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Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 August 2011
Updated March 20 2019

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Home grown vegetables means fewer shipments, transports and less emissions from trucks and traffic in the form of greenhouse gases. In addition, you get less toxins and chemicals in you food if you grow vegetables organically at home, it also tastes much nicer. It´s better for your body. It is good for the household budget to grow your own vegetables. If more households cultivated their own cereals, fruits and vegetables people would save more money -and in the end, get more money. This would not mean that society would stagnate. The money people saved on food, they would spend on other consumption.

Compost covered vegetable garden
A layer of straws and leaves and compost keeps the soil constantly moist, and prevents weeds to grow up. As the straw and hay mulches fresch and fertile soil is added to the vegetable garden. You almost never have to water your plants or pick weed and grass!
Here is the page about compost covered vegetable garden.

Rasberries, blueberries, redberries... Go out in the forest and enjoy the beautiful nature! Pick berries, rasberries, blueberries, redberries and make your own jam or marmelade.
It´s a nice thing to do with a friend. If you make your own jam or lemonade you won´t get any bad chemicals in it that harms your body. And you won´t get any substitute like the food industry puts in. You get real berries.
Less food costs: you get jam and lemonade from the forest almost for free. This is the wonderful system that God has created here on earth and it´s for free. When you start to discover the small miracles in nature during a walk in the forest then you realize that this world is a wonderful piece of art full of beautiful treasures.
Here is the page about berries,how to make jam and lemonade, marmelade.

Strawberries and rhubarbs Strawberries is maybe the most delicious berry or fruit you can eat? If you have your own small strawberry field it´s easy to get them as often you like. rhubarbs are really great to and they taste really good together, mix and make your own jam or marmelade!
Here is the page about read about strawberries and rhubarbs and get lots of new recipes.

Stinging nettle packed with nutrients and vitamins! Go out in your garden and in the forest and pick nettles, dry them and after a few days you can make powder of them. Or cook them directly. nettles are packed with beneficial nutrients and minerals, vitamins including: Beware of the sting you get if you touch them, use gloves and do not put directly in your mouth, they burn you, you have to let them lay and get dry and crisp before you can touch them.
Here is the page about Stinging Nettles read about all the vitamins and nutrients it is full of.
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Cover crops, compost covered vegetable garden -less and easier work in the garden
Katsura tree smells like cookies and candy
Japanese bonsai trees
Raspberries, blueberries, redberries... -make jam, marmelade, juice and lemonade
Black currant -packed with vitamins make jam and lemonade
Strawberries and rhubarbs together gives a good taste
Stinging nettles -One of the most effective herbs to detoxify the blood system
Grow vegetables, make use of the seeds from peppers, chilli, tomatoes