Work at living in peace with everyone, and work at living a holy life,
for those who are not holy will not see the Lord.
Hebrews 12:14

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Owned by porn addiction

One single homepage on the internet can have thousands of videos and hundreds of categories with porn. It's the secret addiction of today. As you take a look at the enormous porn content on the internet you know that you're not the only person watching it. Being a multi million dollar industry, they know how to keep a low profile. It's all over us.
You can stop your addiction now. You can stop if you're motivated. And God will assist you.
An update video about my life January 2015 and me preaching, it's over one hour long.
Text: Carl Grinde Date: December 4, 2013
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated October 7 2019

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(Update August 9 2019: Jesus Christ has totally set me free from porn addiction.
I'm absolutely free and have been for more than five and a half years. I'm not a sex addict either. No masturbation. I'm not living as a homosexual person anymore either. Praise Jesus!)
About one year (I think it was about one year, perhaps 6 months?) after I made this change I have masturbated once, it was uncompleted and I was thinking of a woman when I did it, no porn watching.

Pornography Addiction consequences
You watch because you are lonely and bored.
You watch as a self comfort, as an ego trip.
You watch because the material is available, easy to access, and it's often free of charge.
You want a kick, something that grabs you, something that makes you feel alive.
You become dulled and demand harder and rawer material to get exited.
You loose your self respect.
Time is passing by, your time slips through your hands like water, like sand.
Minutes become hours, hours become days.. days become weeks, months and years. Your life gets wasted.
Nobody in your family or job know that you're watching.
Think about this: would you like all the people at your job, school or church to know what you're watching? If not, then you shouldn't watch it.
You watch because "others are doing it" well just because another person does it doesn't make it a right thing to do.
In the end you can't get turned on if you are not watching porn. Your partner can't meet up to your demands and perverse desires.
Your relations gets affected and perhaps ruined.
You get fixated with perfect looks and bodies, you get unrealistic expectations on your own body and others.
You think your relation to God doesn't count or has no importance at all.
You tell yourself that sin is not so important. You think it's ok to do everything. You are self decieved.
Bottom line: You are heading the wrong way and need to change direction and restore your life.
Also, there are links between porn, mafia and cocaine business. Do you really want to feed that industry?

What is going on at your place?

Overcome porn or sex addiction
Do you have a profile on an online chat community related to dating, sex and porn? Even if the online community that you're a member of only has a limited content of porn or naked pictures, my advice is that you delete your profile now. Delete all user accounts on al social webbsites, also facebook. Delete phone numbers to lovers in your phone.
Instead of watching porn you can start to listen to the Bible online.
If you start to honor God and live by his law, the ten commandments he will answer you. God is real. I have been a porn/sex addict myself and God rewarded me in a clear way when I stopped. Thanks to this preacher and Christian Assemby International, inspiration to stop watching porn and turning back to God came from them.
If you want to stop, you have to know that you really want to stop. You have to engage in spiritual warfare and ask God for help in prayers because temptation will come. What do you do then? You can do this with God's help. He want's to help you. You can find a worthy object for your worship: God allmighty!
It will be a step-by-step process where your gradually change from a negative lifestyle to a more positive lifestyle.
Ask yourself if you are motivated or not before you start because you have to fight some. It's worth it. (Swedish) (Swedish) (Swedish)

Porn is the perfect escape for the convenient person, it's totally undemanding.
Porn addicted people often have problems in their relations.

Ten reasons to stop internet porn

"Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life."
Galatians 6:8

Pornography addiction -Your time, your soul, your life, for cheap shit?

You can use this picture on your homepage, facebook, youtube etc, also for commercial use.

You can use this picture on your homepage, facebook, youtube etc, also for commercial use.

"You shall not commit adultery.

Porn is a sin, God does not want us to use it

( "First of all, there is clear evidence that long-term pornography use sets people up for feeling more depressed and empty than those who do not use."

Anyone who looks at another lustfully has committed adultery in their heart -Jesus
(Matthew 5:28)

Anti-porn activist Gail Dines interviewed by the Guardian.

You can use this picture (any language) on your homepage, facebook, youtube etc, also for commercial use.
Spanish version French version Portugese version

"Porn is believed to be more addictive than liquor, drugs and smoking."

You can use this picture on your homepage, facebook, youtube etc, also for commercial use.

If you go to Alcoholics Anonymous, people support you because they know you are seeking help. But if you are addicted to pornography, pornography addiction is a secret thing. You may be the only one who knows you are addicted. healing lives from porn

Seeing Jesus Christ - man confronted about porn addiction by Jesus Christ himself
He abused God's name in the video so I removed it ..

40-million Americans “regularly visit porn sites
"According to Webroot, an Internet security site, there are 200,000 porn addicts in the United States, but the junkies are merely the tip of the iceberg, given that 40-million Americans “regularly visit porn sites.”"

Be ware of false "helpers"
All helpful activist homepages and organisations are not honest ones. This page says it wants to help you to quit porn but at the same time they have an ad with an almost nude ass with the text: how to stimulate the g spot. There are a lot of fake organisations that actually are set up by evil people. This concerns also organisations helping people quiting drugs. Don't embrace all "help pages" you see just because they have a nice logo.

Protect your family and children at home -Autmatic online porn blocks

Inquiry for autmatic online porn block stops adult content for children

For you were called to freedom, brothers. But don't use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.
Galatians 5:13

Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin.
John 8:34

"Hallowed be thy name"


Here are sinless videos - free
Here at my other site are many beautiful calm videos with beautiful tranquil natural landscapes. All this I have filmed, everything is free. No charge. Each film takes about 10 minutes to download. Praise God for His wonderful creation. All glory to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Praised be to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior!

Beautiful landscape videos
4K Drone Footage - Bird's Eye View of Croatia, Europe 3 Hour Ambient Drone Film
Earth's most beautiful places HD video with nature sounds

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