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3D design, motion capture, performance capture, video effects
Text: Carl Grinde Date: 11 September 2012
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Uppdated 11 September 2012

Avatar how the movie was done

Motion capture

Motion capture without markers
Eight synchronized video streams from calibrated cameras creates a 3d digital version of the filmed actors.

Research group 3D Video and Vision-based Graphics

Rapid Interactive 3D Reconstruktion form one single image
Rapid Interactive 3D Reconstruktion form one single image -Google bilder

3D Reconstruktion from live camera

Faceshop 3d reconstruction of face from photo

3-D Reconstruction from a still imgage

Surface 3D Tracking

Companies for special effects, 3D Visualising

3d grafic industry

Computer Graphics World

Blizzard, electricsheepcompany, rockstargames, square-enix etc

FOX news, CBS news, BBC, and ABC news creates an alternative reality
They control both new channels and entertainment movies industry. here you can see the media monopoly (General Electric also makes war machines, jet fighters etc)

They create aeroplanes that was not there. This was their excuse for invading Iraq and Afghanistan

They said they wanted to protect us and the rest of the world and said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
But when USA invaded Iraq they could not find any such weapons. The war is based on a lie, also the war in Afganistan.
In this video George W. Bush jokes about weapons of mass destruction. (He could not find them.)

Association r utvecklandet av Artificiell Intelligens.

Siemens Robots Artificiell Intelligence

Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories

Mitsubishi Electric environments, ambient intelligence

3D models opimization tools

Final fantasy

Final fantasy trailer

the world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology.

motion capture

Cool Realtime Motion Capture Animation Demo

Home Mocap, Facial motion capture utilizing Syntheyes

Barack Obama 3d model head mask face zbrush
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3D design, motion capture, performance capture, video effects
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