Human DNA

It is systematic complex precise structured methodical repetativ and exact.
This indicates that there is a Creator of life.

A gene is a stretch of DNA that contains the instructions for making or regulating a specific protein. (
It is also estimated that human body has the ability to generate 2 million different types of proteins (
It's currently believed that we have approximately 20,000 genes in each of our cells! (
Moreover, events with too low probability never occurs spontaneously by themselves.

The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life.
Job 33:4

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Major flaws in the theory of evolution

The evolution theory has not been proven, it´s just a theory and probably not true.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
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Updated December 2, 2014

The evolution -only a theory
The teaching of evolution is only a theory, it's not a proven fact.
We simply weren't there when life began so all we can do is guess based on what we see around us. I think the odds are quite small that life could start from dead material because life is so complex and varied. Look at all the world's beauty, only by coincidence? If it only was chance and no one directed it and steered the course, why would dead materia behave like this? Your body has many functions, are they not meant to function the way they do?
A mother to a new born child gets milk in her breasts, only a coincidence? Not meant to happen? Of course it's meant to happen! It's meant to be. God made you, you are intelligent design, created by an intelligent designer. Life is no coincidence, it's meant to be.
You are meant to be and God loves you.

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Our "ancestors" found alive -unchanged. How do you explain that?
Did you know that many animals that we thought were the ancestors of us, as for example the fish Latimeria Caelacanthiformes (Coelacanth) found alive today, completely unchanged? There are quite a number of animals that are considered to be intermediate forms. How can one explain that some have evolved into humans, while others have not evolved at all? This fact with living "fossils of extinct" shows that science guess and say that certain animals and such died out in the Cretaceous period, this is presented as fact for us, until reality proves the opposite. Species that are believed to have been extinct for millions are suddenly alive and totally unchanged.
Ooooopps! Kent Hovind smashes evolution theory

Evolution theory, Darwinism -survival of the fittest.
The findings of living and unchanged intermediate forms makes the evolution theory even less credible. The evolution theory teaches that animals had to adapt and change, to transform and evolve, to be able to survive. Those species who managed to transform and evolve survived and those who didn't transform, the weak ones, they died. If this is true, why have all these animals survived when they have not changed a bit in millions of years?
See? Many intermediate forms, our "ancestors" have been found alive and lives today totally -unchanged. How do you explain that?
They did not evolve so they should have perished.
Both Darwinism and creationism are religious faiths, it's a question of belief and you choose what you want to believe in. Choose wisely.

(For you who reads this in another language using Google translate. There seem to be an error that Google translate software does. It's the word unchanged. Changed or not changed. The animal is the same as million of years ago. No changes. No transformation. transformation no. nothing has transforemd. Still the same. Ok?)

The Chambered Nautilus has remained unchanged for nearly 400 million years
The Chambered Nautilus is considered by many scientists to be a living fossil as it has remained unchanged for nearly 400 million years.
Chambered Nautilus Google images

Horseshoe Crab - The Living Fossil
These animals are often referred to as “living fossils” because they have changed so little from types that lived over 400 million years ago.
Horseshoe-crab living fossil Google images

The primitive-looking coelacanth supposed intermediate form and precursor to terrestrial mammals
The primitive-looking coelacanth is the fish that according to Darwinism is supposed to be one intermediate form and precursor to terrestrial mammals. It's supposed to be the link between fishes and land mammals. The fish that evolved and further on walked up on land. This is because the fish has so thick brackets for the fins. So the fins are assumed to have evolved into bone when fish began to crawl onto land. What is quite disturbing for evolutionists is that this fish has been found alive today unchanged.
( "Before 1938, coelacanth fossils were depicted as the solution to a major difficulty for evolutionists. They had not found the slightest trace of any of the millions or even billions of intermediate forms that supposedly must have existed. Evolutionists needed evidence to back up the supposed transition of vertebrates from the sea to dry land. For that reason, they took the fossil coelacanth, whose anatomy they believed was ideally suited to this scenario, and began using it for propaganda purposes. They interpreted the creature's fins as "feet about to walk," and a fossilized fat-filled swimbladder in its body as "a primitive lung." The coelacanth was literally a savior for evolutionists bedeviled by such a lack of evidence. Evolutionists had at last laid hands on "one" of the countless missing links that should have numbered in the millions....For a long time evolutionists were troubled by this major gap between fishes and the amphibians. But the gap has now been bridged by studies of ancient fishes, and this is where the coelacanth comes in. However, this evolutionist excitement was short-lived, when a living coelacanth specimen was captured by fishermen in 1938." Creationist page Creationist page Creationist page "Progressive Creation" page. I don't support this view at all but the The primitive-looking coelacanth is displayed, here as "Eusthenopteron".
evolution theory page about the first amphibians
amphibian Ichthyostega presumed fish ancestor Eusthenopteron chthyostega Google images results
Eusthenopteron The primitive-looking coelacanth Google images

The Latimeria Caelacanthiformes (Coelacanth) supposed intermediate form and precursor to terrestrial mammals found alive today totally unchanged, still swimming in the sea.

Our "ancestor," the Latimeria Caelacanthiformes (Coelacanth) found alive -unchanged. How do you explain that?
Look here Google picture results of latimera at this fish, our "ancestor" found alive -unchanged.
Species: chalumnae
Genus: Latimeria
Family: Latimeriidae (tassel tail fish)
Order: Caelacanthiformes (Coelacanth)
Class: Sarcopterygii (köttfeningar)
In Swedish it is called Kvastfening or Tofsstjärtfisk.
It has strong stucture connecting the fens to the body. According to the evolution theory it is supposed to be the precursor to the first vertebrates that lived on land.
Kvastfeningen ett-levande-fossil (in swedish)

"All land animals - amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals - are descendants of the coelacanth.
Coelacanth was developed in Devon for about 350 million years ago." (in swedish)
The origin of tetrapods or "four feet"

This does not make sense. The fish lives today and has not been changed. The fish is still a stupid fish. It can't walk, talk or make fire, not even with matches.
Give me another theory about the origin of life.

The primitive-looking coelacanth
The primitive-looking coelacanth was thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But its was discovered alive and unchanged in 1938.
The primitive-looking coelacanth Google images

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Living Triops looks simmilar to Trilobites
Living Triops Google images

Comprehensive list of living fossils

Pleurotomaria shell living Fossil
Pleurotomaria Google images

Araucaria Araucana
Monkey Puzzle or Araucaria trees is an example of a living fossil.
Araucana wood Google images
Araucana tree Google images
Araucariaceae Google images

The Wollemi pine
The Wollemi pine (Wollemia nobilis) was long thought to be extinct and only known from fossil records dating back 200 million years. But in 1999, a stand of living trees was discovered by chance in the Blue Mountains near Sydney.
Wollemi Pine Wollemia Google images
Wollemia Nobilis Google images

Baobab trees on Madagascar
Dinosaur trees still alive today

List of our "ancestors" that lived million years ago -found alive today unchanged, both animals and trees
metasequoia living fossil Google images
Laotian rock rat living fossil Google images
Dromiciops gliroides living fossil Google images
Mountain Pygmy Possum Google images
Redwood Metasequoia Google images

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Loren Coleman established International Cryptozoology Museum in 2003 in Portland, Maine
Cryptozoology is, literally, the study of hidden animals.

Tiktaalik roseae presented as an intermediate form

Tiktaalik Roseae -a fake intermediate fossil. It's actually a fossil from a alligator skull.
The only thing they actually found of is the cranium. The other parts of the skeleton is fabrications according to some articles. I would not be surpriced. I mean look what they did with the primitive-looking coelacanth.
ALLIGATOR SINENSIS SPECIES cranium Google images results

The Nebraska man: a reconstruction made from a single tooth - which later was discovered being a pig tooth
The Nebraska man -Google images results

Lucy -a fake fossil construction
( "How far away from Lucy did you find the knee?” (The knee bones were actually discovered about a year earlier than the rest of Lucy). Dr. Johanson answered (reluctantly) about 200 feet lower (!) and two to three kilometers away (about 1.5 miles!). Continuing, Holt asked, “Then why are you sure it belonged to Lucy?”"

Piltdown Man: British archaeology's greatest hoax

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The New Answers Book 1 (Answers Book Series)

Evolution? The Fossils Say No! by Duane T. Gish

DVD Evolution vs. God - Shaking the Foundations of Faith (2013) Ray Comfort (Actor), Peter Nonacs

Is God a monkey?
I think it's hard to combine evolution with a christian world view. The Bible says: "Let us create humans to our image". Is God a monkey then? I don't think so.

Anti evolution, pro creation Kent Hovind

Atheist professor destroys evolution

The Absurd Religion: Evolution

SCIENCE vs. EVOLUTION christian creationist Malcolm Bowden

Evolution is NOT Scientific, video by Malcolm Bowden
He points out that genuine science should be able to be checked and verified through repeatable experiments. If you want to call something science.

Darwin on Trial by Phillip E. Johnson

Dismantling the Big Bang by Alex Williams

Thousands not Billions: Challenging the Icon of Evolution, Questioning the Age of the Earth by Donald DeYoung

The Creation-Evolution Controversy R. L. Wysong

Why Do Men Believe Evolution Against All Odds?

The Lie: Evolution

The Long War Against God

Why is a Fly Not a Horse?

Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution

Evolution Exposed: Earth Science

Was Darwin Wrong? with Dr. Brad Harrub - Origins

Convicted: A scientist examines the evidence for christianity by Brad Harrub

The truth about human origins by Brad Harrub

Certainly micro-evolution is real, for example that an animal may be able to adapt as best it can to the environment it comes to. A wolf might get thicker fur if the climate gets colder.
But macroevolution is hardly possible without a creator who controls events.
Life has not come about by chance. God created life, He has created us.

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Perhaps there is only one real evidence left that evolutionists can cling to, this creature.

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