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Food shortage, harvests destroyed, drought, HAARP weather modification

"Help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric Jeff Immelt

Text: Carl Grinde Date: August 30 2011
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Uppdated August 30 2011
Haarp is a modern technique for manipulating the weather as a new kind of warfare. Foodshortage is a result of this made by the ruling elite to conquer and destroy. "Help centers" and "fusion centers" has already been built by Kellog Brown Root (KBR) in USA. The drought and food shortage, tsunamis will create a huge wave of illegal immigrants, starving people causing riots in cities and suburbs.

death camps "health centers" in USA death camps in USA
Civilian Inmate Labor Program U.S: department of defense U.S: department of defense

They are manipulating the weather to destroy and take over countries. They create hurricanes, heavy rain, tsunamis and now drought that will destroy harvests and crops.
This will create food shortage and great disasters. The plan to destroy America is being rolled out.
"Help centers" or Fema detention camps has already been built all over America by Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR). And the these companies are owned bu the george bush family.
So even if Barack Obama now is president, the super rich elite families still rule and sets the agenda for what is going to happen. They still rule, behind our backs, or right in front of us. But if something bad happends to America, Obama will take the hit and they know this. If something really bad should happen to him. if he gest hurt, then all American people will be blamed collectivly. If the illuminati would shoot him -big riots and chaos would rise in the whole world. What would happen with the war in Afghanistan with nobody to lead the war? That would be an opportunity for the illuminati families to establish common governance between countries built around warfare.

Food shortage, harvests destroyed, drought, food riots, HAARP weather modification
Bad things with riots and food shortage is about to come. Who knows where it will start first Europe or America?
Martial law is prepared with a grid of disaster programs, emergency agencies like Northcom, Fema and Homeland Security.
The last one also has facilities in Europe. Its like the Gestapo in nazi germany before and after the second world war started.

Martial law, fusion centers, round up, civil unrest, civil war It is all prepared.
food shortage Martial law, fusion centers, roundup, civil unrest, civil war

 These are the real presidents of America

So if you think that Obama is the ruling president of the USA -think again. No president have ever been the real president of the USA except the first ones.
General Electric, Bae systems, Haliburton, KBR, CFR, Timewarner, Disney, Universal are those who rules. These companies together have more power than Obama. They set the agenda.

General Electric
General Electricīs Jeff Immelt is now economic adviser to president Obama.
President Barack Obama named Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric Co.'s chief executive officer, to head his outside panel of economic advisers

So General Electric still governs USA, and the rest of the world because they operate everywhere.
It is the world largest company. They where active in nazi Germany in the 1920īs and 30īs just before hitler came to power. They made him. They also build the Olympic arena in Peking, China 2008.
Political protest against the Olympic games from activists where blocked and censored by mainstream media.

Haliburton and Kellog Brown Root KBR Owned by the George Bush family

Kellog Brown Root KBR building big prisons (George Bush family still at work)
homeland security kbr kellogg brown root halliburton fema camps contract is $385 million
homeland security kbr kellogg brown root halliburton fema camps contract is $385 million

Kellog Brown Root KBR building big prisons for "new programs" that require additional detention space George Bush family still rules America.
KBR would build the centers for the Homeland Security Department for an unexpected influx of immigrants, to house people in the event of a natural disaster or for new programs that require additional detention space, company executives said. KBR, which announced the contract last month, had a similar contract with immigration agencies from 2000 to last year

Halliburton has virtually monopolized contracts in Iraq and has collected over 9 billion dollars George Bush family are still presidents of the USA
"Yet Halliburton has virtually monopolized contracts in Iraq and has collected over 9 billion dollars through its subsidiaries."

Halliburton awarded $550 million contract, $200 million contract, $405 million no bid deal (George Bush family at work)
In 1995, when Cheney assumed control at Halliburton, the Pentagon awarded the company a $550 million contract to provide logistical support for US and NATO's IFOR forces in Bosnia, Croatia and Hungry. Halliburton won another $6.3 million contract to service US troops stationed at the air base in Aviano, Italy, from which US jets launched bombing raids on Yugoslavia.
In 1997 won a $405 million no bid deal to provide support for US troops in Bosnia. Two years later, Halliburton won the 5-year renewal of this deal, valued at $180 million.
In 1999 Halliburton got a $200 million cost/plus contract to work in Kosovo. The contract, covered everything from road construction, vehicle maintenance and power generation to food services, latrines and mail delivery, and generated nearly a billion dollars in revenue.
In the fall of 2000, Halliburton won a $300 million contract to build a massive prison at Guatanamo Bay in Cuba. This prison was originally designed to hold Haitians and, according to some sources, Cubans, in the event of the collapse of the Castro government.

Council on foreign relations

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