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Magnetic motors, make electricity with magnets, free energy!

This can solve the economic crisis. Do you know any ambitious mechanic or technician? Show him/her the page. This may contribute to the public good in a very concrete and quick manner. No global green taxes are needed if this gets out and made available. Instead of nuclear power, this is a clean alternative. While fossil fuels are unnecessary. This is the oil companies' worst nightmare.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: July 18, 2013
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Uppdated July 18, 2013

Free Energy John Christie on Australia sky news

Bedini Leedskalnin 3xMagnets Better Torque

How to Make Electricity With Magnets For Free

How to build FREE ENERGY magnetic motor

Magnetic motor free energy

03 From Dario Busch Magnetic Motor Free Energy Open Source 2

Magnet motor, free energy, overunity test 2

Free energy motor test 5

magnet motor - motor magnetico

Free Energy Magnet Motor (Engine)

debunking the video above (trying to)

Free energy in minutes step by step

Elektromotor Geheimnisse - Dr. Peter Lindemann kopiert (Leedskalnin+

Peter Lindemann Rotary Attraction Motor - First demo

Imhotep - Bedini Fan Project Part 4

**~Imhotep~**'s Free Energy Radiant Oscillator Lite

Magnetic Generator To Power Your Home

Trying to debunk Magnet Motor part 2

magnet motor concept and how magnetic shielding works
Youtube results

magneticveil .. not sure what it is

Torian 3 motor magnetico

Permanent Magnet Motor 2011

magnetic motor free energy

Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor PATENT DOWNLOAD for FREE



Video edited to destroy confidence for magnetic motors

Mythbusters morons -we know who pays them

DIY super electromagnet

Cesar Pinto Marcano

Quantum Levitation

Principe du moteur magnétique
George Mizzell

Neodymium magnet in copper pipe

Neodymium magnet in FAT copper pipe

Crealev - Levitating, Floating, Flying, Hovering...Bouncing!

BS-Gate Concept


V Gate PM Motor

14.29. V Gate 3 Research for magnetic energy Portugal

V-Gate Test 1.0

Magnomatics - Magnetic Gear

Howard Johnson magnetic motor
Howard Johnson magnetic motor Youtube results

The Steorn magnetic motor replication
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Magnetic motors, make electricity with magnets, free energy!
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