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Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords

God exists and is always present. The creation, the beautiful nature is an evidence of his divine power. He has created you and me and it's wonderful to have a relation to him. Jesus Christ is God's son the Messiah. Praise Jesus.

Text and photo: Carl Grinde Date: November 6 2014
Text also shared from linked pages
Uppdated November 6 2014

Christian creation beliefs, articles on creationism, Christian organizations
Here are links to the very best christian preachers and content on the internet that I know of.

More content coming on this page very soon. The website is currently under re-construction. I just moved all the info about the new world order to a separate page and want to focus on God and Jesus here on the first page and this part of the site. All pages of God and Jesus, I have now highlighted here and it is not until now that the site has been subjected to attacks and been hacked, twice today.
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Heavenly revelations about paradise, God the father and Jesus Christ. Give your life to God.
Christian music, worship songs, gospel, reggae, bluegrass, hymns
Creation - Pictures of beautiful animals and some landscapes
The human body is a result of intelligent design
Major flaws in the theory of evolution
Almighty God, creator, our father, Abraham, and Moses' God. Arguments and links to Christian creationism and values.
Links to Christian belief, Jesus and churches.
Rapture dreams, prophetic dreams, warnings
Warnings to the five foolish virgins
Persecution of Christians
Names of God and Jesus in the Bible. Trinity - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Pictures of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, Son of God chose to be born as a human being, get punished, tortured and die, to save the world from sin, evil and its consequences. He took the ultimate punishment for our sins. He also ressurected from death.
Christmas gospel, the historical story of Jesus Christ's birth, the Bethlehem star, the angels, the wise men, Herod
Jesus Christ gave his life. He gave all he had. Bible scriptures about sanctification and salvation
The place for Red sea crossing and Noa's Ark found
Owned by porn addiction. Get rid of the porn addiction and rebuild life.
To deceive yourself as Christian and depart from the faith and live in sin
Teaching about hell in the Bible
Teaching about heaven in the Bible
Bible Verses about God, the Eternal. Bible Verses about grace, God's salvation plan, time and eternity
Bible verses about honoring God. He is the best thing there is, God worthy to be praised.
The Bible recorded as audio file online. Listen to the word of God on the Web. The Bible as text online.
Healing, miracles, Kathryn Kuhlman and more. God heals sick.
Lists of fulfilled prophecies and performed miracles in the Bible
Movies with Christian message, The Passion of the Christ, The Bible : The Mini Series, The Ten Commandments, Book of Acts, and more.
Praying to the Lord under the open sky
Inspiration and motivation in prayer and worship.
Christian faith, the Bible and homosexuality
My spiritual life, my poems, dreams, pain and joy
About me, contact