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Fema concentration camps and cremation coffins found all over America

When starvation, chaos and food shortage come, the FEMA camps are open and ready to "welcome guests".
If you survive the stay at the concentration camp and get out alive you'll have an RFID chip in your right arm or hand.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: August 30 2011
Text also shared from linked pages
Updated November 7 2015

America has many new agencies related to disaster management by military police assistance. Homeland security, Fema (Federal Emergency Management Agency), northcom (U.S. Northern Command). Joint Task Force Civil Support Fema even has an institution for kids. Civilian Inmate Labor Program
Bush signs Military Commissions Act Executive Order 11000 splitting of family units

The New World System
The world is about to change into a global monetary system with all countries suspended and replaced with local regions ruled by the UN. People will be marked with RFID-chips and tagged with electronic tattoos. To make this happen will be much easier once the opposition is reduced. Outspoken community leaders and true patriots, people who defends democracy and civil rights or any one who protest to this sick new world order will be accused as an "unlawful enemy combatant".
As a result of the terror attacks on 11 september 2001 many new laws related to terrorism have been created to take care of mobs or angry people that speaks against the government.
Over 8000 fema concentration camps are built in the United states, staffed and ready to receive prisoners. The cover up for this imprisonment will be different pandemics spread in the society. The camps will be used for quarantine. The N1H1 swine flu virus will "mutate" into something much worse. And the result of this? A totalitarian controlled society with RFID chips inside everyone to be able to track any possible carrier of virus. "We have determined that you have had contact with a person that has H3N1... you are orderd to remain att the quarantine facility ... days."

Goburg Saxe Gota -Now Windsor the British and the German empire are the same.
George Bush owns Haliburton. KBR (Former Kellog Brown Root) is a subsidiary to Halliburton and KBR have built concentration camps all over the U.S..

KBR awarded Homeland Security contract worth up to $385M

U.S. Northern Command Overview -lists of 60 military fascist globalist organisations

CIVIL DISTURBANCE OPERATIONS -Field Manual. -Stop this fascism!

Is the Pentagon spying on anti-war groups?

Fema -the modern Nazis, the new Gestapo!

General Electric founded Hitler

Commercial exploitation of Russia by Wall Street

Hundreds of thousands fema cremation plastic coffins found all over USA
If the video is removed by youtube, check here removed by youtube censor removed by youtube censor video reposted

Apparently the Government is expecting a half million people to die relatively soon, and the Atlanta Airport is a major airline traffic hub, probably the biggest in the country, which means Georgia is a prime base to conduct military operations and coordination. It is also the home of the CDC, the Center for Disease Control.

Here is a list of several agencies working to prevent bio-terrorism and to protect the American people. But the U.S. have developed biological weapons, for example Fort Detrick in Maryland.
All these authorities shows that the government is aware of an upcoming attack with biological weapons and bacteria against America.
No one orders 500 000 coffins "just in case". They know that many people will die relatively soon.

Cheney: "High probability of nuclear or biological attack in coming years"
A six-month investigation by the Congress on weapons of mass destruction predicts that terrorists will attack using biological or nuclear weapons within the next five years
Conference on Emerging Threats Assessment. Biological Terrorism

Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP)

The more that sophisticated capabilities, including genetic engineering and gene synthesis, spread around the globe, the greater the potential that terrorists will use them to develop biological weapons.

Project BioShield

Georgia guide stones in Georgia, USA is a monument with guidelines carved in stone that recommends to keep the number of the world's population under 500 000000 people. Why does the Government let theese awful stones remain? Why are not the stones removed by the authorities?

Biological weapons were back in the days produced at the Fort Detrick in Maryland

Fort Detricks groundwater contaminated
Maryland's Secretary for the Environment criticizing the federal government to work slowly in the investigation of groundwater at Fort Detrick's Area B

NBACC scientists and administrators collaborate with federal agencies in support of the nation’s biodefense efforts. The research facility will be located within the National Interagency Biodefense Campus at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

Code Name: Artichoke, The CIA’s Secret Experiments on Humans
An exposé of the CIA's secret experiments on humans in the 1950s.

Within the 2007 Budget’s $28.4 billion for NIH, the Administration will continue to fund biodefense research and development activities at nearly $1.9 billion. This includes nearly $50 million for chemical countermeasure development and $47 million for radiological and nuclear countermeasure development. The Budget includes nearly $160 million for advanced development of medical countermeasures against threats of bioterrorism.

Leaks and things you're not supposed to know about
DHS pentagon inmates iraq war photos torture guantanamo

HR8791 Congress bill to dispose of bodies Sorry, information on bill number 'H.R.8791' (Congress '110') is not available.
population control timeline

massgraves and concrete vaults
Is that what the Government of the USA, (controlled from abroad) have for their plan?
An attack with biological weapons. If such occurs, the country's borders will be closed. All oposition are easilly erased in the protection of the chaos. The coffins are made of non-biodegradable plastic and is resistant to bacteria.
You who hate USA think. What do you hate? Is the multinational companies who exploit poor people with slave labor in China and third world? Or is it the corrupt politicians? The main population in the USA has little money even though they have two jobs. They are not the ones that decides the politics to their government. The governing is a hidden international financial elite and they have their agenda clear where USA as a country will be dissolved. They now has Obama as president, man with brown skin so the world believes that everything is ok. But the laws that they intend to let him sign and the natural disasters that they will bring with help of HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, the purpose of all this is to make him unpopular at home. And while they want to internationalize and remove national borders. What do they have to do to fool the world into believing that all patriots are evil and stupid in the head?
Yes We Can, We Are One are their words. These words are rising up behind Obama. But they are not his

A burial vault at an affordable price, Molded of Non-Biodegradable Polypropylene, Clip-lock system.
the alpha plan to kill american people

 Concentration camps in USA, Rex 84,  Operation Garden Plot, FEMA camps

Fema camps, concentration camps in America exposed
A new holocaust is coming very soon.
fema camps in USA
Fema camps USA

Fema koncentration camps in USA being built by George Bush´s Haliburton
Fema camps on google map, wait until the markers are loaded

concentration camps in China

KBR, former subsidiary to George Bushs Haliburton gets contract from the Department of Homeland Security to build facilities for the Detention and Removal Operations Program{62C8724D-AE8A-4B5C-94C7-70171315C0A0}&dateid=38741.5136277662-858254656 is a former subsidiary to owned by george bush

Fema trains with 2 floors and lots of ventilation on the sides. The trains will roll directly into the gas chambers.
fema trains with shackles

Army Regulation 210–35
Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Bush signs Military Commissions Act authorizing police-state tribunals, torture,2933,221480,00.html

The Violent Radicalization Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007
Bill, H.R. 1955, “The Violent Radicalization Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007,” written by Rep Jane Harman passed with 404 to 6 votes on October 23rd 2007, The new version of the bill is named HR 1959.
People also call HR 1959 "the thought crime bill" It is not yet signed into law by the president.

Homegrown Terrorism meaning the use, planned use, or thretened use of force by a group or individual. Force can, if you consult an american dictionary have different meanings, for example:
*Intelectual power or vigor. especially as conveyed in writing or speech. *A capacity for affecting, influencing or persuading the mind or behavour

When being put together, according to an american dictionary, homegrown terrorism is a term meaning:
the use, planned use, or thretened use of Intelectual power in writing or speech by a group or individual.

Section 802 of the USA PATRIOT Act
Can they say that anyone is a terrorist now?

Fema and executive order 11000

Executive Order 12630 The abolition of private property

Executive orders that makes the US a totalitarian police state
allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
allows the government to seize and control the communication media.
allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.
allows the government to seize all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.
allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.
allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.
allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.
designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.
allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.
specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.
grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.
assigns emergency preparedness function to federal departments and agencies, consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued over a fifteen year period.
allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution, of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S. financial institution in any undefined national emergency. It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has broad powers in every aspect of the nation. General Frank Salzedo, chief of FEMA's Civil Security Division stated in a 1983 conference that he saw FEMA's role as a "new frontier in the protection of individual and governmental leaders from assassination, and of civil and military installations from sabotage and/or attack, as well as prevention of dissident groups from gaining access to U.S. opinion, or a global audience in times of crisis. tags: Jesus, Jesus Christus, Christus, Gott, Schöpfer, Kreationismus, christlich, bibel, heilige, Kirche, Glaube, Prophetie, Endzeit, Endzeit, Endzeit, Ende, Offenbarung, Entrückung, Traum, Buch der Offenbarung, Jeschua, Bedeutung Leben, Leben, Religion, neue Weltordnung, RFID-Implantat, RFID, Mikrochip, das Zeichen des Tieres, 666, anti christ, Antichrist, chist, messias, Taufe, Heiliger Geist, evangelisch, schrift, biblisch, text, ebola, Pandemie, ebola-Ausbruch, Virus, Isis, ist, Schweinegrippe, SARS, syrien, obama, Gesundheit, Kräuter, Naturheilkunde, alternative Medizin, alternative Nachrichten, Link, OpenID, Gewölbe, Gesundheit Gewölbe, microsoft, VeriChip, corp, Stahlkammer, digital Engel, verayo, VeriMed, veripay, Facebook, Privatsphäre, Account, sicher, Sicherheit, persönliche, id, Zukunft, Internet, Webb, offen, quelle, ip, Verizon, verifon, Cyber, Pass, Reisepass, Personalausweis Karte , Medizin, Virus, H1N1, AH1N1, HIV, AIDS, HIV Verleugnung, hiv Leugner hilfen Verleugnung, AIDS-Leugner, Leugnung, positiv, ARV, Therapie, giftig, Impfstoff, nano, Chemtrails, Wetter, Waffe, HAARP, HAARP, HAARP , Geo-Engineering, Geo-Engineering, die Veränderung des Wetters, gvo, MSG, Aspartam, Mononatriumglutamat, E621, Klimawandel, scam, globale Erwärmung, Betrug, Korruption, medizinische, Rekord, Gesundheitswesen, obama sorgfalt, Implantat, implantierbare, Mikrochip, VeriChip, biometrische , Nachtclub, Nachtleben, Coca Cola Dorf RFID, Coca Cola, party, Führung, Baja Strand, Strand, Führer, Karte, Club, Bar Soba, Glasgow, Rotterdam, Holland, Niederlande, Schottland, Promi, VIP, Piercing, mod, Körper elektronisch, Tattoo, Trend, trendy, Homosexuell, lesben, Bisexuellen, LGBT, Mykonos, Sitges, Paris, iPass, paypal, Veri-Chip, den bargeldlosen, Bargeld, digital, Welt, neu, Währung, Weltwährung, global, Amero, Dollar , Euro, Krise, Finanz-, Kollaps, beenden sie eingezogen, zentralbank, gold, Standard, Brieftasche, Geld, Plastikkarte, Freiheit bezahlen, Freiheit, Rechte, frei, faschistisch, faschismus, jetzt, alle seing Auge, neue weltordnung, System, global, welt, Gesellschaft, Terrorismus, Terrorist, Terror, Polizei, Staat, totalitär, Aaron Russo, der Freiheit zum Faschismus, 1984, illuminati, satan, Satanismus, satanisch, 666, das Zeichen des Tieres, Hand, Arm, forehad, Offenbarung, Bibel, Prophetie, luciferian, KKK, Georgia Guidestones, maurer, Freimaurer, Freimaurer, Templer, Ritter, usa, USA, George Bush, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, Evelyn Rothschild, Evelyn, rothschild, Mellon, Kuhn, Cohen, Loeb, Osborne, Thyssen, Reuter, Ivanhoe, Morgan, Chase, DuPont, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Shiff, windsor, orange, Nassau, Carnegie, busch, clinton, hillary, Rodham, Heinz, Kellog, Bindung, Bundy, Elite, mafia, Raytheon, KBr, Haliburton, XE, General Electric, positiveidcorp, verichipcorp, gezielte individuelle, ti, Healthlink, Krieg, Krieg, FEMA, BIMA, nazi, Globalismus, ww3, WWIII, weltkrieg 3, Fünfeck, insider job , unter falscher Flagge, FEMA Camps, am 11 september, 911, verschwörung, theorie, hoax, entlarvt, Popular Mechanics, Mythos busters, CNN, FOX, ABC, Reuters, Mindcontrol, Bewusstseinskontrolle, mk ultra, Operation Paperclip, neues zeitalter, 2045, avatar, Mensch, Menschlichkeit plus, transhuman, Transhumanismus, android 2012, Maitreya, Tier, anonym, wir sind änderung, besetzen sie, Zeitgeist, PSYOP, cia, fbi, FEMA, NSA, die nasa, blauen Strahl, Projekt blauen Strahl, Fünfeck, Edward Snowden, Nobelpreis, Rezeptor, cara, Plattform, Föderation, Vereinigte Staaten, Identität, Himmel, Hölle, jüngster tag, Erlösung, Evangelium, Wahrheit, Carl Grinde, blogg,, Sverige, Schweden, Stockholm
Vaccine against conspiracy theories Now it´s here!
Stockholm "truck attack" April 7 2017 is a black operation, false flag psyop and media event.
Pagan springtime fire festivals. Baal's temple gateway replica raised in London and New York.
London Westminster terror attack 2017 - a fake media event.
Orlando gay club shooting media hoax/psy-op
Brussels attack media hoax psyop false flag operation.
Paris attack false flag exposed. ISIS is fake.
Islamic State ISIS, IS, ISIL and Syria war exposed
Ebola psychological warfare exposed. Ebola vaccine ZMapp cultivated in tobacco plants.
Germanwings plane crash in the French Alps Hoax and other media psy-ops.
Colonial melt down. Rise of E-merica. Real time PSY-OP of the year to destroy the American Union USA.
Electrical grid blackout to be the next false flag
Sharp shooting drill linked to Washington DC Navy Yard case
Ordo ab chao (order out of chaos)
"concordia, integritas, industria" -Rothschild mottos
Boston marathon bombings -a media staged psyop and "non event". It's a lie. See the movie The Manchurian Candidate about mindcontrol.
Air taxation -breathing tax might be a result from carbon tax. Antarctic sea ice sets another record: most amount of ice ever recorded.
Xwave mind reader from Apple, human animal hybrids grown in UK labs, Supermax prisons, brain mapping project, beast image worship, Facebook Prism
New Age, new world religion, new time, new global currency, Illuminati and the beast in the Bible exposed
Newtown Sandy Hook shootings, Batman Aurora shootings, are media hoaxes, staged events, not real.
Newtown Sandy Hook massacre, an organized event and a media lie. Media changed the story several times in just a few days. All about the school massacre is a deception.
Bush's, Clinton's (Rodham), Whitehouse, C.I.A, Cocaine, Crack and U.S. governmental drug dealing, child trafficking, pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse
The world knows about
September 11, 2001
IG Farben, Bayer and the Nazi Holocaust exposed. Bayer's pesticides killes bees who are important pollinators. If they die food shortage will follow.
The racist nazi Holocaust exposed. Concentration death camps was all over Europe in the 1930's and 40's.
Many Nazi war criminals got an unjust, mild punishment. Some was set totally free. Nuremberg trials ruled by corporate interests.
The Nazi doctors was acquitted and hired by the U.S. government. Why?
Tracing the HIV/AIDS construct back to its Nazi industry origins
HIV/AIDS Pharma outed: -former owners of Auschwitz extermination camps
Breaking free from HIV -deconstructing HIV/AIDS. Reconstructing and restoring health
Antichrist identity revealed: It is Sir Evelyn de Rothschild. He causes the financial crisis and a global war. Prophecies in the Bible fulfilled. The last days are here.
China is the dragon in the book of revelation. Organ harvesting exposed.
Microchip implants, 666, microchip under the skin,
mark of the beast,
Mass graves in the US, street violence, social crises, the New World Order
Mind control, microchips in the brain, digital brain, illegal cognitive research
Microchip implants in the brain,
synthetic telepathy, mind control
Mindcontrol, microchip in brain,
remote neural monitoring, torture
human right abuses through experimentation
H.A.A.R.P -weather manipulation
chemtrails and tectonic weapons
BAE systems and Raytheon exposed
H.A.A.R.P -weather control
H.A.A.R.P -weather warfare. Fukushima, Haiti, earthquakes, Hurricanes Katrina, Isaac, Tsunamis in Indian Ocean, Missisippi flooding -engineered by man
Chemtrails, geoengineering - aircrafts spraying nanoparticles
Chemtrails, geo engineering -patents list
Indefinite detention - bill 1867
- National Defense Authorization Act passes
Gulf "oil" spill, COREXIT 9500, BP, mass evacuations, media blackout
Poland, Greece, Iceland, Haiti
-2010 summarized
BP Gulf oil spill is a lie to create
water tax, climate change tax
Finance, enterprise search, economy, stock exchanges, great depression, leading companies
Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns -Bankruptcy by design
Fema detention camps and crematory coffins found all over America
Food shortage, HAARP weather modification, "help centers" Fema detention camps, Halliburton, Kellog Brown Root (KBR),
General Electric, Jeff Immelt
N.M. Rothschild Group -the hidden hand behind the world economy
Swedish Nobel peace prize and the invasion of Afghanistan
Swedish Nobel prize in Economic Sciences supports Pinochet and corruption in Chile
Swedish Nobel prize to Winston Churchill. Swedish Nobel prize 2010 to Mario Vargas Llosa supporter of Sebastian Piñera, Chile´s new Pinochet
Nobel prize pretends to fight for human rights
Brown Brothers Harriman, William Averell Harriman, CFR IRS, IMF, Pilgrims Society, leading law firms
Peter Schiff -how to destroy USA
War profiters Rothschild, BRIC banking, military industry exposed
World war 3 to stimulate the world economy and destroy religion
Mark of the beast, Maitreya, 666, cashless, Anti-Christ-worldsystem
Norway -Oslo Utoya terror attack
anders behring breivik
Washington District of Columbia, the “CITY" in London and the Vatican rules the world together
Yes we can. War on terror = World government
America is still a British colony
The goal with the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001
- create a surveillance society
The history of Federal Reserve system
These people owns the Federal Reserve system
Aspartame, Nutrasweet and monosodium glutamate MSG makes you sick
Natural supplements and alternative medicin threatened by new laws
The HPV vaccine Gardasil against cervical cancer is toxic
Pharmaceutical companies soon to be protected from lawsuits
Medicine, the side effects:
Death, increased suicide risk, heart attack, pain
Secret societies, Skull and Bones, nazism, Freemasons, illuminati
Freemasons, satanism, illuminati in the music industry. Turn off your TV.
Project blue beam -possible future psyop of NASA. Holographic Jesus projected on the sky. Could be the start of the "new era" -the new age.
Media controlled propaganda for the new world order. Controlled opposition, Anonymous movement, Occupy mm.
Privatization of water, multinational companies committing human rights violations, cancellation of debt in exchange for land
cap and trade bill H.R.2454, carbon dioxide, melting icebergs, global taxes, the Nobel prize, Copenhagen summit
Media Monopoly exposed. War industry and the entertainment industry creates products jointly. Second Life offers a digital world to live in. Glasses with built-in video screen. Arms and weapons in space. Matrix is soon reality.
Internet shut down, internet taxation, regulated internet, internet 2.0, Verizon, Internet bugged, Echelon
Osama bin Ladens network found.
Osama bin Laden's faked death
Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip and Nazism, deadly viruses, Eugenics, population reduction, Marie Stopes
Swineflu -GlaxoSmithKline provides whole Sweden with vaccine.
100 000 heart attacks linked to the company's medicines.
Reconstruction of the 1918 Spanish pandemic Virus at Center for dissease control.
Get ready for another wave of the Spanish pandemic.
Implantable virus detection systems in humans
Why people don´t react and why this can continue
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