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Renewable energy, clean energy
Solar energy, wind enery, electric cars with solar cells on the roof, small scale wind power stations, off-grid -alternative is hotter than ever.

Text: Carl Grinde Date: 30 Augusti 2011
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Updated March 20 2019

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Taiga TS2 electric snowmobile, clean snowmobile challenge Taiga TS2 is the first electric snowmobile
clean snowmobile challenge
clean snowmobile challenge winner

Permanent Magnet Generators - free energy
Magnetism is a way to create energy. This is something that should be good enough to create totally free and independent energy. That means free safety for every household, every family.
Spread this information to support sustainability!


Permanent Magnet Generators
permanent magnetic generator
permanent magnetic generator
permanent magnetic generator free energy
Permanent Magnet Generator 45kw 750rpm - YouTube

Wind turbine causes earth's rotation slowing down
Wind turbine causes earth's rotation slowing down

Inflector Global - see through radiant barrier window insulator
More savings and comfort than replacement windows or window treatments.
Unequaled results in hot, cold, windy or humid environments.
Available return on investment estimations and benchmarking.

Aptera -the coolest electric car ever!
Aptera electric car -google images results, lots of cool pictures!!
Their own homepage is a proof of they have been bought by the oil industry. Watch their homepage. "Coming soon" They are hiding their car!! This is a total scam!! "You are not authorized to access this page." Their vehicle is hidden under a cloth.
How long shall we let the oil industry, George Bush & Co do everything they want? We don't need green taxes and carbon emission trade. Release the good green cars and smart engines instead (and hug an ice bear).

Tron motorcycle -absolutely awesome futuristic electric motorcycle!
This motorcycle is for real and if you can afford it you can have one. It was first shown as part of the movie Tron.
Tron motorcycle -google images results, lots of cool pictures!!
Tron motorcycle -Youtube videos

Algae energy bio diesel alternative
more articles about algae energy

The best -Nanosolar, g24i, Lutec and others Call your local government and suggest that they help these products to reach households in your area. The best PV solarcells thin film nano-tech Lutec are looking for companies that want to mass-produce their magnetic generator.

Cars powered by compressed air

Pininfarina B0 (B Zero) awesome electric car with solar cells on the roof

Electric cars
Aptera electric car

Electric bikes, electric scooters, electric motorcycles Really cool

Electric bikes, electric scooters in UK,Trikes-and-Bicycles/C3-1-0.htm

Electric cars in UK

Nordic electric cars

News on electric cars, hydrogen cars

Magnet Generator can generate free electricity to your home.
The product is ready, manufacturers from around the world are invited to apply for licensing.

The first mobile fuel cell battery charger for mass market

Organisations, news on renewable energy resources, clean energy

Man imprisoned by us because he was doing his own research on fuel-cells at home

Researcher Paul Pantone who invented GEET, an energy-saving motor imprisoned by the U.S.

interview with the inventor
These interviews describes how inventor Paul Pantone was illegally dragged into a corrupt judicial system of Utah over three years ago. Today he is still being wrongfully held in the Utah State Hospital forensics unit (prison mental ward). Paul Pantone is a competent man with great intelligence and insight into the scientific universe. He has suffered great damage to his health because of the bad treatment from the State.

Good site on how to help Paul

Maybe not so good for the environment but it looks fun.

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