysium -Asylum.
Matt Damon, the main character in the movie is implanted with a computer decive in his head in the movie. The RFID microchip implant will come.

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